Under high rent Budget hotels How to get out of situation

Original: Li Sheng

In recent years

Level of rent for hotel property


Rent levels in major areas of Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities are rising rapidly


A budget-friendly hotel brand powered by rental space

Big price pressure

Currently in industry

A common answer is to move to a mid-range brand

Increase room rate per night

To reduce share of rent in cost


This approach also makes market more accessible

Served in

Budget hotels of mass market are becoming less and less

Rent is skyrocketing

How to break shackles of land rent for budget hotels

Changing economic nature

Why don't you take a look

How Easy Hotel does it in UK

About Easy Hotel

This is a company specialized in European cities

Companies operating budget hotels in core area

This company

Through a focused business strategy


Overcome disadvantage of high rent

Good development

The following is an introduction to Easy Hotel approach in terms of these aspects


Less amenities, but better

Limited service hotel

Easy Hotel is only in room

Provide amenities that meet basic needs of guests

Less but better

There are almost no tables and chairs in room

No small electrical appliances such as phones and table lamps

No cups, teapots or coffee pots


In addition to bed and linens, there are only two light sources in room


Multifunctional hanger and trash can


The bed is very comfortable and quality of linen is very good

The overall design of bathroom is good

There is a lot of water in shower head and water temperature rises quickly

Get into water faster

Shower head and faucet in bathroom

Toilets, etc. - all first-line European brands

The amount of yarn for bath towels and face towels is also very large

Very convenient to use

Although area is small

But design and decoration is very good


Aesthetic effects when using wear-resistant building materials

Create and decorate

Significantly reduce future maintenance costs

High quality hardware ensures durability

Increase service life

Long term

Reduced fixed costs

Small, but good amenities

Not only reduces construction and maintenance costs


It also meets basic accommodation needs of customers

And ensure high quality of main products

Customer recognition


Favorite Location

Simple hotel

It is located in a first-class area of ​​the city

Although not main location

But it's far from main facilities

Tourist attractions and offices are very close

And surrounding helper objects are complete

This is London

For example, Easy Hotel in Croydon

It is located near main road of city

There are 50 restaurants and 6 scenic spots within a 0.5 km radius

London City Airport is only 17 km away

Economy class hotel

Light hotel

It is impossible to find luxury real estate in best location in city center


Searching for cost-effective second-rate or third-rate places in city center

How to support good real estate

Simple hotel

The ability to meet dietary needs of clients

Travel, Sightseeing and Shopping Requirements


Encourage self-service

Focus on self-care

Each Easy Hotel didn't leave a phone number

All hotel information that customers are looking for

Transport routes, amenities and hotel policies


Etc. can be done through website

This significantly reduces burden on staff

In addition

Sell small items/hot and cold drinks through vending machines


The hotel is open 24/7

When a customer has a problem

Staff can be found at front desk at any time

In addition

To control labor costs in each store

During client's stay

The hotel does not clean rooms every day

Don't change bed linen

If you need

You can replace and clean it yourself

Of course, hotel also provides this service

Clients just need to spend extra £10 and book in advance

Increasing number of self-service items

To a certain extent freed up labor force

Reducing hotel labor costs

This made problem of "difficulty getting a job" at hotel much easier

What I said above


Easy Hotel can bring significant benefits

Sell goods and services at a lower price than other hotels in same area


The right products and services require right customers

Simple hotel

Positioning your target customers as a desire to "sleep well"

Short-term tourists who take a good bath

It better meets needs of these customers

But it should be noted that

Such a hotel is clearly not enough

Requirements for business and long-stay guests

This shows

Easy Hotel strategy above

Finding a targeted source of customers is a prerequisite for long-term success in market

For mass consumer groups in market

Provide affordable yet quality accommodation

Satisfaction of basic consumer needs

This is cornerstone of economy brand's success

But now

Some hotels seem to be

Loss of ability to serve budget customers


If you find right business strategy

Economy hotels are still possible

In city center for mass tourists

Provide high quality and low cost products

Easy Hotel Methods and Strategies

This should be one of ideas to turn tide and revive economy hotels