Hotel staff Service process There are these 8 main problems

Original: Li Sheng


Place "side plate"

Consider it all work


I have to serve meals every day

some people

Equivalent to serving food to work


Is end plate whole job?


Being a waiter is much more than just serving food

More importantly

To win customer trust and satisfaction

For example, serving dishes

It's not over when you place dishes in front of your customers


Introduce name of dish to them from a professional point of view

Materials, hints, etc.

Let them enjoy quality service

For hotels

The waiter is at forefront of sales

Service level

Directly affects customer satisfaction

Can you become a regular customer?


The waiter should not think that he is serving plate

It's very simple

It contains a lot of knowledge that needs to be constantly studied and generalized


Unstable mentality, ups and downs

Many hotel managers

It seems to me that current waiters are very impulsive

Bad mentality, good and bad mood

When you're happy, greet customers with a smile

When you're unhappy

with a straight face

Few people can smile all day

Service in this state cannot satisfy customers


Lack of responsibility and team spirit

The service team is very mobile


It is easy to deprive them of responsibility and teamwork


This is a bad sense of responsibility

I don't think I can do this for much longer


Aim to do one day at a time

Fulfi at work

Don't reply to clients

The effect of such a service can be imagined

Secondly, bad team spirit

For example

Year-old conflicts between hallway and back kitchen

It's hard to run a hotel

Run a hotel well

The sense of responsibility and team spirit of waiter is very important


To strengthen their training in these two areas

To boost hotel sales and improve customer satisfaction


Can't speak

Many people

I have such feelings

Current waiters don't talk very well

When I first arrived at hotel

Waiter greeting

Hello sir

When I went there second time

Greeting or

Hello sir

Could you add a kind greeting?

For example

Mr. Zhang, hello! Long time no see

You keep getting better and better!

Won't such a greeting make customers happier?


Lack of "vision"

There is no "live" in my eyes

This is waiter

Inability to observe and predict customer needs

When customer enters hotel

Can waiter watch his words?


Do you know what your customers need?

Current clients

Describe hotel waiters as terracotta warriors

Stand still

Clients walk past them

They didn't answer at all


Always entertained customers this way

Buyers find it hard to come back


Low awareness of services

In a restaurant

I often hear customers shout "Waiter

Napkin", "waiter, chopsticks"

"waiter, ashtray", "waiter

Bone saucer, etc.

What it looks like

Only if client makes a request

The waiter will bring these items


What did waiter do before?

Didn't you see needs of customers?

These phenomena

Everything shows that waiter's knowledge of service is low

Does not show initiative

Assessing customer needs through observation

Won't take initiative to ask

Just passively waiting for client to make a request

Causes service to be passive

Winning favor of customers is difficult


Weak sales awareness

The vast majority of hotels

This is a common problem

The waiter is not good at sales

Some waiters think

Just give menu to customer

Simply greet customers to order

Other work has nothing to do with me

Some waiters

Step aside after customer has finished order

The client has others

Must be hard to find them on time

Some waiters

I also want to sell crockery

But if you are not familiar with dishes, you will be powerless


Lack of adaptability

Some waiters lack stamina


Don't know what to do in an emergency

I'm telling a story

Using case to speak

Taiwan businessman

Go to Beijing to discuss business


His friend invited him to hotel for dinner


In process of handing out chopsticks to them

Accidentally dropped my sticks on ground

This Taiwanese businessman is a bit unhappy

Face blurred


Seeing this, I got a little nervous and wanted to take chopsticks

Who knew when he squatted down to pick up his chopsticks

The tomb of this Taiwanese businessman was knocked down again

Listening only

The disk exploded with a crash

The guests at table are very unhappy

The waiter was so scared that his legs were shaking

I'm in shock

Right now

The head waiter of catering department came up

He took chopsticks

Then say to guests: "Gentlemen


I disturbed you today

We're talking

Chopsticks, chopsticks, happy, happy

The sticks fell to ground

This means we will always be happy


There is a saying in China "Every year is safe"


I believe our friends from Taiwan

I will always be happy and safe

The investment will also go smoothly


Raise your glasses, everyone

Wish us all best

As soon as words run out

The guests joyfully raised their glasses

The Taiwanese businessman also smiled and said, "Thank you

You learn by example

What can be seen


Too excited and out of control when solving problems

This is very upsetting for guests


Through two auspicious words, crisis was resolved


When a waiter deals with such emergencies

Be calm

Flexible management, maximum customer satisfaction

It's okay to have problems


Serve first line staff to help you solve problems

I said you must accept

Change mentality of employees

Good luck every day

Exploring new service concepts

Raise awareness of services and implement a personalized service

Improve customer language skills and increase customer satisfaction

The service process is selling process

Increasing customer awareness and sales skills

Become a great hotelier

Improve service quality and create stars

What do you want to know


Positive attitude. Good luck in your work

What is your job

Who do you work for?

What you think determines what you do

Second, who determines your future

Service should inspire

What is my role

What is role of client

What is role of enterprise

Do you consider yourself responsible?

Rate yourself on how well I did

Create a positive attitude and enjoy working every day

True Emotion Service

Full "heartfelt" feeling

Sincere Service

Good service

This is a conveyance of emotions

Marketing in hotels is basis of service


How to do your job well with sincere service

How to reflect "true feelings" in service of true feelings

Four Ways to Move a Service

Interpretation of real cases of emotional support


How to provide quality personalized service

What is personalized service

The secret of personal service...

Maintenance Skills

How to improve customer service language skills

How to communicate well with clients

How to get most out of additional languages

Interpreting people service language

Improve customer reception

Communicative language skills for response

Hosting skills

Language skills to engage customers in various service scenarios

Response language expression

Language skills to engage customers in various service scenarios

Service Sales Skills

The service process is selling process

Common problems when selling services

Lack of marketing awareness

Low awareness of services

Low sales


Do you understand your service products?


Do you know clients you serve?

What are types of clients?

Customers have consumer needs


How to Raise Awareness of Self-Selling Five

How to Find and Create Sales VI Opportunities

Practical Sales Communication Skills