Hotel Simple Economy Ideas

Hotel Simple Economy Ideas

Original: Li Sheng

For most fundamental reason

According to needs of public

Gathering at a large sector of hotel

OTA agency model

Hotel Simple Economy Ideas


First time booked by overseas platform


booking on main foreign sites

Profit model based on agency commission

Instead of going to a private hotel room


More hotels

And night sales are very important

Currently internal

Many platforms have retained "direct purchase + agency" form


The platform fully supports direct sales mode

Cannot enable more hotel room resources

Unable to get additional reserve prices for hotels

So, agent

Cooperate with ota as a supplier

Become a bridge and link between ota and hotel

Hotel Simple Economy Ideas

Hotel business in recent years

China has undergone amazing changes

From consumer demand, price positioning, service methods

Consumption patterns and more


This is also beginning of a turbulent period

When innovation is everywhere

Everyone is talking about Internet+

The hospitality industry also needs to come up with new concepts

In hotel business

The most important thing is bonus

Where there are people, there are opportunities

The same

Regardless of how hotel is updated

Agents have right to choose

Use market flexibly to avoid bad investments

Concerns about factors such as long payback periods

Then why

Choose an online hotel agency

Excluding mobile payments

And prosperity of e-commerce model

Actually, there are several reasons


Light asset, low risk

After payment by client, agent makes a settlement with hotel

No prepayment required

The cost of main OTA platforms is obvious

Stable cash flow

Virtually no commercial risk

The biggest expense item is staff salaries

Hotel Simple Economy Ideas


Easy to operate, easy to manage: company organization is simple

Simple platform maintenance

Just focus on developing hotel resources

I don't worry about traffic realization and income

Compared to traditional proxy mode

Could be more systematic and improved for operation and maintenance



We can say that he is persistent

When you have resources

The channels will get wider and wider, and competition will continue to grow

Summing up

How to choose

The right industry

This is mindset and mindset of every entrepreneur

A test of human nature


In a huge industrial market

Only in a market where industry trend continues to rise


The opportunity to become a big brand

Entrepreneurs should not try to fight trends

We need to build momentum, look for momentum and use it to our advantage

Businesses can grow quickly

Choose most suitable development path

Choosing right industry means success is half guaranteed