How did consumption deficit in hotel market arise? I watched him, he was strangled.

Original: Li Sheng

My personal understanding

This is also consumer demand that everyone has accumulated over a certain period of time

At some point in time

Batch release

In other words, it is a squeezing of concentrated consumption

Now is darkest hour

Uncertainty comes with it


For hotels Survival is main strategy


Different degrees of masking factors in different regions

Differences in understanding of policy and its application

This will change appearance of market

From November 10

Until today, I was on a business trip

Helped many hotels optimize their organization

Including wage system, design performance evaluation system

When I found out that ordered train was cancelled

I have carefully read following reasons for service management requirements

Seen here

Relevant policies in different regions control market liquidity

This is flow of market


Market recovery, market recovery

Don't move and do right thing

I think in a general direction

You can start with things like altruism, flexibility and empowerment


Since hotel

This is convenient for customers


Benefits for current and future guests

Even if your hotel is currently on pre-sale

It should be

Based on price concessions


Even so, pre-selling may not be effective

Maybe it's because client doesn't trust you

The hotel may not be able to contact guests

Maybe target client is inaccurate

The discount may not be strong enough

Perhaps customer thinks that after purchase he has a lot of uncertainty


I take it literally

There are two meanings, one of which is understanding market

Understanding needs. Understanding possibilities

Second, speed of execution or ability to exploit opportunities

Based on current market situation

Market liquidity is limited. The market will take time to recover

Then hotel in addition to presale

External activities such as takeaway

Nothing important?


I think

The most important thing at moment

Is it possible to deal with people in hotel

Especially management team

What about major business opportunities?

What about leadership

Can you use this time to improve yourself?

Because only doing it well

After market recovery

Your hotel can do better

Just to fit in with current "good times"

I'll clarify

Hotels available in

Positioning, Business, Organization, Talent and Human Resources

Understand and discuss other aspects

Change layout. Targeted optimization and improvement

For example, business

External refers to pto buyer - this is market

Internal refers to regulations and management details

The main task of marketing department is traffic

This is conversion, this is unit price for customer, this is compound bid

The core of control department

Business is about organizational efficiency, effectiveness, coordination, motivation, etc.


I think

It's time for hotel to improve itself


As a hotel owner


This is how general manager sees current hotel

How to predict tomorrow's market recovery


Spend time that can benefit complaints


Don't waste endless possibilities of future associated with present "good years"

I could

Some "stand and talk without back pain"

My opinion

Doing right thing

More valuable than complaining and helplessness