Hotel People: The Importance of Goals

Original: Li Sheng

One time

Waiting for a taxi at Hongqiao Airport

The queue is in outer channel

Estimated to be hundreds of people

My friend said it's more convenient to take a taxi


Just wait in line

Because I can't see situation in landing zone

Everyone waits helplessly


Here comes big leader

Vehicle traffic is restricted on many roads

Too many people queuing to get a taxi

Waiting time is almost 1 hour

When you get to taxi waiting area


Many people come to see how many people are ahead

Looking at long line of people ahead

Some people stopped using taxis

By metro

In process of queuing

I had idea to give up, but I insisted

People who refused queue

Because there are too many people in waiting area

About 30 to 50 minutes

So I gave up after almost an hour of waiting

On road of life

Many people don't see goal

Or see that target is too thin

Let go of effort and pass on with success

In progress

When an employee's working conditions are unsatisfactory

When active work is bad and execution is weak

There is at least one reason

this is his work

Goal is unclear or contains no specific objectives

Good guidance

It is necessary to help subordinates make short-term plans

Medium or long term growth targets

This goal goes hand in hand with work

Its working status can be adjusted better

A good goal should be

Short-term goals combined with long-term goals

Short-term goals should be recognized and visible

Such a goal

Instant motivating effect

Long-term goals require inspiration

When I think about a goal, I get motivated


Goal setting process

follows SMART principle

S means specific

Short name: Specific

The goal should be specific, not general

M means measurable

Shortcut: Measurable

The goal is quantitative or behavioral

Check it out

Indicator data or information available

A means reachable

Shortcut: Reachable

Goal is to pay

This can be achieved through hard work

Don't set your goals too high or too low

R stands for Relevance

Abbreviation: Relevant

The goal is to work with

Other Goals Related

Goal is related to work

T means time limit

Abbreviation: Limited Time

Focus on specific deadlines

If there are no results

Or when result is far away

It's easy for people to give up on their goals

Even if you paid a lot

It's like standing in line

If there are other options

The chance of failure will increase significantly

Such successful people

All have one characteristic: strong persistence

Like me

Set your career goals

Usually on school days

There are learning objectives

Goals will be set during college entrance exams

Now a little

College students will also have goals for graduate school entrance exams

But wait until you enter society to participate in work

Many people lose their purpose

Also missing

Motivation to move forward, direction to self-improvement

Life Goals

Very important, including for work