Online posts. Tip guests how to complain to hotel most ruthless method, how do you deal with it

Online posts. Tip guests how to complain to hotel most ruthless method, how do you deal with it

Original: Li Sheng


Frequently demonstrating his abilities on a network platform


4.9 points for customer reputation - very good

But never

A hotel can promise to maintain a maximum rating of 5.0

in world

There is no hotel that can satisfy customers 100%

Even if there is

Customers are very loyal and love hotel

Sometimes there will be unsatisfactory slots

Online posts. Tip guests how to complain to hotel most ruthless method, how do you deal with it

Dissatisfaction with hotel stay

How clients usually get rid of these emotions

There are publications on Internet

A tip for everyone on how to complain about a hotel and how to make most ruthless complaint


What are you dissatisfied with?


The most important point. Expertise

Take out your phone and take a photo

What do you not like?

As far as possible

Take a picture of your dissatisfaction from different angles

The next step is to contact platform's customer support

Tell him about your situation

Send a request

Number swaps, room upgrades, unconditional refunds, etc.

Typically, platform will deal with you at this time

Reasonable handling

Waiting time will be a little longer, just wait patiently

If it's a chain hotel

Call national unified customer service number to answer complaints

200 words of praise

A bad review with pictures doesn't really fit

By popularity of smartphones


The photo is available anytime, anywhere

Or video to record scene around you

There are screenshots of chats and call recordings

No one can escape

Ears and eyes everywhere

If hotel

Ignore customer requirements and don't solve them


He will provide media with available evidence

Social Platform

The type of organization that can attract attention of a hotel

Pending use

Public opinion puts pressure on hotel

I'm telling you. Actually

Large hotels and hotel chains have their own PR teams

Admit your mistakes, don't panic if you're right


These days people who eat melons are becoming more and more rational

Everyone knows that "melon" can fly for a short time

The truth is not clear

Not one-way pressure

I hope hotel is wrong

It's all just for

Explain hotel mistakes, don't threaten hotel chips

Call your supervisor to see me

First or

Contact platform customer support...

Doesn't matter

You are not satisfied with what support team tells you

Let him find boss

Until you recover economic losses owed

If it is located on territory of hotel

Must be their manager

A duty manager is also available

I'll explain to you

Otherwise, refuse to pay room fee and other consumption

The first line of hotel

Junior staff

Typically, no reduced commissions or entitlements to freebies or upgrades


There will be no requests from guest other than an apology

Any compensation options available

Most clis think soents

Want to receive financial compensation

Skip line employees to move to a higher position

The leader with most authority is most effective method


This is an ordinary employee who can only follow rules

No space available for permissions


The supervisor on duty may not have frontline experience


Seeing that guests are making a lot of trouble in order to quickly resolve incident

Don't hesitate to leave frontline

Ignore rules and regulations

Wave your big hand to "pay for it"

From now on, guests are familiar

An unspoken rule: if you cause trouble, find a leader and leader will pay you more


When a hotel receives complaints

There should be a professional complaints mechanism

Delegate appropriately to employees

Improve effectiveness of training in dealing with complaints

We must follow principle of unity from top to bottom

Report to management


The hotel is managed by business sector

Call your local Industry and Commerce Office to file a complaint

This complaint is a review

So, one shot, one accurate


Small hotels are run by a health management committee


114 Referral to Local Health Management Board for Complaint

There will be fines, registration and recall


Fire Alert Hotline 96119

Common hotel fire extinguisher

There may be one or two that have exceeded expected usage period

So you understand


Hotline for consumer complaints and messages 12315 and National Internet Platform

Added to end of post

Even if people are not local

Calling and reporting can resolve issue

What problem to solve

Negotiations with hotel seem to have failed

I still want to pick bones out of eggs

If there are no problems with hotel service

How about hygiene in hotel?

Fire protection in a hotel

No matter what problem is, you have to find something before you give up


There are not so many difficult clients

But it should also alert all departments of hotel

Think every detail well in your daily work


The most effective trump card

Complaints are most effective

It's all face to face

Once you check out and leave, they can hide it

As a result, your losses cannot be reasonably compensated


I understand that buyers are concerned that their rights and interests will not be protected after leaving andfrom store

Complaints are not allowed

But it's not recommended to make scenes in person


When a problem cannot be solved immediately

Or when customer is in a hurry to leave store

Hotel side

Responsible person and client leave each other contact information

And agree on a deadline for solving problem

For further action and communication

This will help guests

Even though complaint message is written from customer's point of view

But it also reminds us of hospitality business

Complex problems that arise in everyday work

Inform guests

The hotel won't let them suffer

The client who always complains unreasonably

The hotel won't always let him use it