What is way forward for today's hoteliers and entrepreneurs? I tell you there are 3 labels

Original: Li Sheng

A hotel friend told me

Said, "I quit my job. I'm ready to start my own business."

I already have an idea to start a business in my heart!

After listening

Feel need to write an article

Entrepreneurial experience in hospitality business

For your friends who decide to go into hospitality business


Types of entrepreneurship are divided into three areas

First type, resource type

I have many friends in hotels

You can become a hotel supplier

I have many large clients

And this type of customer all over country

I can

Maintenance of hotels near such resources

I know a lot of hotel instructors

Be a hotel

You can also consider educational institutions or hospitality schools

I'm not just

If you have funds and resources for clients, you can invest in a hotel yourself

Second type, opportunistic

10 years ago

A fast hotel should make money

But I'm afraid it will be difficult now


Market opportunities vary

For past two years, I have been working on small programs and micro-bookings

The opportunity is better. I'm afraid that in a few years this opportunity will disappear

Third type, value

Value type

At least one, two or three of four elements must be completed


Pain points, experience, satisfaction, convenience

These 4 elements can meet needs

In other words

What can you solve for your clients

What can you bring? What value can be created


The business model requires deep thinking

In business model

The first paragraph should be clear

Positioning your project

In hospitality industry, you have to choose what to do

What not to do

Then target customers, market segments, and more

The most important thing is your profit model

How to earn

There are two

A type that everyone understands

Clear profit

Other recessive, usually invisible


View further

Factors such as cash flow structure, return on investment (ROI)


More options for vertical segmentation

For example:

I only do 2C business

Then in Business 2C

This is a tutorial or a community

In training

You also need to subdivide online or offline

Whether online or offline, main content should be

Is this marketing or management?

Which channel to split

This is segmentation

I'm here

Hotel marketing is subdivided into direct sales of hotels.

Me too ️

Make it deep enough, to what extent

Related to

All vacancies at Hotel Direct

I will think deeply, and then come up with specific actions to implement routine


If you want to work well with "direct selling system"


We need to solve people's problems

Maybe you ask what is question of people?

Yes. One is goal, other is mentality

The next step is willingness to do it

Learn, be able, etc.

I have constant research and practice at hotel

There is already a set of methods to help hotels solve these problems

An example is a vertical split. So chances of success will be higher


The marketing model needs to be fixed

It doesn't matter how good you are at other things

This problem cannot be solved, everything else is in vain

I've been watching Pinduoduo closely

Promotion method - in WeChat

Because Tencent is a shareholder

This is how promotion channel will be decided

I discovered that starting a business in hospitality business

It is divided into 2B and 2C, and then you need to think about how to attract customers

In this business model

One of elements is a business system

And it already includes a marketing model

I won't talk about it in business model

It worries me that what you see is complicated. Say it here, so it will be clearer

Get to know hospitality business

Knowing Entrepreneurship Tells You

I hope that if you want to start your own business, you will prepare in advance

Make a plan

Sometimes planning can save you a lot of mistakes

One more thing

To make yourself fewer mistakes, write a business plan

Venture capital firm

This is very clever

You can contact a venture capital firm

This is also a good way to get their opinion


In the process of entrepreneurship, personal interests and abilities are indispensable

Everyone is optimistic

What everyone does, I have little chance


The selected market must have a certain size

But one vertical is not enough

Thus, as long as you do it vertically, you'll have a better chance