What does a hotel do. There is a market with a price of 10,000 yuan. I am using AP base point to decompose it. let me tell you

Original: Li Sheng

I don't know if you've heard of this

Health hotel

Health Hotel is not just a hotel


Embodiment of philosophy of life - a way of life

This is a continuation of tradition



Ashok Khanna, founder of Ananda


A real wellness hotel is not just a place to relax

This is place where life changes

And this change will be

continues long after you leave hotel

Thomas Klein, founder of Canyon Ranch

Even after leaving hotel

I still feel fresh and full of energy

Because of them

Fundamental physical changes during stay

and can improve their quality of life

——SHA Founder Alfredo Bataller Parietti

What is a wellness hotel


Health Tourism Association

In 2020

Over 100 Participating Hotels

And partner participation in 21 countries

Gives an industry-wide definition

"Focus on healthcare

Providing medical programs for travelers for tourism purposes

Impressions, accommodation

As well as a number of services

Hotel/resort with a specific room size

There are four basic conditions

Accommodation, various medical activities

Healthy food and drink, and rich health-related aids


Basic information about this definition

Like a wellness hotel

First thing to do is serve

Travelers whose primary purpose is medical care

Also known as "Essential Wellness Traveler".


From outside hotel to inside

Everything should be closely related to healthcare

And can provide multifunctional and diversified service options

Leaving aside official definition

We all know about healthcare

Be it SPA, exercise therapy, rehabilitation, yoga, Chinese medicine, etc.


This must be done in specific environment of hotel


This is part of our everyday life

It's just that proportion varies depending on lifestyle of each person

The concept of "hotel +" has become popular in recent years

Many investors hope to invest

Hotel + Healthcare is a dark horse in Hotel + division


Use uniqueness and difference of concept

The monotonous fresh products and services of traditional hotels break through surroundings

And actually

Health conscious hotels have really received positive feedback on market


Healthy hotel to end

What's difference

So that guests are willing to pay for high price of hotel rooms

Just because

On basis of ordinary numbers, we add medical services that do not look special

Let's talk about healthcare economic data


GWI (Globallroom health institute

Display statistics

In 2017-2019

Global Health Economy

The total quickly increased from $4.3 trillion to $4.9 trillion

Annual growth rate reaches 6.6%

Much higher than 4% global growth rate

Health Economics

Health economy class

Enabling consumers to lead healthy lifestyles and behaviors

Integrated into everyday life

Contains 11 sub-sectors: medical tourism, mineral hot springs, spa

Healthy real estate, physical fitness, mental health

Personal care and beauty, traditional and complementary health products

Weight loss and healthy eating, public health and personalized medicine, health care in workplace

In following way:

Structure of global health economy, 2020

If divided by geographic region


Total health economics ranked first in world for three consecutive years

From $1.37 trillion in 2017

Grow to $1.5 trillion by 2020

Compound annual growth rate of 3%

In following way:

Growing health economy in Asia Pacific

2017-2019 before epidemic


The average annual growth rate of health economy is highest in world

Achieved 8.1%

Higher than growth rate of global health economy

And under influence of epidemic


The decline in entire health care economy in Asia and Pacific is also slowest in world

In healthcare

Among 11 segments of economy

Although health tourism

Significant impact in 2019-2020

Approximately 40% reduction in production costs

But GWI predicts

From 2020 to 2025

Health tourism around world

everyone will

Highest growth rate and fastest recovery in split fields

The average annual growth rate will be 20.9%

Beyond overall health care economy

Double your growth

Health Economics

Total is expected to grow faster than global GDP

Like this:

Health economy segment growth forecast 2020-2025

GWI gives

Health tourism

Such an optimistic forecast

Not only based on pre-epidemic situation in this area


Strong momentum driven by "fresh", "unique" and other causes

It's easy to find in current global environment


19 This global pandemic somehow

The development of health tourism has also accelerated


Attention to one's own health has improved to varying degrees

Especially newly grown Y

Generation Z as current stage in next few decades

Most Popular Consumer Group

This has changed understanding and demand for "healthy consumption"

