Hotel How does Ctrip OTA work? How it works? How do OTAs work, what are rules?

Hotel How does Ctrip OTA work? How it works? How do OTAs work, what are rules?

Original: Li Sheng

wireless network

This is our common system internet platform


Kunar, Tongcheng Elong, Meituan Hotel

Flying pigs, etc.

Platform for ordering service information required for travel products

These platforms

As a web broker

Guests book through OTA and hotel pays OTA commission

Hotel How does Ctrip OTA work? How it works? How do OTAs work, what are rules?

Let me tell you

Hotel rating on OTA platform

Usually two of them

The first one is natural search ranking


Search region

Hotels recommended by platform

Another type of conditional sort


Users meet certain conditions

Keyword sorting

For example

Through price, praise, distance

Filter with or without breakfast

Within area

Hundreds of thousands of hotels


I don't have patience to flip through from start to finish


About 80% of guests

20% of stores on platform are booked


This store is 20% off

This is obviously most popular store

per platform

They all have their own set of sorting algorithms

Factors affecting natural sorting mainly include following

Let me tell you something

1. Income level


Two benefits are mentioned here


This is income of hotel


Release of hotel for a certain period of time


This is income generated by platform through hotel


No change, default per platform is 8%-15%

The more hotel earns


The more income you contribute to platform

Commission amount

In case of changes, higher commission

The more platform earns, more

Naturally, it can increase rating of hotel

Affects hotel

The main driver of income is volume of orders

Room rate, cancellation amount


An important factor influencing volume of order

This is inventory of room

That is number of rooms that can be reserved for sale

Compared to small and inexpensive stores

Big store with a high price

Undoubtedly, it has a big advantage in terms of rankings

In field of income

The more revenue hotel contributes to platform

This means that his profits are decreasing

Especially for stores that increase commission in exchange for a rating

During operation

We need to know how to balance relationship between them

Second, listing promotion

There are 4 types of ads on Ctrip

Special card, gold medal, silver medal, blue card

Special brand

Strategic cooperation needed

This is an exclusive collaboration

It is necessary to exclude other channels and cooperate only with Ctrip

Gold medal

This is a close collaboration requiring an exclusive price


This is a featured collaboration. We have to give Ctrip an exclusive gift box

Blue Card

Cooperation is preferred



There are 3 types of cards: Dragon Crown, Crown, Diamond

Dragon Crown

requests exclusive collaboration

Crown - exclusive price. Diamond - Exclusive Gift Pack


There are also 3 types of cards: Golden Crown, Silver Crown and Bronze Crown.


There are also 3 types of cards: colored crown, golden crown, silver crown

3. Comprehensive assessment of operation


Operational score is performance of platform over a period of time

Using different measurement options

Comprehensive store evaluation

Evaluation scores correspond to related rights

Similar interests

Usually divided into several

One of them is basic rights

Easiest collaboration

For example

Enable regular referrals

One of categories is marketing rights. When store scores

Eligible for marketing and promotion

In addition

There are also free advertising rights

This is a relatively high rate

The same

The valuation required for store is also very high


Free ad space provided

Let your store become more visible


1. Ctrip Service Quality Score

Service Quality Score

This is a Ctrip for a specific period of time, such as 30 days.

Assessing quality of store in process of receiving an order

Same as points

Order confirmation rate within 5 minutes, including bonus positions

Share of booked rooms

No defective orders

Deduction Items No space in store. No store reservation

Full number after confirmation

After confirmation, price increase will be evaluated and calculated in accordance with rules

2. Index HOS Meituan

Meituan is HOS index

What HOS index says is this. = Base Points + Reward Points + Deductions

Basic score out of 5

The reward is divided into bonus points. Full score is 0.3-0.5

The core HOS index consists of three main elements and 11 indicators

Calculated in units for previous 28 days

According to store

Evaluations of three main elements and 11 indicators in first 28 days


Calculate HOS index

And grant appropriate rights and resources this month

HOS indexes three main elements of 11 indicators:

Hotel info:

1. Hotel qualification, 2. Hotel invoice, 3. Photos

4. Completeness of description information

Quality of service:

Confirmation rate is 1.5 minutes, 2 is rejection rate, 3 is overall user rating, 4 is negative review retention rate

Working power:

1. Number of reserved rooms, 2. Turnover, 3. Ratio perreserved numbers consumed per day.


Fliggy's MCI Index

The hotel is located under Fliggy platform

The overall rating of data of all sellers. Overall score 10 points

Flying pig

Hotel MCI Index = know how to work + compete for leadership - don't make mistakes

The total amount is divided into 5 main points

Basic information:

1. Hotel qualification. 2. Number of photos of hotel. 3. Information reliability.

Marketing opportunities:

1. Participation in marketing, 2. Share of marketing numbers per day

Product quality:

1. Occupancy, 2. Reimbursement Rate

Service capabilities:

1. Lightning confirmation rate, 2. Hotel rating in points, 3. How often bad reviews are saved

4. Bounce Rate

Power output:

1. Amount of sales. 2. Number of nights on trading floor.

04 Quantity in stock

Inventory means

Number of rooms a hotel can typically sell

In near future

The more resources you have

The higher rating

If day is full and there are no supplies


Of course, in business circles, he will fall to bottom

In addition, more rooms booked, higher rating

5. Check details


basicInclude number of reviews

Three components of review score and review quality

More reviews

The higher score, more quality reviews

Moreover, it helps to increase rating

6. Participation in events

Participation in event

This is a store that actively participates in platform

Activity launch various activities

The higher activity

The more it contributes to rankings

Each Platform OTA

Various promotional marketing activities will be launched from time to time


Actively choose to participate depending on your situation

Take Ctrip as an example

Recent Ctrip activities have a through train

Bright flash knots, masonry kiosks, target coupons

Online housing selection projects and various marketing campaigns

7. Completeness of hotel information

Hotel information

Comprehensiveness is also a ranking factor

The more complete information about content, higher rating.

Content information includes room type information

Basic information: name information, location information

Address information, profile information

Brand information, tag information

Opening information, room number information

Object information, image information

Information about appearance of house, business license and other information


Listing promotion, comments, participation in events

Summary Quality Score

Completeness of content information

Inventory is a factor that affects store rating


These factors have different weights

Including increased revenue and listing

Overarching quality is divided into three elements that are relatively large in proportion

Want to improve your rating

Start with these three influencing factors