Top-level design framework to increase hotel redemption rate

Original: Li Sheng

Hotel occupancy


New guest nights


Number of nights in a guest room


Number of available rooms X100%

Old client here

Redemption made by client

It can be seen from this formula

Attracting new customers is very important


If there is no repeat customer

It's hard to maintain reliable occupancy data then

Analyze like this

More than just helping hotel

You can more clearly see composition of guests


This will also reduce burden on hotel marketing

Reduce marketing channel costs


In process of increasing hotel buyout rates

There is a key point called top-level design



Regardless of how marketing is done

How attentive is hotel service

How comfortable linen is, how generous breakfast is

End result

It's all about customer repurchase rate

Regarding buyback ratio


You need to look at nature of buyback ratio from a higher perspective

At same time, do it well at its core, top notch design

The essence of buyback rule

Guest loyalty

I often talk

The essence of hotel membership should be

The increase in buyout rate of participants is same


This cannot be implemented in membership system

Or for members

No specific marketing strategy to increase buyback percentage

Or other methods


Such a membership system

is incomplete or erroneous

Top-level design

First you need to start with culture of hotel

Especially service philosophy

Many times

Construction of hotel direct sales members

Introduction and buyout increase strategies, methods and real struggle

This is public

I said I would speak at beginning

The customer is God

It is no longer adapted for hospitality industry in China


The customer is God

This is part of concept of service in hotel culture

To break conventional thinking

According to today's positioning of hotel

Guest needs, hotel staff and resources

Rethinking concept of service in hotel

For example

Guests are friends and family

This idea

In a specific service

You can ask employees to be in a natural state

Customer Service

Not boring and tough

Be like family and friends

Secondly, a hotel organization guarantee is required

In hotel organization


There is a special position responsible for increasing buyback rate


Rely on naturalransom is normal


The need for organizational security at hotel level

We should pay attention to this issue in statistics

Operations Analysis

To analyze buyback rate

If necessary

This indicator can be estimated

Forcing all hotel staff to do their job well

Increase customer satisfaction to level of their loyalty


Let's talk about guests


Customer Satisfaction

This is a necessary condition for loyalty

insufficient condition


Need from Loyalty to Satisfaction

SOP, from satisfaction to service


To change SOP for hotel services

Beyond standardization

You need to have soul and flexibility

Decentralization and authorization are also required


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Service concept

During landing process, you will encounter

Many levels and obstacles


Shelf service concept

Sounds good, but doesn't hit ground

These are talks on wall, words hanging on wall

This needs to be emphasized

If there is no good product

Depending on service concept and specific services

Redemption rate increase can be

The moon is out of reach in water