Real, healthy hotel

Notwithstanding above

All kinds of data I said

More or less

This proves there is a market for blue ocean wellness hotels

But if

Healthcare. And hotels,

Exists only in a parallel sense

Practical fragmentation and incomplete merging

A bright future for this market

It is not possible to accompany such a product

Only those

A hotel that can truly realize value of healthcare

Only after blessing of blue ocean is gone can you confidently move forward

What is

A hotel that really benefits health


Health care and hotels are understood differently

Overlapping two concepts

If you ask ten people, you can get ten different answers


Let's change position of adjective


Hotel recovery

All wellness services

This does not have to be done at hotel

The hotel is designed for healthcare

Just a script to provide better services

Wellness services/products for hotels

Health Hotel

Should be

Basic products beyond traditional hotels


Space and services provided for best delivery of this product

The market exists

Many false claims about spa hotels

Not in an environment with a high content of negative oxygen ions


With an expensive spa

Or just specify

Medical activities are enough to get name of a medical hotel

Real wellness hotel

How it should look like

This is maximum creation of all directions in 3D space

Immersion in health care


This is a two-dimensional combination of apartment "hotel rooms" + "medical services"


Feelings can quickly improve people's emotional channels

So, for health hotels

trong>All senses

The real goal of healing can only be achieved by relaxing guests

For this

In three dimensions

All that people can feel

Touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight and sixth sense

It's a visceral feeling

Health and wellness hotels need to work hard in these areas

In following way:

For a wellness hotel

Multiple sensory experiences

Begins when customer has not yet entered hotel lobby

Every plant and tree around hotel

Architectural design and visual perception

A breath of nature that you can feel after escaping city

Refined interior

Smile and greeting from service staff

Relaxation and cleansing of body and mind upon departure..


The 3D connection of it all could make a hotel aspire

Insisting on concept and philosophy of maintaining health, they penetrated guests

Every detail of experience

It's worth it

Real wellness hotel and immersive wellness

Floating in shape

"Hotel + healthcare" is likely to be a marketing gimmick

Let me talk about some mature cases

Thanks to China

The wellness hotel industry as a whole was born relatively late


Still in learning and simulation phase

Start with

On example of foreign well-known and more mature wellness hotels


Explain presentation form of a wellness hotel

Studying structure of their products

Operating model and main goals of service

Depending on "depth of care" provided by hotel

Will be available

Most wellness hotels can be roughly divided into following three categories

In following way:

Focus on travel

Experimental rest and wellness hotel for relaxation


A pristine ecological area rich in natural and cultural resources

Provided by hotel

Various medical packages and activities


Relax and heal in arms of nature

On behalf of hotel

And in

Chivasong, Miravel

A more functional and purposeful treatment hotel


Culture of health and convenience with local flair

Give your guests something unique

A more targeted recovery process


Located in an area rich in medical resources

India, birthplace of Ayurveda

Japan and Northern Europe rich in hot springs


Get medical services that can only be provided locally

On behalf of hotel

Indian Himalayan Ananda

Swiss Bad Lagos Resort

Medical wellness hotel with a focus on treatment and rehabilitation


Technology and modern medical methods


Diagnostic properties for treatment and rehabilitation

SHA Health Center in Spain

Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok


Thai resort Chiva-Som

Health concept

A person wants to change their health status

You should think

Equal care and attention to body and mind

Chiva-Som once

Retreat means concentration, learning

The start of a healthy path to achievement and self-discovery

Health consultant will listen to you

and work with you one on one

Specify your goals and find best way to achieve them


This is Asia's first luxury resort


One of world's leading wellness destinations, recognized by industry and media


A unique seaside natural landscape

Chivasong Resort aims to be "harbor of life"

In general

Create a Thai-style seaside vacation and therapeutic retreat


The resort is built in resort's unique primary color

With a peaceful forest

Based on color tone, based on appearance of building

Thai-style bamboo pavilion house blends in harmoniously with natural landscape

To interior design style

Then to container and container

Let guests start from moment they enter resort

Everyone is always immersed in same atmosphere

Room configuration

To simplify registration process

Each room has its own terrace

To provide a wider field of view and sufficient natural contact surface

Simultaneously in building

Also used are pavilion suites in Thaim style and original ecological forest suites

Protect privacy outdoors

In following way:

This is suite of Chivasongtai House

As a main product


There are more treatment rooms than rooms

The ratio of guest rooms to treatment rooms is about 0.77


Various services from consultations to physiotherapy and relaxation

On 7 ha

Various medical facilities take up more space than a guest room


Hi-Tech Medical Center

This is first facility in Asia to offer living cell therapy

Yoga, tai chi pavilion, organic garden, etc.

