Three Enlightenments in Hotel Management. I am using this. Broken window effect. Tell me about it.

Original: Li Sheng

Many times

Have some experience

Tell you how to behave

Also reminded

I am improving some working methods

Let me tell you what it is

Broken window effect

Stanford University


Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo

The experiment was conducted in 1969

He found two identical cars

Take one of these

Parked in a middle class neighborhood in Palo Alto, California

And one more

Parked in a relatively dirty Bronx, New York

The one that parked in Bronx

He took off his license plate

Open roof and result. She was stolen same day


The one in Palo Alto

No one cares about week



Punched a big hole in glass of that car with a hammer


Just a few hours later he was gone

Based on this experiment

Political scientist

Wilson and CSI Karin offer

Broken Window Theory

For example:

If someone broke it

Glass of building

And this window cannot be repaired in time


This may be affected by some

Exemplary indulgence to break more windows

Over time

These broken windows create a sense of clutter


In this atmosphere of social insensitivity

Crime will rise and flourish

That's what I said

This effect will be reported to hotel management

What to pay attention to when managing

What we need to constantly improve and improve

I have come to a conclusion

3 Enlightenments and Importance of Hotel Management Window


Respond promptly to misbehavior

Current hotel staff

Management becomes more complex


Control has changed


You need to constantly adjust your control methods

Continuous improvement of managerial skills

Broken window effect

Notify manager

When encountering command-breaking behavior


When a hotel specifies behavior


The necessary measures must be taken in a timely manner

Making corrections and corrections

Sure, I fix it

Method in process should be more flexible


What I said

After closing control window

Reconcile as soon as possible


Deal with person who broke window immediately

It takes skill. And advertise it


Out of time

Just like broken window effect

There will be a chain of side reactions. So qualitative changes


Pget ready


To prevent breakage of "window"

It is necessary to provide some protection in advance

That is, regulation of office for protection of hotel windows

Hotel management

Some rules are sometimes not valid


If there is a hotel management

The team as a whole has become more harmonious

I won't break hotel rules easily


Most of hotel

Rules are not actually valid


Prevent or reduce errors


Good hotel management

It should be prevention to get it right first time

An idea of ​​defect-free management

Allow all

Change your behavior before you break rules

Play a real role in prevention


Let everyone develop good behavioral habits

To level of corporate culture

Warn beforehand and punish later


Constantly reinforce boundaries of control


According to actual management situation


Continuous system improvement and optimization


To play a good preventive role

A hotel is also required

Constantly reinforce and communicate severity of rules


Windows. Conversation

Just need

Constantly improving our control window

Don't break down

Hotel management window

Constant service required by entire hotel team

Permanent Reinforcements

Remediate Violations Promptly

Let control window shine

Let culture of hotel

Into everyone's heart through a bright window

Continuous improvement in hotel management