Working with hotel culture: how to do it?

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Development of modern Chinese economy

Consumers want and strive for a quality life

This has become main theme of modern society

Also become

An important source of inspiration for understanding value of human life

Quality of life in a hotel

Includes more than just product functional level elements

Includes more

Spiritual elements such as culture, dignity, individuality and memory in product

That is

Accommodation with rich cultural significance and experiential charm

It has become a habit of modern guest consumption


Through impulse of deep cultural connotation

Leadership, cohesion

Inspiration gives hotel a deeper meaning

Shape and reflect positive, healthy

Happy lifestyle and attitude

It has also become an important way and method to reform hotel industry in modern era

Culture is complex

Requires deep knowledge and scientific method

For effective and bright application


The hotel attaches great importance to cultural self-confidence

Shows great interest in culture


Due to lack of scientific methods

On contrary, it is doomed to failure

Many problems and shortcomings identified

Get people's attention

Let me tell you

Generalization, superficiality

Manufactured cultural understanding

Introduction of culture

The hotel combines unique meaning and cultural charm in its products

With a deep humanistic temperament

Give hotel a different atmosphere and service

Brought more experience and deep touch to guests


Applying culture to important hotel goals


In era of experimental economy, renewal of consumption

Culture has become core and soul of hotel

This is a hotel

The source of unique charm of product

This is also a hotel

Product structure and development basics

But due to a lack of deep cultural concern

Many hotels

Both want to be in process of cultural application

Quick Success and Immediate Benefits


Hotel + culture and culture + hotel methods

Thought to join

The word "culture" means culture

Selection of cultural elements

Improve, process

"Generalization" and "Hierarchy" during use

This is even a "fake" situation

The bizarre culture of "bookshop hotels" and "noble hotels"

Selection and positioning have become commonplace

Culture and product

The meaning of content cannot be learned in depth

Make culture a slogan in air

Resources become clouds

Let it be

The humanistic spirit and temperament have disappeared

This hotel lacks vitality and charm


In process of cultural application

Hotels should be professional and scientific

Aesthetic principles, more careful and rational attitude to culture

Let me tell you

Symbolic construction of hotel culture

Create a hotel culture

This is process of transforming traditional hotel products into emotional products


Aesthetics based on cultural connotations

Innovative and useful projects


Because I'm not familiar with scientific method of building a hotel culture

Many hotels are in process of developing a hotel culture

Correct culture and culture imitation techniques are applied

Lack of creative design

Transformation of hotel into a complex of buildings filled with brutal culture

Culture is just decoration

His stats are just symbols

Skill and Refinement Reduction

Reducing hotel's lack of aesthetic taste and lack of experience

Representing hotel culture

Will not fundamentally change true quality of hotel

There were no significant improvements in hotel environment and space atmosphere

This will not intoxicate guests

Therefore, he will not give people warm home comfort

Let me tell you

Empty hotel culture

Applying culture

A hotel can form a rich emotional product

Create a unique spiritual field

Create a unique hotel image

This is culture

A very important feature for hotels


With continuous development of hotel industry

The hotel shape border is now very blurred

The image of a cultural hotel is limited

The ability to attract markets is also limited


How to navigate culture

Constantly improve hotel's humanity

Originality, experience, comfort, brand


Dissemination and transmission of culture

Increase attractiveness and recognition of culture for market

How to build

How Flower Hotel Product Image

This is next topic that needs serious discussion


A vague image of hotel culture

Hotel culture

The application is professional, systematic and comprehensive

Progressive work system

Encountering above problems

Cultural use of hotels

The following principles should be considered


Culture should reflect local cultures

Applying culture in hotel

This is a reflection of regional spirit and lifestyle


The choice of culture should be based on deep understanding and research

Based on assessment of many cultural factors of area


Select and specify most characteristic

Most influential and representative content

And with

Research and refine professionally

Say it in most elegant way

To effectively display cultural characteristics of area

To give hotel a stronger identity and character


Culture should resonate with consumers

The choice of culture is not based on personal likes and dislikes

This is not easy job at hand

Culture must keep up with times

Easy to understand, pleasant to hear and see, in line with aesthetics of hotel guests

The need for consumption and communication

To be able

To cause ideological resonance among people, to form recognition and praise in market


Culture needs a certain artistic tension

Cultural and artistic tension

Depends on diversity of cultural elements

Plasticity and artistic impact

Can hotel

Building on cultural creativity

Contagious art and stage space

and adapt to market

Constant innovation


Unique products and services

Depends on artistic intensity of culture

Culture needed

May provide more nutrition and support all time


Cultural connotation, cultural adaptation to market

Cultural accessibility


Attractiveness of final product

Become an important factor in success of hotel


Responsiveness of culture should be highly appreciated

Hotel construction

This work requires constant innovation and deepening


Culture performance becomes a process of cultural selection

Issues requiring more attention

The level of economic development of region, level of regional construction

Degree of development of regional restaurant market


Innovation awareness and ability of planning and day-to-day managers

Understanding employees


Both influence choice of culture

Requires comprehensive consideration


The use of hotel culture cannot remain symbolic

It should be designed in terms of development

Choose most scientifically representative

Attract attention of guests as much as possible, as economically and effectively as possible

This contributes most to improving efficiency of hotel

Best Benefit

Cultural elements to create a good hotel image

This is basic principle of applying hotel culture