Characteristics of VUCA. Now. How to deal with hoteliers

Original: Li Sheng

What is VUCA era

What are characteristics

VUCA era

means we live in a state of instability

Uncertainty, complexity

An era of uncertainty. Situations or worlds

vuca - volatility

Short name:


uncertainty, uncertainty



Abbreviation: VUKA

This term comes from

Began to be widely used in 1990s

Know everything clearly


The epidemic policy has been liberalized. There is more uncertainty for everyone

Let it be

Simple things become complex


The world is changing too fast, market is changing too fast

Consumer demand is uncertain

Post-00 employees are not sure what they need

Initial control method

It gets harder and harder

How hoteliers should meet this era

I found sign

There are learning objectives from elementary to high school

And while there is a goal

I'm still working hard on my studies

One to high school

Most people just relax

More than just a lack of learning goals

Even if you graduate

It's not entirely clear what I want

A little learning with goals

may pass graduate entrance exam

Encounter same issue after release, but no target

As a hotel worker, do you have a goal?

Whether you have it or not

You need to figure out what your career goals are

Think clearly

How to reach goal

Especially in this matter

A lot of time

This is best.Neutral.Time

You need to plan

Your own career goals, then create a study plan

For example

I want to be a store manager in a few years

You need to learn business and management

As a rule, you need to learn from business

Including but not limited to

Front Office, Living Room, Marketing

Restaurant business

Services, etc.

Leadership needs to be learned

Including but not limited to

Corporate culture, strategic management

Organization management

Process management, systems management, personnel management, etc.

Or yourself

If you're missing this aspect, add it

The most important thing is to be familiar with business

You need to understand basic operation

Because many hotels focus on business and not on management

For example

I want to become a marketing director

Studying hospitality business

You also need to learn marketing positioning

Marketing Management, OTA Operations, Customer Management

CommunicationsClear Skills

Negotiation skills. Signing contracts and specifications, etc.

For example

I want to make an HR resume

Need to study organizational management

Organizational Behavior, Goal Management, Process Management

Six HR modules


At same time, you also need to learn hospitality business

Getting to know how hotel works

To do your job well as a Human Resources Director

The above are only examples of three positions

Like a hotelier

According to your career goals

Make a plan for studying hard

At same time must match

Studying real situation with this vacancy

At level of teaching methods

I have three aspects for you



Human measurement

Is there one of foundations of future

This is ability of this person to self-learning


You need to follow goal, implement plan and engage in self-learning

Self-study here

This can be self-study

Including reading, listening to lectures, listening to books, etc.


Learn from others


Find out what you're missing from friends and teachers


Thinking and summing up


According to research, hotel super conversion rates add up


OTA Super Conversion Rate Model

Company-agreed Super Conversion Rate Model

Participant Super Conversion Model

Here is result after reflection and generalization


Thinking and generalizing are learning outcomes

This is also an important part of realizing value of learning

You need to set your own career goals first

Then make a study plan and finally get into action

Just wait

There will be something to win

You will definitely continue to improve your abilities and value

Especially now

How are hoteliers coping with liberalization of epidemic policy?

Encountering challenges of VUCA era

We don't just do right thing

Strengthen your immune system

Also required

We have a clear goal to learn and improve

Develop your π-shaped talent

There are two long boards, two legs below π

One for work and one for hobby

And keep changing legs

So we can compare

Overcome difficulties of VUCA era with ease