In 2023, hotel will face 6 biggest challenges. let me tell you

Original: Li Sheng

First, market uncertainty

We all know

The "Pain and Difficulties" brought by epidemic to hotel

But we can't change market environment

What can be changed is the hotel

We need to change our business strategy and management

I asked many friends of hotel

What are main changes that have taken place in your hotel in last three years?

The answer is not very good

That is new media

But effect is average or frequency of pre-sales has increased

Similar so-called changes

Of course, very few succeed

Based on this

Your "pain and difficulties" are normal

Because you do not keep up with times and do not adapt to market changes


Adjust hotel business strategy and management method for future

If you can't change it

Your hotel will continue to face bigger challenges

Second Deep Well Disease


I feel same, but my mouth is a little bigger

If you want to live well in 2023

To live, you need to jump out of a deep well, look at outside world

Go beyond your past experiences and experiences

Let yourself live in your own world

I helped

Some hotels have hired managers

Business plan through communication and sending

I see a bottleneck for talent in hotel industry

Still in "deep well" you can't jump out

As a result, managed hotels also participate

Third point, don't study

Or this statement is false

There are also positive aspects in hotel business

An elite who loves to learn, but most practices

Also includes managers

Little or no learning

This must have seriously affected "quality" of hotel industry

Focus on hotel

If team and hotel value only traffic

Focus on GOP

Nothing else matters

I think your hotel is close

Because market changes, clients change and opponents change


Hotel employees need to learn new knowledge and new methods

Then work out at hotel

Let knowledge become value and method become customer satisfaction

Point four: uncertainty

Some friends say I think too much

It's good to say that hotel where hotel is located can pay wages

I don't think it's possible to cover whole industry with one hotel

On other hand, it's a lack of confidence

Confidence is valuable in 2023

Only confidence will give you motivation to learn and grow

There is only confidence that your value will play a big role in hotel

Fifth, lack of talent

2023 Talent

This is what any hotel should pay attention to

Because of hotel

This industry really lacks talent

Organizational structure and use of talent in all hotels

An additional approach, generalists are not available to us

Only capabilities of command for padding can be used

This is only way your hotel will have no shortage of talent

Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to find suitable and satisfying talents

One more thing

Hotel training required for potential employees

Learn new methods and tools

Let these employees play a big role

Compensate for shortcomings of whole team

I think

The best way to solve problem of lack of talent

Block brain drain hole

Sixth, lack of incentives

Hotel in 2023

Got to keep up with him in terms of motivation

I think there are at least three things to change

1. Salary

Mainly to develop new salary structure and levels

The principle is to constantly change with the goal

This may be related to performance evaluation results

Second, performance evaluation method

Assess real situation in marketing department

Add progress indicators if necessary

May not always be an indicator of results

Minor departments must also be properly linked to operations

It needs to be balanced

You can also combine KPIs and BSCs

Or re-use money-effectiveness method to activate team members

Third, there should be a reward for improving quality of service

In short

The hotel needs talent, motivation, training and confidence

Deal with bottleneck of thinking

Make more effort to properly assess market changes and trends

I also need to update myself

Use a systematic method to improve your hotel performance in 2023