Human happiness has two sources

Original: Li Sheng

It's raining. Cold

Simple. Write a creation

About human happiness. Two aspects of source


Material wealth

We must live well

Including food, clothing, housing and transportation

Transportation etc. Not much of a burden

Material satisfaction will bring some happiness

You can see

Now many people keep pets

You feed him every day

Give him a warm nest

He has a place to live. There is no lack of food

There will be a sense of satisfaction. I will be very happy


After pet was abandoned

Life will be greatly reduced

I saw material

After a domestic cat becomes homeless

Many won't live a year

Material warranty violated

Physical illness

Loneliness suffered, even accident

The damage it deals will increase

Like people

Basic material guarantees necessary for survival


When you're not satisfied, you can't talk about happiness

On other side

We still have spiritual needs

People are sociable

For most people

How others rate you affects your happiness

Give me an example

Your life situation is completely unique

After eating and drinking

I will do things that people think are weird

Have remote hobbies

Perhaps everyone will understand you

This is also possible

People say that you are a fool and crazy

If therefore

Out of sync with everyone and incomprehensible

Happiness will decrease


Is it possible to satisfy spiritual desires

It also affects your happiness

For example

I like to read books. I have interesting books to read

I'm very happy

This desire is easy to satisfy

Therefore, my feeling of happiness is very strong


You want to fly into space

How much did place cost last time

Price Mask

The flight to space station will cost $50 million

Satisfy this spiritual need

Start with $50 million

Now you are happy

If you can't make this wish, you will feel a little lost and miserable

So to speak

Mental well-being depends on two things


What others say about your lifestyle and behavior



Happiness is high. Negative. Happiness is easy to lose


Tell me about cost of your spiritual pleasure

I just read books

The cost cap for this question is relatively low

It's easy to be satisfied. It's also easy for me to feelhappy

If cost margin is high

For example, flying into space

This is not easy to achieve. Then

It's easier

Disappointment due to dissatisfaction

That's why you feel miserable

What I said

Happiness really is that simple

I said. Allusion

The price of pleasure

Borders affect happiness

However, my income may

Support me to buy a car for 100,000

But I want a car for 1 million

I don't want to fly into space

But I want to quit my job and travel world

I still need to support my family

Time and money won't let me do it

What should I do now...


This topic. I've thought about this before

If you

To understand tens of thousands of years of human development

You will find that people can achieve happiness in two ways


When you have a desire

Desperately looking for ways to satisfy his desires

This is driving force behind human progress

There are many ways to satisfy desire

For example

Economy and trade, development of science and technology

I came up with a way

Improve efficiency

It turns out that you can only produce one thing per day

Now we can produce 100 pieces per day

Better efficiency can make it easier to satisfy desires

There is a war

Aggression, etc.

With these methods

Some people create their own material interests

There are more and more spiritual pleasures

And use it to satisfy your desire


This is a redistribution of wealth caused by desire

Often always

Some people are closer to happiness they imagine


But make another part of people

More people are far from what they imagined

Happiness in anticipation


Let's look back at history of mankind hundreds of years ago and thousands of years ago

Clash of Clans

War of Dynasties

Many of them compete for limited resources

At end of war

Some strong people will take what belongs to others

Satisfy yourself

These people are close to happiness

But other people are enslaved


Many think same

How to make more people feel more comfortable



I discovered a second way to achieve happiness


Not only to study means of satisfying desires

You must also control your desires

Desires should not be carelessly inflated

We must restrain and reduce our desires

So we

You can see phenomenon

Religion often aims to teach people to control their desires

It makes people lower their desires...

that is to say it

Humanity must solve pain of reality

Achieving happiness. There are always two directions


Desperately looking for a way to satisfy his desire


Teach everyone how to reduce desire and manage desire well

Everyone has fewer desires and fewer conflicts

Psychological balance is also easier, there will be more happiness

I think

Because both methods exist in real life


Thousands of years have passed

We people

How I think to make myself happy


What will we do today

To understand these two methods

Find a balance between two approaches


Absolutely and desperately seeking all means to satisfy desires


Excessive decrease in desire

No desire, no desire, no desire at all

Two ways to go to extremes

It's all about making people miserable

In both methods

Find a balance between reality and desire

Your life will become happier and happier

Be happy and happy..