In following way:

In such a diverse scene and healing content


The wellness services provided are based on .physiotherapy and .activities

Classify main elements

Contains 64 types of physiotherapy and 38 activities

According to customer

Length of stay and purpose of medical care vary

Miscellaneous packages

The resort does not sell individual rooms


Sell products with health care packages

A hotel room is only a necessary part of package

In following way:

This is a Chivasong detox package

Let's take most popular detox package as an example

The minimum stay for this package is five days

Different lengths of stay include different medical services

Resort Charging Model

Depending on type of room, if standard room costs 1000 RMB/night

5000 RMB for 5 nights

Ocean view room

2000 CNY per night

If you stay for 5 nights, you will be charged 10,000 RMB

Because of this

Package content design should consider relationship between revenue and cost

Different types

In packages with same length of stay

The higher cost of physical therapy items, lower profit

Therefore, it contains a lot of value

Therapeutic exercise program package

Generally, minimum stay is 10 days

Minimum stay for shared packages is 3 days


Ananda Hotel, Himalayas, India

Health concept

Ananda tries to create harmony of body, mind and soul

Unity and inner harmony

It's through beautiful nature

Around ancient Himalayas, dense forests and sacred rivers

Also through Ayurveda

Philosophical concepts such as yoga and Vedanta

Ancient anti-aging therapies

And combination with modern international therapy

Further strengthening and strengthening of effect of healing


Ananda Hotel India's first wellness hotel


First member of World Health Hotel Alliance HHOW


Located in birthplace of yoga, sacred city of Rise Kit

Adjacent to sacred Ganges


The main building was built during period of Indian colonization with over 100 years of history

Renovated at British Governor's country estate

Located on over 100 hectares of virgin forest

Rich nature and cultural resources

In following way:


Founder of Ananda Hotel

I believe in ancient Indian way of life

Natural Balance

The universe and its own magnetic field

And to achieve unified health of body and mind

That's him too

Original vision for a wellness hotel inspired by Indian traditional culture and medicine

Plunging into traditional Indian culture

This land

Conceited possession

An Indian tradition with a longer history than traditional Chinese medicine

Medical system

Ayurveda turned into a hotel by itself

Basic Health System

All medical projects

Everything is rooted in foundation of Ayurveda

The hotel's wellness system consists of five cornerstones

In following way:


All this is awakened by traditional methods of treatment

Higher level of self-awareness

Achieve unity and balance of body, mind and soul

This is a unique cultural and medical resource

Let guests

Here you can experience most authentic Ayurvedic therapy


Don't worry about design

Based on simple and calm traditional Indian style

This is same as Chivasong

Very strong feeling of vacation and leisure is different for people


It gives people a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere

For guests

Provide a magnetic space for dialogue with deep self-awareness

In following way:

Ananda insists on ancient Indian culture and therapy

An ancient solemnity is felt in general atmosphere of hotel

It looks like Chivasson


It also has wellness facilities that far exceed size of rooms

78 numbers

24 treatment rooms


Over 2,400 square meters of spa

Here's a bird's eye view:

Map of distribution of Ananda by planets


Provide 14 kinds of medical packages, including about a hundred kinds of medical supplies and events

And based

Changing consumption trends and constantly updating social environment

For example

Launch in 2021

Package of medical services specifically for consequences of a new crown

In income model

Ananda and Chivasong are also similar

Each package

Divided into basic package levels based on length of stay

3 or 5 nights

Add complex health level

7, 14 or 21 nights or more

Regardless of package, you will be charged according to room type you choose

In following way:

Ingredients of Ananda Detox Pack

The same

Let's take a detox package as an example

Six directions of healing included

Each therapy includes different elements

For example

Body cleansing therapy with functional bath salt scrub

Lymphatic massage for detoxification, aromatherapy, etc.

