Why three needs and comparisons of hotel guests have nothing to do with redemption or price...

Original: Li Sheng


Hierarchy theory required

This is one of theories of humanities


American psychologist Abraham Maslow

In "The Theory of Human Motivation" 1943

Suggested in newspaper

These are human needs, like stairs

Divided into five levels from low to high


Physiological needs, safety needs

Social needs, respect needs and self-actualization needs


Maslow's Theory of Five Levels of Needs

Still of great practical importance for our reality


Serving current hotel guests is becoming more difficult than before

They are also becoming more and more discriminating

Behind this pickiness

Guest accommodation needs have changed

The physiology of "sleep" no longer satisfies

None anymore

Level 4 of Maslow's Five Needs Theory

Respect your needs. Level 5: Developed Needs for Self-Realization


Hotel staff should think about this

As a hotel, needs of our guests have changed

Hotel maintenance and management

How to meet needs of these people

Get more urgent

If put

Respect needs and fulfillment needs

Great job

The price of a room becomes negligible

Everyone wants

I have a stable social status


Personal abilities and achievements are recognized by society

The need for respect

It can be divided into internal respect and external respect

External respect means that a person wants to have status


Respected, trusted and appreciated by others

This is what hotel needs to satisfy guests

When guest enters hotel

I'm very sad


When friends and colleagues are present

Not only hotel will take care of this


Make guests feel very honored

At same time, people around him feel same way

If there is only one guest


Make him feel different in front of other guests

Let him have a sense of superiority

Such a guest

His feelings are more important than price of room

For comparison, I use three levels of needs

Based on characteristics and attributes of hospitality industry

Hotel guests

There is no direct relationship between ransom and price

This is same as

The following aspects exist:


Value for money

Simply put

Is it worth it?

No matter how big hotel investment is

High or low house prices


It still depends on whether guests are ready

Is it worth staying and spending money at your hotel

No value here

No standard

This is feeling of a guest or feeling after visiting


Perceived value


Including hotel products, environment and services

I said it

Service Criteria

Hotel staff in service

Can you leave most valuable thing in hotel?

delivery or rendering


Guests don't understand value of hotel products

To display

Go out and hint to customers what brand we are

What is value

This will bring a new experience to customers

This will enhance guest experience

Increase value of hotel products and services


Psychological needs met

Some guests

If you have a need in your heart, you don't have to talk about it


The hotel needs to understand needs of guests

For example:

If you have to go on a business trip right now, everyone will worry most

Hotel security


The hotel can arrange it in room

Disinfectants and necessary protective equipment

Even though guest didn't say

But there is such a need in my heart


Another understanding of value

The feeling of being different is also psychological

For example:

Staying in this hotel will make people look better

Live in such a VIP guest

It will make people feel like you are different


A sense of accomplishment or part of realization of personal value


When a hotel guest entertains friends

This feeling will be more important

Between price and respect


All guests will want to be respected


There should be several such guests


The hotel can find this group of guests


Purposefully satisfy their inner need for respect

Therefore, regular customers have nothing to do with cost of room