The people who run hotel. Why are they so good at EQ? Why is it also a gathering place for highly emotional businessmen?

Original: Li Sheng

Emotional Intelligence

Seven Components

Emotional Intelligence

Abbreviation: EmotorIintelligence

or Emotor intellectualintelligence Qcognitive

Commonly referred to as EQ

Full name - "Emotional Intelligence Quotient"

This is implementation specific

Control and express your emotions

and be careful

The ability to treat relationships with empathy


Daniel Gorman

In his book, he lists seven components of emotional intelligence


When people have self-awareness

Know your strengths and weaknesses


Own reactions to situations, etc.


This information can help us set boundaries

Manage interactions with others honestly towards yourself

In addition

A person with strong self-awareness

May be a more effective communicator

Because they can understand each other better


What do they want to achieve in conversation


With self-awareness

People can

Striving to improve yourself and improve your life in a more efficient way



I am responsible for my own life

and process of making decisions that affect you

This means

One of them is active

Take charge of your future, including goal setting

Take action to achieve these goals

and track progress

Also means to have

Flexibility and adaptability

These are adjustments to plan as needed to achieve your goals


Because of self-awareness


People with high emotional intelligence can regulate their emotions

and control where needed


People with high emotional intelligence

Also tend to be highly motivated

This makes them more resilient and optimistic

Even in hard times

You can also find ways to enjoy life and improve yourself

This makes them more successful in all areas of life


A person with empathy and compassion

Communicate better with others


TA can see things from point of view of others

That makes them

Relationships based on mutual understanding and respect


TA also easily empathizes with other people's emotions

better provide support and comfort


TAs are often selfless and more likely to do their best to help others

All these qualities

Teach people to empathize and empathize

Become most valuable member of any society

Social Skills

People with high emotional intelligence

Social skills reflecttsya in

They are more genuinely caring and respectful of others. Get along well with others

Relationship Management

Customer and Customer Relationship Management

Partners and others

People who can help an organization achieve its goals

The process of building and maintaining positive relationships

Effective relationship management can increase sales

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction


EQ measurement, EQ enhancement

Methods for measuring emotional intelligence


Reports of others are a widely used measure of emotional intelligence


looks like

MBTI and other personality tests

This approach is useful for

Determining how client sees himself is helpful

Same as personality test

Self-report can be used as a prerequisite for reliable measures of emotional intelligence


Participants must be highly emotionally intelligent. Rating is accurate

Reported by others

This is an estimate based on another person's report

Participant Emotional Intelligence Method, also known as Observer Assessment


A measure of how well a person manages their emotions compared to those around them

The most efficient method

Although other people's reports may provide an outside perspective

But that's not best way to measure emotional intelligence

In end

To get really reliable results from other people's reports

All observers must themselves be highly emotionally intelligent


This approach can introduce bias into evaluation process

High Emotional Intelligence Exhibition


I have listed some of signs of high emotional intelligence

Can empathize well with others


And be able to read and regulate emotions

The ability to resolve conflict more calmly and directly

Problems and needs

Then, improve communication and relationships with others

Private or professional

The ability to acknowledge that others are suffering


Emotions such as anger. Give them help and support

For closed questions

Usually TA can get point

Short answer

Or assistant can ask open-ended questions

Learn new knowledge with an open mind

Have good social skills

And be able to capture boundaries in confident communication....

Several Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Compared to high IQ

Emotional intelligence can be improved through acquired effort

Although muchdegree

Individual EQ is strongly influenced by childhood education

But as an adult

You can take

Some ways to improve your emotional intelligence

Let me tell you

The following 7 ways are for reference

Think about your emotions

This is beginning of self-awareness

To improve emotional intelligence, we must think about our emotions

Review your typical reactions to negative situations

Whether colleagues, family members or strangers

When you

Better aware of your emotions and typical reactions

You can learn to control them

Ask for another person's opinion

Perception of reality

This is often very different from what others see

Perhaps try other people's ideas

Find out how you behave in emotional situations


Improving self-awareness

Efficiency Analysis

You can start paying more attention to your emotions

Think before you act

Pause and think before you act or speak

Speak gently and patiently so that other person can understand

Helps you solve problems more intelligently

It's hard, but try to make it a habit

Ask more questions

More empathy

Ask more

An attempt to understand "why" behind other person's feelings or emotions

Communicating and understanding feelings of others is fuel of emotional intelligence

Try to learn from criticism

No one likes to be criticized, but it's inevitable

When we learn from criticism

When you don't just defend your actions

Our emotional intelligence can be improved

Practice. Practice. Practice

Improving emotional intelligence is not a one-day job

But just be patient with hard work

Patience and lots of practice always pay off