How to set up a hotel performance score

Original: Li Sheng

Many hotels

Results of ongoing performance evaluation

This will render hotel management helpless

Masks affect market

The hotel is closed as usual


Made performance evaluation indicators cannot be filled in at all


The owner of hotel suffered even greater losses

Should performance be evaluated

Whether to use performance evaluation is question


The basis of my speech is content


Your hotel wants to evaluate performance

I still want to send

Operation and management are moving in right direction

Only under condition of this big one

Only after that we can talk about adjusting performance evaluation indicators

A little more

This is currently first strategy for many hotels

How to survive

Only if you survive

It is useful to talk about performance evaluation


If hotel wants to conduct a performance evaluation

How to properly set up performance evaluation


Due to different hotel conditions

Different scales, different markets

Management methods and ways are different

I'm here

I can only talk about current certification

Thinking and direction of adjustment

It depends on actual situation in your hotel


Refine target

I understand

The purpose of a performance appraisal is to pass a performance appraisal

Increase hotel efficiency


The current market is not very good

The operation cannot be implemented

Then performance evaluation is useless?

Hotel is a system

Because current market is not very good

The hotel can start with internal management

Find out which jobs impact business

Evaluate how these tasks are currently being performed

There is only a clear goal

Seeing facts clearly, performance evaluation has only value


do right thing

do right thing

Everyone understands

But in practice

There are employees who spoil their work


As a leader, you must think

Why is this happening?

What methods can be used to eliminate or improve

If current hotel

How to pass performance evaluation

May improve hotel performance

Can increase internal efficiency and order

Let operation of hotel be supported by management


Such work is worthy of appreciation of work of hotel


What is important in hotel now

Someone will say

Cash flow matters

Someone will say

Some will say that pre-selling is important

Reducing costs is essential

The answer will be different for each hotel

I have several rooms here

If a private hotel domain is better

There is a certain base

Presale will have some effect

Hotel actions via guide


Reduce some operational and administrative expenses


Should be result

Cash flow is more a matter of owners and bosses


What other important tasks does hotel have?

Must be understandable to managers or decision makers


These important tasks are now for us

Through hard work and improvement

Let right and good results be reflected

At least after market improvement

Reflecting overall capabilities of hotel

For example

Client Management

Could you deal with all clients of contracting company?


Deal with lost

Preparing for secondary development

If similar work is not done

Even if market improves

This part of work is for contractual clients

You didn't do well

This will also affect size and amount of client contributions in future agreements


Performance measures should be flexible

Efficiency test

Indicators need to be adjusted

according to market changes.

One quarter can be customized

If market suddenly changes, it can be corrected once a month

My experience

Hotel needs to create a performance appraisal scores database

Based on market conditions

You can set various indicators

At same time, weight

should be adjusted

For example

Operating income ratio

Initial weight - 30%

Market mutation

There are practically no losses

Can be adjusted to 10% or 5%

After adjustments

Add other indicators and change indicator weights

My recommendations above might not be entirely appropriate for your hotel

In certain operations

If your hotel has a good management system

Performance management work well done

Only current market changes

Let performance measures be out of place

Depending on hotel implementation

Metrics and weight settings