The importance of hotel management.Every day there are 12 pits waiting for you.Be careful‼️

Original: Li Sheng

I was

Drink tea or coffee in lobbies of many hotels


Don't drink coffee☕️ and don't drink tea

I'm watching

The source of some problems and how to solve them

I'm at hotel

I also frequently monitor my workforce

Until same thing happens every day

I watched carefully. There are many problems

To operate and manage hotel

It's not just about meeting with clients

There are also all aspects of working with employees

I have three aspects

Brief information about operation and management of hotel

There are 12 critical moments of quarry

Of course, there are more than following 12 critical points



1. Complaint

Offline guest complaints

The manager must be there

Don't just let guests feel that hotel appreciates it

This will reduce overall staff

Mistakes in dealing with complaints that affect feelings of guests

Second, requirements are met

While client asks for it

The hotel must respond as quickly as possible


Ability to meet customer needs


Reply to guest in time

Explain personally when needed

3. Consultations


First-time guests

Not very familiar with environment

When I came to reception for a consultation

Don't be a little busy

Slow down guest or make them wait a long time

Get better with time

Give him an answer or give him a small card with a text description

Fourth, sign up

Peak period

The reception is relatively crowded


Perhaps not enough time at check-in


Support and cooperation from hotel manager required


Smile and explain to waiting guests

Etiquette and attitude required



Five, bad condition

When an employee is in poor condition

It affects

Colleagues can directly influence feelings of guests


Like highest needs of an employee

Care for this employee

And adjust your mentality in time

Otherwise, negative impact will be invisible

Six, conflicts

When departments and departments

In event of conflicts between employees

As a department

Responsible person or superior manager of employee

Needs to be corrected in time after detection


Let escalation of conflict affect cooperation between departments and employees

For example

Facade and guest rooms, catering and production workshop, etc.


Operational aspects

Seven, OTA score, especially negative

Many guests

Booking based on bad reviews


Wrong answer to a review is main question of answering an OTA review

If you want to increase your score

It's best to block bad reviews first


Then use bad feedback as an impact point for drainage

Also required

The standard template for pre-writing bad reviews is run by a dedicated person

VIII. Booking Customer Agreement

Agreement Client

The importance of a booker cannot be overestimated

When hotel

Raise your prices or find clients with an agreement

When number of bookings drops significantly or number of people making bookings


This requires a Hospitality Marketing Specialist or

The top managers of hotel gave clarifications

Visit, congratulations, etc.

9. Member Conversion

Member Conversion

The most important do not cut

I found a personal assistant at hotel reception

For a fee of a few dollars

This situation

As a manager, you need to develop

Training and necessary accent

Introducing Members

This should be clearly stated when developing plan


It really happened

Urgent fix needed

In order not to cause unnecessary damage to hotel

Ten, safety

This period of time

There are two big hotel security managers

Don't take it lightly

First of all, Spring Festival is coming

The general security of hotel is very important

More than just learning

We need to talk more every day

The second is seriousness of epidemic prevention work


Required validation and necessary work procedures are ignored

11. Room cleaning

I experienced it myself

I've found that staying in a room is problematic in many hotels


When guests are in guest room, older sisters clean up

Lots of details

Guests see it, but don't say it

This directly affects guest

Evaluation and conclusion about hygiene of hotel


Older sisters ignore guests' feelings to take over house

Shorten cleaning steps

The consequence of this and quality is that customers can leave

Twelve, business key node management

Whether it's a hall or a guest room

Whether catering or manufacturing

Whether it's Human Resources or Finance


Some common key work units

As a manager

Must be well aware of these key work nodes

This way we can understand important things instead of covering everything

Operations and yhotel management

This is a big system

There is a flow of information in this system

Customer flows, capital flows, logistics, etc.

There will definitely be more critical moments

Hotel Manager Basics

Work is more than just leading a team

We also need to support good customers for hotel

Get job done at critical moment

Increasing hotel performance