A person who has become rich or lives better than others. Only when his own inner core is stable enough, life can be smooth

A person who has become rich or lives better than others. Only when his own inner core is stable enough, life can be smooth

Original: Li Sheng

Everyone who's cool

Must have a solid base

That way wind won't blow it away easily


Human life

When you don't know

When I want something. It doesn't seem to work

A person who has become rich or lives better than others. Only when his own inner core is stable enough, life can be smooth

And when your kernel is stable

Really understand what you want

Life will unfold as you expected

The so-called "core stability"

To have a stable mood

Be full of spirit. Have a positive attitude

The ability to get out of this

Get a constant stream of positive emotions

Have confidence and strength to fight life


I will not be sad because of other people's doubts

Don't worry about temporary gains and losses

Don't doubt yourself because of short-term failure

Building a stable kernel

Support your own "inner growth" and life will become smoother and smoother

Improvement. Insensitivity stabilizes emotions

I need a stable kernel

First of all, you must have a stable mood

When a person looks down on everything

Especially those denials and hurt feelings from others

When completely insensitive, his emotions are often stable

Duan Yihong

The reason I became an actor


This is closely related to his "unfeeling power"

To pass Chinese opera exam, he repeated it three times

During second interview

The examiner said

Ten thousand steps back, you won't pass exam. Don't hesitate!

In this case

Who put it on

I would be very ashamed. I even give up

No Duan Yihong at that time

I didn't take this offer to heart

On contrary, I feel that this experience motivates me

When I left campus

He began to analyze rationally

Where I failed. Where can you optimize?

When we fight again next year

Thanks to his best work, he received unanimous approval of examiners

But in college

He found that no one wanted to play with him

Even those around you

Taunting poorest Chinese opera student

And he didn't take it seriously

Just use every opportunity to hone your acting skills and broaden your horizons

After high school

He made many films and series on military subjects

"The in-game road is too narrow. I can't get far"

Sounds of "excessive force" were heard one after another

He's still a little "dumb"

Stick to your choice. Focus on your life

He said:

Some people say I am

It makes people feel flattered or humiliated

It's not that I never had urge to be impulsive

Doubt these emotions

I experienced it all, but I digested it all


I care too much about other people's eyes

Unable to move forward while mundane

Will not now


If you mindyou die because of someone's words

Then how do we navigate stormy waves of life

A really powerful person

All have a stable core. Dumb emotion

After something happened

They don't take it seriously

When they hear rumors, they don't listen very well

Always insist

Your choice. Stick to your attitude

Such a person

Ten can go further and live more smoothly


Watanabe Junichi once sighed

Everything brings happiness

Those who succeed. Most of them are boring people


Feeling relaxed stabilizes your mood

What kind of person?

Easiest? Least failure

I think it should be like this

This is a complete spirit world

A person who always has a sense of relaxation


I won't curse myself, I'll let it happen

In my own world

Don't suffer because you don't live up to someone else's standards

Don't be discouraged if you're not in standard time zone


The kernel is very stable

I remember

It was like this

Networker @六月令 said:

From childhood to adulthood, I have always been a child of "other people"

In her value system, life cannot go downhill

Her undergraduate degree

College 985

Even though I don't like my specialty

But she feels it

A truly good person is one who is good at what he is not good at


Four years of college. She is getting more and more unhappy

During entrance exams to graduate school

She wants to change majors to study psychology, which she enjoys

From scratch. Everything is complicated

Her first time

At critical moments of life

Mistakes - not accepted to graduate school at this school

She is now feeling a little relieved

During World War II

She didn't force herself

Instead, I chose a regular college of my heart

As she wanted. Successfully landed

She is currently

Although there are "failures" in eyes of others

Even though we don't live in a so-called successful value system

But when she

Let it happen

Not only am I more relaxed


I gradually found my favorite lifestyle and state of life


When you can swim in your own world

You can have a view

Hide in a small building to become one

Spit on chic and freedom of spring, summer, autumn and winter


Wu Yue once said this passage

The so-called powerful

Just let it happen

The origin of everything in world is notstop

I'm scared too

It's same even if I'm not afraid. So I face it boldly

When you let it happen

You will become a soft, relaxed person


The inner strength of a person lies in calmness

The so-called calm

Walks along stormy waves of life

Still capable of neither joy nor fear. It is indifferent to walk between heaven and earth


Purposefulness. Stability of mind

Run a week

I haven't lost weight. Are you depressed?

Study hard throughout year

I didn't pass graduate school entrance exam. Are you sad?

change again

The leader blames. Do you feel bitter?

I feel like God isn't good enough

Life is meaningless. Then decide to give up, become decadent and lie on ground


You haven't developed long-term thinking

When you learn to never look at present

You will find:

All accidents are just brewing stories

All darkness just welcomes dawn

In end

Only by taking a long-term perspective can people take advantage of gift of time

Ren Zhengfei

Just a typical long-liver

At end of last century

Telecom launches PHS

UT Starcom and ZTE

Leaning on this business for rapid growth


Sales income for year

It can even reach 10 billion. This is envy of many companies

At that time

Huawei executives

About Ren Zhengfei's participation in competition

In end

Nobody wants to give up such a big lump of fat

But I think about it

After manpower and financial resources, Ren Zhengfei decided to give up

Many say he has no courage

I have no vision, I don't know how to assess situation

But he feels

Real investments

It should be hosted in a longer term location such as 3G


Huawei finally did it

First 3G license. Huawei spring has really arrived


Huawei uses 3G, 4G, 5G

Global impact should not be underestimated

But UT Starcom is gone

Huawei boasts today's results

This is same as Ren Zhengfei's foresight

Inextricable Link

Yi Ren Zhengfei can become

A true national entrepreneur

It's also inseparable from his mentality of not judging heroes based on temporary success or failure

Looking down long river of history

Someone who really does great things

They all seem to have a long-term mindset

Such a person

Also tend to be more positive. More stable core

People are not saints

We are all easily confused byprofit and loss ahead of us

But we

You can consciously develop your long-term mindset

When you can

3 years later, 7 years later

Even after 10 years

You will find

In fact, many difficulties in life are nothing at all


There is such a passage in Silent Confessions

For rest of your life

To let go of expectations of others and find real you


Possibly so-called kernel stability

Such a person

Have a clear value system and self-esteem


Sad because of successes and losses that lie ahead of me

Not because

Problems with someone else's rating

I won't get depressed because of temporary drowsiness


They are more likely to be happy

It's also easier to live a wonderful life

Can you build a stable core and become stronger