What is called Hotel Design VI How is Hotel Design VI Hotel Design Why is it important?

Original: Li Sheng


What is VI design?


This is short for VisualIdentity

Transferring reading method to a visual recognition system

It is in CIS system

The most contagious and contagious part

This is non-visual part of CI

Content converted to static visual identity

Incomparably rich

Various application forms

At broadest level

The most direct dissemination of information


What is importance of VI hotel design?

In hotel business

Emphasis on brand marketing today

If there is no VI design

This means

The unique market image of hotel will be immersed in sea of ​​business

This is confusing

This also means that there will be no personality for hotel products

Failed to attract loyal customers

also means hotel

Lacks a strong corporate culture to match its market position

This will affect hotel revenue and market development

It will be well designed

Implement a scientific visual identification system

This should spread philosophy of hotel business

Raising corporate awareness

A convenient way to create a corporate image and conduct brand marketing

The Role of VI Hotel Design

Mainly reflected in following aspects


Hotel VI design

It can establish obvious industry characteristics of a hotel

Also distinguish hotel from other hotels

Guarded hotel

Independence and indispensability in economic activity

This is a hotel

An important part of company's intangible assets


Hotel VI design

Can convey hotel's business philosophy and corporate culture

Achieving goal of visual promotion of hotel


Hotel VI design

We can make unique visual symbols of hotel

The system attracts public attention and builds memory

Enabling Consumers

The highest loyalty to products provided by hotel companies


Hotel VI design

This can improve hotel staff's sense of identity with company



What is main design content of Hotel VI?

Hotel VI design

Usually includes a base part and an application part

Two main contents


Main parts include

Hotel name, logo, standard font

Main color, secondary graphics, standard print fonts

Disable rules, etc.

Apps section includes

Signs and banners, stationery and public relations products

Environmental design, clothing for staff, special equipment, etc.


What are main design principles of VI Hotel

Corporate hotel design

Non-mechanical symbolic operation

This is an achievement

The purpose of strong expression with corporate culture as a connotation

VI design should be multi-angle

Comprehensively reflect business philosophy of hotel company

During development

The following principles should be learned


Single Style Principle


Principle of visual impact


Humanized Design Principles


The principle of strengthening national identity and respect for national customs


Principle of Enforcement

The design of Hotel VI can't be fancy

Must be highly marketable

If designed

Too heavy and bulky or too expensive to implement

Great design solution

This will also become a theory because it is difficult to implement


The principle of compliance with law of aesthetics


Strict Governance

Hotel VI design

Giving full attention to importance of systems management

Prevent arbitrary implementation and make sure it conforms to form


What are VI hotel design procedures


Preparatory stage


Create a VI Design Team

The number of people in design team is not enough

It's compact and efficient

In general

Design team leader

It should be carried out by top management of hotel company

Such faces

Full view of hotel

Improved ability to understand macro

Team members

It should include professionals with experience in various fields

Artists selected as main group


Staff and administrative staff are supportive

If conditions permit

You can also invite aesthetes

Professionals in field of psychology are involved in work on design


Design and development phase

After creating VI command

Group members should collect relevant information

Full understanding

Get familiar with cultural context of hotel companies

Looking for an integration point with VI design

Define main shape throughout design scheme

This work

It depends on full interaction between designers and hotel companies

When everything is ready

Design team

Can move to a specific design stage

Design phase

Divided into three sections:


Feedback Correction Step

Design team

According to understanding of hotel business

Create multiple variations

Specify ad description

and develop

Appropriate standard pattern and color rendering

View pre-bids


Research phase

After finalizing VI design

Larger research needed

Transfer a certain amount

Informational feedback from relevant specialists at various levels

To test feasibility of implementing design scheme


A Compilation of VI Guidelines for Hospitality Companies


Now there are a lot of VI hotel design companies on market

According to "professional matters

Professional Service Purpose

Hotel investor

You can directly find a professional VI development company to do it


The current state of company's corporate culture

Create a VI Design Team

More down to earth

This will be faster and more efficient when executed


Design project of VI Hotel

Wee hotel design

It is divided into two aspects: basic design of project and design of application


Basic project design


Hotel logo design

Add a hotel logo as a guide to creating a logo

Logo ink, reverse logo image effect

Standard logo image

Mark grid coordinate mapping

Reserved logo space and minimum ratio limit

Display a specific logo color effect


Hotel Standard

The font includes hotel's full Chinese font

Chinese font for hotel abbreviation


Full drawing of Chinese font grid


Coordinate mapping of abbreviated Chinese font method


Full English font, hotel abbreviation English font


Full mapping of English font grid coordinates

Hotel abbreviation English font, grid coordinates, drawing



Standard colors include standard hotel printing colors

Auxiliary color, color identification of subordinate industries

Rules for using background color

Table of color combinations, chroma and hue of background color



Corporate image graphics include color thumbnails of symbolic graphics

Draft effect of graphic character expansion

Specifications for use of symbolic graphics, specification for combination of symbolic graphics


Special print font


Basic Portfolio Specification

Several templates, including logos and common phrases

Several logo and pictogram templates

Logos and standards

Several modes of combining words and symbols

Base elements prevent combining multiple templates, etc.


App project design



Design business cards for hotel staff of all levels

Envelopes, letterhead, stickers, fax paper

Receipts folder, contract folder, contract specification format

Salary, plate with work number

Work permit or ID card, pass

folder, file package, file package

Memorandum specification format

Representation format, signature format, file header

Stationery, forms for internal use, job offer letter

Certificate, ad format, offer field

Paper cups, notepads, property license plates, shop flags

Shop logo, etc.


Design of guest amenities, including key cards

Different invoice forms and layouts


Price list and internal page layout

View menu and wine list


Instructions and maintenance instructions, signs and area signs, etc.


Prank design including greeting card

Postcards, special invitations, invitations

Bag, packing box, gift box

Gift items, vouchers or gift certificates, logo umbrellas, etc.


Employee clothing

Specifications include clothing styles and accessories for all levels of personnel

Color, texture, field service clothing

Work caps, hard hats, etc.


Body structure includes cars for self use

Exterior design of passenger cars, etc.



The display system includes appearance of hotel gate

Parking signs, road signs

Scheme of hotel services

Outdoor signage, nameplates, entry instructions

Disabled signs

Anti-collision strips against glass doors, floor decals

Direction signs, public signs

Welcome, light box

Data Desk, Room Number Sign, Warning Sign

Office signs, signs on elevator floors, etc.


Ad Specifications

This includes facade light boxes or neon signs

Night effect of outdoor advertising, display of advertising products

Guidelines for designing brochures and flyers

Horizontal and vertical banners, vertical advertising in stores

Hanging POP ads

Freeze TV ad logo

Spicesfictitious layout of a newspaper advertising campaign

Radio advertising specifications, magazine advertising specifications

Specification of layout of main page of network and category page

Application, applet design specifications, etc.


Hotel VI System

This is a very systematic project


The management of hotel attaches great importance to this

Very attentive

Full communication and adaptation with designer

Only by developing a high quality VI system

For hotel to continue to perform well in future

On market

Create a good brand effect and build a solid foundation