People have to reach a certain level, only then can they break circle and change form.

People have to reach a certain level, only then can they break circle and change form.

Original: Li Sheng

After formation of cocoon and chrysalis

After several weeks of painful struggle, finally broke out of cocoon and began a new life

Although there is no need to feel pain of breaking cocoon

But from moment it was thrown into boiling water to wind silk

His life is completely dead

People have to reach a certain level, only then can they break circle and change form.

Change means pain

But no change means death

When a person reaches a certain age

If you do not work hard on yourself, you will not escape fate of being abandoned by time

If you don't keep reinventing yourself

I'll never get out of little world of moment

Gong Xunwei is here

Written in "The Phenomenon 35 Years Ago"

35 years

This is really an obstacle

Face risk of unemployment at any time


Cannot take initiative to upgrade their knowledge and skills

No one can overcome this obstacle

Keep breaking circle

A man who constantly invents

To overcome difficulties before us and see another scene

The ability to break circle

What is a broken circle

This is explained very vividly

At beginning

We are all small people, enclosed in a vicious circle

As you gain knowledge and experience

Our ability to break circle is getting stronger and stronger

A lot of hard work

People have approached border of circle and are trying to push contacts through circle

When a few months have passed

Even after years of hard work

Finally we can add this little part...

This little part

Although it seems invisible

But that means you've broken original circle

Touching world of a higher level

Break circle

Simply put

Breaking down internal boundaries and connecting to wider world

This process

This will certainly be accompanied by difficulties and obstacles

But every time you break boundaries

Life will reach a new level

When Yoo Min Hun was in high school

Once his teacher refused me. I can only be a farmer all my life

But Yoo Min Hun just doesn't believe in fate

He studied hard

Finally with fighting spirit

Entered at Peking University from countryside, and later became an excellent teacher at Peking University

Several years later

He voluntarily resigned from his stable teaching job

Instead of founding New Eastern School


The implementation of double reduction policy has led to a disaster for educational institutions and institutions

The one who went through this disaster

No complaints about environment

This is recruitment of New Oriental employees to live broadcast industry to seek new development


With a refreshing way to bring goods with culture

May New East reach nirvana and rebirth

And he himself turned into a cultural businessman

Yoo Min Hun

The reason why I succeeded today

Whenthe reason is that he followed path of breaking circle

Dong Qing also said

The meaning of life is to develop, not to stick around

No matter when, we must not lose courage to move forward

If you

Don't want to be trapped in environment

Please force yourself to develop these three "circle breaking" abilities

Get out of your comfort zone

Everyone dreams of carefree days

Everyone wants to live comfortably

You can do this for a long time

Once you encounter adversity, you will completely lose ability to cope with it

Escape from Shawshank.

There is a prisoner named Lao Bu

He spent over fifty years in prison

The only job every day

This is sending some books to prisoners. Don't worry about making a living


This "good life" ended abruptly when he got out of prison

After he got out of prison

Unable to handle wind and rain of outside world

In a panic, I decided to hang myself

Mengzi once said

Born in sorrow, died in peace

A moment of comfort

Perhaps this can bring people pleasure

Available as soon as environment changes

You will fall into tragedy of "boiling a frog in warm water"

During this unstable time

Always remember to leave your comfort zone

To always take initiative in life

Update circle of friends

Circle of ordinary people

I'm talking about salary. I think about tomorrow

The Circle of Wise Men talks about patterns and thinks about execution

different circles

It reflects different value orientations and living standards

If you want to move to a higher life

The easiest way

Break out of original circle and get close to people who are better than you

Known Communities

Business consultant spanking a cat

I used to be an unknown tutor


Just one year after founding

Seeing goals of top 100 players in industry

everything has changed

He succeeded

Established collaborative relationships with these people

As a result, social status has risen in every way

Unconsciously, a class leap has been made


Don't stand in low dirt. Complain that life stands still

Change your circle first

Reorganize your network again. Only then will you have a chance to reach pinnacle of life

Break out of cognitive circle

This human life

Thinking will be imprisoned by various circles

If you don't break these circles

You can only be a prisoner, defend yourself in a difficult situation

Only through a constant breakthrough of consciousness

Get rid of shackles of thinking. Only then can you achieve realflax growth


In "1942" such a classic dialogue

Rich man

When Fan Dianyuan died at home, he told his parents about it

When I arrive in Shaanxi

Get up. It's easy

I know how to go from poor to rich

In less than ten years, your uncle and I will still be my bosses

Changgong Shuangru said:

Okay, boss. During this time, I will be your permanent employee

The same

One poor and two whites. But due to different knowledge

It also changed direction of two people's lives

Many times

Human capture

This is not outside world at all. It's a high wall in mind


Keep pushing wall of thinking. Only when road gets wider and wider

Keep breaking circle

You can standExplore your life in a higher dimension

The ability to reinvent


This is a job that requires patience and skill

Manufacturing process

If you're not careful, ceramic will warp

Masters can only endure

Break, reshape; break again, change shape...