Minimum stay for this package is 5 nights

The longer stay, more types and depth of each therapy

In addition to package

Healing of guests begins even before arrival

All guests

A health questionnaire must be completed prior to arrival

To confirm wellness package and based on results of survey

Explain your lifestyle and diet to guests before arrival

Such guidance for best results


There are also many medical experts

Resolve guests' health issues at any time


SHA Health Center in Spain

Health concept

SHA includes traditional Eastern wisdom

And most advanced medical technology in West

To help modern people solve a number of modern diseases

As a medical spa

SHA focuses on curative effect and strict lifestyle


Nutrition and genetics

Factors together determine our health and well-being


Wake up with new healthy eating habits

The body's self-healing function

This is founder

Alfredo's motivation for creating SHA Wellness Center


You have digestive problems

and seek medical help everywhere, but effect is very small


The naturopathic doctor understands his condition

After treatment with natural therapy and diet

He started

Develop a keen interest in natural remedies and healthy eating

And keep expanding in this area

So born

SHA Wellness Clinic

Hope through natural therapy, a cure for genetic aging

Detoxification therapy, etc. to help guests solve health problems

Improve physical condition


SHA Wellness Center Hotel is located in Alicante

Near mountains and sea

View of mountains and Mediterranean coast

Entire hotel

Using white as base color to create a minimalist style

An immaculate building

Create a relaxing space for guests both visually and spiritually

In following way:

This is SHA Health Center

SHA28.00 square meters of building area

Spa area of ​​more than 6000 square meters is provided for 104 rooms

80 treatment rooms available

Therapy bath, hot tub, toning pool

Leisure amenities such as sensory rain

Over 4,000 square meters of gym

There are also gardens, exhibition halls and meditation rooms

Private theater

The chapel and other places for recuperation and relaxation

Let customers get rid of their problems and stress without any remorse

Based on natural remedies

The hotel is gradually being integrated from China

Western traditional health theory and scientific and technical medical equipment


Eight main areas of medical care

Each thematic area is divided into different methods of treatment and recovery

For example

Anti-aging treatments range from genetic diagnosis to drug combinations

Sleep treatment, antioxidant therapy, blood purification, etc.

And each

Category can be split into different elements

For example, sleep therapy includes sleep diagnostics

Sleep monitoring

Many services such as sleep and relaxation for clients to choose from

The next eight directions

About 300 kinds of health/treatment products can be divided


We will help clients according to their physical condition

At scheduled check-in time

Typically, you choose and set up your own health plan for at least seven days

In following way:

Eight directions of SHA complex therapy

Above me

Difference between two cases

SHA introduced many advanced and modern medical concepts and tools

As well as professional doctors


Also collaborates with professional medical schools and physicians

Compared to health and wellness hotels


This hotel is being treated for illness

Fix problem and improve data performance

But at same time

There are also risks due to unsatisfactory effect of the treatment

The same

What also differs from two cases above is that SHA has a method of selling medical packages and rooms separately


You can stay at hotel without paying for medical services


Guests purchasing medical packages

The cost of room must be paid based on cost of package


Stability of hotel occupancy is guaranteed to a certain extent

Balanced low season risk

Pay attention to local responsive development

The above case I mentioned

Their guest room

Equipment may not be most luxurious and luxurious

But their service

This has to be most extreme, and they all have following in common



A diverse selection of health care packages is at heart of Cornerstone's health philosophy


Can be customized according to customer's requirements

Superb natural environment for individual wellness

Cultural background

Have a stable customer base and high customer loyalty

In this

A society where continuous production even satisfies needs

One-hour spa treatment for guests

This could be moment

And reason why a sanatorium can become a carrier of "health care"

Important reasons

So wellness hotel sells non-hotel rooms


Health regime that this hotel adheres to and believes in

For guests

A unique wellness concept is spreading, giving guests opportunity to immerse themselves in atmosphere

A refreshing experience

Give customers desire for "slow life"

Possibilities for "anti-surface" and "depth"


There is no doubt that Kangyang wants to improve and customize


Related to high consumption mode

He runs into wealthier and even very wealthy people

Anpu Huasheng

For China in 2020, focus is on Greater Bay Area

Wealthy people survey data show

Nearly 70% of wealthy people don't know about spa hotels

and heard

Healthy hotel. Few people consume like this

Health hotel

Even fewer consumers as a destination

Sufficient proof

Health integration in our country

Comprehension of complex concepts such as tourism is still in process of awakening

An immature customer market

It is difficult to maintain incubation of mature commercial products

Lack of mature products

This also means that there is still a long way to go before formation of market consumption habits

Long way

This market has a goalwretched ocean in China

How to build

Adaptive products are an important topic in development of wellness hotels in recent years