What is a quality number? How to do it? How to guarantee? Hotel rooms are rooms of perfect quality

Original: Li Sheng

The guest room is main service of hotel

During guest's stay at hotel

This room has longest stay

A place with most individual needs

Amenities in room

Rate and level of room service are often main factors that guests rate hotels on

Displays quality level of entire hotel

Room service is main activity of hotel

The level of room service and management directly affects market competitiveness of a hotel

Chinese hotel management expert noted

Hotel improvements in future will focus on rooms.

Basic Room Service Quality Standard

Two safes! Safe and Quiet

Two Shu! Convenient and comfortable

High quality hotel

Emphasis on quality of rooms without exception

The hotel builds quality rooms


The objectives of Liang'an, Liangshu and Liang'an in field of quality have been effectively studied

Three-pronged approach

Successful experience

High stability


Well equipped for good performance

Comfortable rooms

Amenities are backbone of quality hotel rooms


The previous design must be in place

Need to strengthen day-to-day operations and management

Make sure room equipment is in good condition

To achieve good performance, normal operation and normal power consumption

For this

Hotels need time to learn and practice

Can be created

Effective management mechanism

1. Improved hardware infrastructure management

To maximize device performance

Accuracy, efficiency, safety, environmental protection

Power consumption, etc. in good technical condition


Work hard on basic equipment management

2. Equipment operation standards based on guest value

A large amount of experimental data shows that

The ratio of human body to air in room

There are certain requirements for comfort

Indicators of air quality that affect human comfort include temperature


Freshness and flow

The hotel must follow relevant guidelines

According to different scenarios and deadlines

Set equipment performance standards based on guest value

3. Equipment maintenance system based on preventive measures


Daily maintenance of equipment is divided into

There are two types of shift maintenance and weekend maintenance

Ensuring normal operation of facilities and equipment

4. Equipment maintenance specifications depending on how quickly, efficiently and economically

The hotel maintains equipment

Special attention should be paid to four questions

First, it is speed of service

That is, time from repair to repair of equipment

Fast and timely

Second is service style

That is, maintenance personnel are in process of on-site maintenance

Demonstrated attitude and behavior

Ask for courtesy


The third one is maintenance effect

That is effect of equipment after maintenance

Requires normal operation

Low Repair

Fourth - maintenance cost

That is, consumption of materials and labor costs for equipment maintenance

Ask for frugality

Repair old and make use of waste. Increase efficiency

5. Continuously improve emergency management mechanism based on random factors


System control for indoor hygiene

Hygiene in guest room

This is main criterion for quality of premises

At same time, this is of great concern to guests


Solve this problem effectively


Mainly equipment, procedures

Mechanism and learning

These four levels have been optimized and enhanced

Good results can be achieved

1. Purify air

Create clean

Professor Li Shuncheng of Hong Kong Polytechnic University clearly pointed out

Currently in China

I'm going to a better life

Food that draws attention to mouth from past

Safe progress towards a healthy nasal respiratory system

This momentum cannot be changed

I have to say

Improve indoor air quality

This becomes a new argument in favor of quality of hotel

The new standard

There are a lot of visitors in hotel

Ambient air is relatively airtight

Air odor problem is inevitable

Some restaurants prefer to use traditional odor masking method

But problem is not solved only with smell

New contaminants will also be generated

Hotels should pay close attention to air quality

When each guest enters hotel

It might be like going to an oxygen bar in woods

Feel purest air

Enjoy most relaxed mood with free breathing

For this

The hotel rooms are equipped with air purification products

After practice

Via air purification unit

It not only effectively eliminates residual body odor of guests after check-out


Smell in bathroom

Various scents, such as perfume

It also captures free formaldehyde in air

Toluene, nicotine, TVOC

Bacteria and other harmful substances

and decompose it into carbon dioxide and water

It's safe, healthy and environmentally friendly, and guests have a good time

2. Optimize process

Prevention before it happens

Hotel management should be aware

The vast majority of hotels

The cleaning process is based on good staff

Based on professional ethics and ideal working conditions

To avoid employees as much as possible

Operational behavior of "human weakness"

After repeated research and practice

The hotel optimizes cleaning process so that

One withdrawal, two integers, three additions, four checks


The waiter at service center will take number

Throw away all used items

Cotton fabrics fit well in dirty clothes

Cups are cleaned in disinfection room


The maid will clean up

Clean up room

Supplement appropriate interior items


Leaving guest room, maid will check things in room

Self-monitoring of consumables and hygiene

We guarantee that nothing is missing


While cleaning room

The hotel has kitchen towels in five different colors

Responsible for cleaning buckets, sinks, bathtubs, countertops, floors, etc.

There is a rag box to distinguish between used and unused rags

So that managers can check at any time

Ensure hygienic cleaning of premises

Achieving collection and separation

The process of combining self-examination and verification

We can say that problem of housekeeping is best solved at the source

3. Intensive training

Union of knowledge and action

A good process should be implemented efficiently

You also need to make sure that employees can work well

Employee training needs to be strengthened

Program for cleaning rooms

From point of view of professional ethics of hotel staff

Health awareness strengthens sensitivity and rationality

Inspire employees from bottom of your heart

Recognized as a great hotel

Must observe professional ethics

It is also basis of a person's position in society

On other side

Temporal dynamics of Taylor "the father of scientific management"

According to results of study

Working methods for employees

Science Intensive Training with Skills

Train employees properly

Effective work habits


Not only to force employees completely

Realize importance of room hygiene

It also increases speed of employees

Increase employee income

4. Construction mechanism

In-place execution


Scientific procedures and on-site training

Is key to solving health problems

But to avoid defects

Necessary control mechanism is also required


The hotel will clean room and replace cups

Demands such as use of rags, rewards and punishments

"Military order"

Signature of each staff member in guest room

Severe penalties will be imposed if violations are found


Directors, managers and junior management

Strengthen daily check

Detecting problems and fixing them in a timely manner


Improve various forms and information systems

Focus on evaluation and reflection

And encourage and praise outstanding employees


Intimate service, creating moving guests

Hotel guests are very different

Keep changing

Perhaps some guests will be interested in hotel

Satisfied with courteous and standard service

But there are guests

It would be disgusting because this kind of service seems restrictive

Quality service must be adapted to local conditions

Varies from person to person

Focus on differentiation and personalization

Forward personnel

Every day I interact with guests with different needs

They are best at understanding needs and expectations of guests

A large amount of information about guests can be collected

At same time, it is also most suitable for satisfying guests

Demand conditions and opportunities

For this


Established with a Guest Relations Officer

Guest Satisfaction Department

Pay attention to study of individual needsguests and potential needs


Providing targeted value-added services for various business clients

Conduct regular review meetings

List and organize personalized services

Compiled "Manual"

Lay a good foundation for quality service

In short

Increasing awareness and service skills

Retraining required

And continue to test in work

Continuous and stable operation of hotel

Depending on quality assurance

Quality has no ceiling


Constant improvement

Professionalism and service temperature are tracked

Regardless of who and what policy

What changes with market substitution

Quality management regime agreed

The original intention to consolidate the core of excellence remains unchanged