After so much trouble

Make perfect handicraft

Life is also process of making pottery

It takes more patience and courage to fight back

Get a college tutor

Shared personal experience

He spent a lot of energy

Get an opportunity to study and exchange in Russia

Before you can travel

But he ran into biggest hurdle - language

Because of this

Everyone around him tried to persuade him to surrender. After all, language barrier is a drawback

But he thinks opportunity is rare

Dare to learn Russian again


He tried his best to find someone

Very high level teacher. Every day after work I learn from others

At beginning

He has no grammar at all

Every day I can only write down grammar taught by tutor

Write way you write, late into night

After a while

He uses grammar skillfully

But every time I speak Russian with my tutor, I still have a strong accent

To fix it

He found it online again

Many educational videos on Russian language. Practice pronunciation again and again...

At this time

His life is extremely painful

But Russian level

But from beginning, stumbling gradually became smoother

In three months

He successfully overcame language barrier and went abroad safely

If you want

Climb a higher ladder

Look at world wider. You can only permanently change yourself

Yang Jiang wrote in book:

Life is a lifetime

Three minds required

This is nothing more than knowing yourself

Strive for yourself, transform yourself voluntarily

The so-called

Following yourself and transforming yourself is process of changing yourself

This process

Even though it's extremely difficult

But every transformation will come with growth surprises

Every change shapes you in a new way.

I'm writing

The following three stages of reconstruction will help you become a better person

1. Reshape body

Looking back at first half of life

Many people are always like this because of their youth

Irregular meals

Don't go to bed on time. Waste your body day and night

You don't really understand until you get older and your body gets weaker


Don't get sick if you have something. Don't be healthy if you have nothing


Only you can enjoy your time in peace. Chase your poetry and distance

The second half of life

Whether or not you choose to continue fighting in workplace

I still play with firewood, rice, oil and salt at home

Take care of your health

Regular work and rest

Go to bed before 11 o'clock every day

Sleep for 8 hours. The mental state will get better and better

In addition

A sensible diet and regular exercise

Even if you are old, your body can be rejuvenated

Second, reshape image

Self-disciplined life

How much change this can bring to people

The news reported about such a mother

When she had just given birth

The body is out of shape. I'm still lost in a trivial life

But she didn't sink like that

I made a self-discipline plan for myself

She poses herself

Must run at least 3 times a week

Read two books. Fast lightly throughout day to flush out toxins. Have a party with friends

According to this plan

She not only lost weight from 130 to 100 catties


Peking University graduates! Completed double improvement of academic qualifications and knowledge

Someone said


This is best way for a person to change their image

If you want to get better

You must keep your mouth shut. Keep your legs open. Strictly control your body

If you want to improve your temperament

You should read more, improve your conversation and take more time for yourself

Lifetime doesn't match

Any self-disciplined person. Your self-discipline will be fine in end

Third, change shape of heart

Everyone's life

There will always be severaldark days


Someone in this experience

Resentment and resentment. Make life unbearable


But I can cultivate my heart and nature in suffering. Live calmly and strongly

Ni Ping

In most difficult period of life

Not only is there no temperament, but my heart is also broken


After enlightenment from my grandmother

Ni Ping began to change her heart. She became an army alone

It took her 10 years

Take your child for medical attention

Thanks to her tireless efforts, her son's illness was finally cured


Ni Ping walked up to camera again

Eyebrows and eyes are calm and confident, condition is even better

Lin Qingxuan once said:

People should be like pearl oysters

Develop ability to change shape of wounds

A life-changing trauma

Make it a beautiful gem

Learn how to change shape of a heart


We can also live in a world where mud and sand are mixed

Find a new turning point and exit

In Qinghai Lake

Huangyu variety grows

This type of fish

In first year of life, it will grow rapidly.

But after first year

Carp juan will almost stop growing

Even if he is about ten years old, he weighs only one cat


Former fisherman

Usually waiting for Huangyu to grow up is only one year. He will be caught

The life of Huang Yu

Also self-stagnant. To a tragic end

On contrary

Man's fate is same

If you can't break circle, you'll be trapped in reality

If you can't keep growing, time will destroy you

As Liang Qichao said

Life is like swimming against current.Back

From now on

Take initiative to break circle

Keep changing. Never stop there

You can

Stay in flow of time. Live way you want