Common Mistakes in Hotel Management. Execution. Why are countless hotels not performing well?

Original: Li Sheng


Results of execution of subordinates

Always out of standard

If this is not satisfactory, manager should consider

What's problem?


The ability or desire of employee, this direction or method is insufficient


Tell me about key point

This key moment

Key points that are often overlooked


The likelihood of neglect will increase over time

Checking is key

Renowned quality experts

Dr. Deming's PDCA Deming Ring

C must check

Only in this case, control is an ideal closed loop

Current situation with hotel management


It is unrealistic to have boss check all work.


If you don't check some work, you won't be able to do it well

The result of execution is that required standard is not met


Good manager

Be sure to know what to check


On which node to check

When is best time to check?

At hotel

There are many tasks in management process that do not need to be checked

There is also a piece of work that needs to be checked

The bottom line is that you, as a manager, must be clear

This is my experience

When people and things

When they are very old

Usually no validation is required, only result

When people and things

Now is an immature time. You need to check

When something goes wrong

Or result is bad

This will affect when next thing starts

You should check

But being an employee in this position is very good

His professionalism is also high

The will is strong too


This question is more important

You don't have to do everything yourself, pay attention to everything

Custom check available

For example

I helped hotel

When creating your own membership system

In preparation

I just found out

Work organized

An error occurred because validation was not performed.

When something

There is a strong time limit

You should check

Guarantee that results meet standard requirements


If there is an error, we cannot fix it


Boutique or budget hotel

The general manager has to check 5 rooms every day

That makes sense

It's not easy

Inform you about status of hotel room

The quality of everyone's work

Cleaning manager status


Improve your opinion about housework

At same time, it also contributes to progress and compliance of rooms department

Beyond validation

I think

Work experience is also a determining factor

Once you master certain tasks

This will become a habit

The chance of errors will be lower

The result of the execution will be relatively good

General information

Checking work is a skill, a method, and an art