The full communication power of hotels in era of self-media What role does hotel play?

Original: Li Sheng

We Media era

In terms of communication, in terms of market pressure

In terms of the future development of hotels, hotels should do well in self-promotion


About We Media

We are Media

We are Media

Also known as "citizen media" or "personal media"

This applies to privatization, citizenship and generalization

Standalone communicator

With help of modern electronic means


No definite majority or specific individual performance

Generic term for new media of normative and non-normative information

Media platforms include

Blog, Weibo, WeChat, Baidu's official message board

Internet communities such as forums/BBS


Media Center of Society of Journalism

Published July 2003

Shane Portman and Chris Willis

Co-proposed "We Media. Abbreviation: We Media

Study Report


We are Media

Very strict definition

We are Media

This is general public, enhanced by digital technologies

After connecting to global knowledge system


Understanding how general public contributes and shares

Own facts, news channels

In short

Citizens use it to publish what they see

A bearer of events heard by one's own ears

For example:

Blog, Weibo, WeChat, BBS/BBS and other online communities


The hotel is its own media

For hotel business

As for individual hotels, this is self-media


This self-media is not one person and not several people

This is a command

The information that such a team can spread is huge

I see

Everyone in hotel via WeChat

How to install

Every day (24 hours) Moments information is gatheredtogether

The amount of information is relatively large

It's just that most of them have nothing to do with hotel itself

In terms of information editing


Every hotel employee contributes every day

Information related to hotel or guest

Filtered and enhanced by hotel editor

The information distributed by hotel is very extensive


Today's hotel is "too big to be overlooked"

Few hotels place great value on work of their own media


Consider social platforms like WeChat tasteless


What does hotel communicate through media?

At hotel

Lots of information to share

For example

Local customs of city, local products and attractions

University information

There must be people who disseminated such information in previous period

Industrial structure and development

All information belongs to hotel

Food and city history, folk tales, etc.


For guests who are preparing or have already traveled to this city

More about this city

There are many forms of self-promotion

For example:

Live broadcast, Douyin, video account, Xiaohongshu

Today's headlines, Baidu Baijia, WeChat, Titanium Communications, Weiboetc


The value of hotel self-promotion


Internet and mobile Internet


This self-promotion is constantly spreading

Real information business travelers want to know

This often attracts attention of guests

After you pay attention, favor increases

You can build trust and even get agreement

In terms of future

May serve as a distributor of information in this area of ​​the city

Who reads information here

This must be a Waifu guest

So, it was mentioned above what content hotel distributes from media

If hotel

Added interactive features from multimedia

Even more

Since interaction is a fundamental attribute of social media

Interaction will bring more value. Placement

Hotel added

Effective direct sales channel login flow


Native media end value

Promotion of hotel brand and culture, value after devastation of market

What I said above

No matter how small media person is

The hotel is ready to become an independent media