How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you

How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you

Original: Li Sheng

What is an OTA hotel.

This is a targeted solution for hotels

Three main points of sale: View, view, pay

Now there are people. Dedicated

Hotels provide OTA training or work as OTA agents


Let me tell you about my knowledge of OTA operations


Home OTAs are basically three main families of Meituan, Ctrip and Fliggy.

Let's talk

Operation Meituan

Understanding how Meituan works, other platforms are logically similar


It is divided into two large sections for explanation


Main operating sector


Update extended section


Main operating sector


Operation Meituan and before me

The above logic for selling hotels is basically same

Theory: exposure, viewing, payment

Everything works

It is related to these three aspects

No access, no view

After review, if client is not satisfied or does not fulfill requirement, no payment is made


How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you

Let me tell you

How to properly implement these three aspects


This is first step

Top of funnel


To maximize reach

For more people to see hotel


There are 5 ways to increase your online reach

Guangguan, Promotion, HOS Value, Event Participation, Alliance Merchants strong> >

Let's talk about it

1. Hanging Crown

The latest Meituan rules for hanging crowns

In following way:

How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you

According to latest Meituan rules

The best one is Black Gold Crown (Colorful Crown)

The higher level, more traffic support

That is more widespread

Among them Silver Crown, Golden Crown

No need to communicate with business manager

You can only get

if you match conditions

And a black crown

In addition to main conditions

You still need to contact business manager to get it

That is, we must negotiate terms

For example, what advantage does price have over other channels

Exclusive collaborations, etc.



This is chargeable

That is, spend money on buying traffic or use replacement rooms

Let's talk about promotion

I have a BR. Here's how:

How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you


During epidemic in March of this year

In case of poor performance, a large number of rooms are idle


I used room to exchange some of promo money to start promo

One month

Total was spent 5767 yuan

In exchange for 75,195 impressions and finally 32,491 yuan in revenue

It's not worth it


Measurement standards vary, please refer to your actual situation

This is actually very easy to work with

Just set time, budget and bid for promotion

The higher bid, higher rating

Enter background

You can read introduction carefully, I will not enter it in detail


HOS score

HOS score

Three parts

Base points, bonus points, deductions

In following way:

How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you


It is also divided into three elements

Hotel information, service quality, operating capacity

How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you

From top to bottom

Hotel information

Nothing to say

Simply complete download and fill in information

Getting a full score is easy

Quality of Service

Confirmation rate 5 points

If you're not full every day

Simply enable automatic order acceptance

Achieving 100% is easy, and it's also right way to get a perfect score

Completeness is relatively good

Shops that are often full of rooms, then adjust your inventory so you don't blow up room

Rejection rate

It's easier, just don't reject order


If there is no room, upgrade room for client

If it is full, we will transfer client to best hotel nearby

Comprehensive user rating:


This is an old procedure, so I don't need to go into details, right?


In addition to quality of service of hotel itself

Same old procedures

If you want to give a gift, take initiative and praise it if you really can't do it

Poor feedback service

This is just a timely response to bad reviews

Whatever situation

Answer first, then understand

Working power

Book a room for a day

This can only be filled if monthly sales are over 60, nothing to talk about


It must be more than 33,000 in 28 days

It depends on situation in each family

Reserved room occupancy rate

It can only be completed if share of reserved housing sales exceeds 40%

This is a little trick

That is, you make a forecast of your trading floor in advance

For example, Friday

Saturday is better

You can be in room beforehand

Just tweak reserved room a little more

Thus, share of sales of booked houses will be increased

You are doing a good job

The basics are well known

Reward Points


Sign up as a marketer and fill in information about any employee on a monthly basis

Easy to get

Other elements depend on situation

The following are "elements of deduction"

In following way:

How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you

Nothing to talk about

Try to avoid this situation

Still what I said above, even if house is blown up

Just take client to nearest hotel

Spending more money on settlements with customers is more profitable than deducting points


Participate in event

In the following way:

How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you

I present here two parts

One - self promotion

One of them is event registration

Let's talk about general points of first two:

Both refer to increasing sales window

For example

Your product is sold in supermarket

Go beyond what you put on shelf


Place it on several promotional shelves in supermarket

Deals of day

Today's special price, buy now, live easy, etc. are all different shelves

In following way:

How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you

The difference is that

Self Help

Price, activity time, room type, etc. - it's all up to you


Times are adjusted according to your situation

Event registration is:

Rules developed by Meituan

You can only follow rules he made

Choose to participate or not to participate is inflexible

The more events you host

Equivalent to more shelves for your products

A specific choice depending on your situation

You can

Participate in different activities with different types of rooms

Or type of virtual room to participate in events for different clients


After all, customers should still go to your hotel page

Increase Reach


Business Alliance

In following way:

For example

How does Meituan.Hotel OTA work? let me tell you


Most of them partner with tourist attractions around hotel

Place hotel link at bottom of scenic spot page

There is a picturesque place + cost of a hotel package

The goal is to use scenic spot traffic to increase hotel exposure

This is a collaboration

We are not looking for Meituan sellers, we are looking online for agents in scenic locations for cooperation