A retired hotel manager asked me for tea at night. This is the hotel manager's retirement speech. Listen...

A retired hotel manager asked me for tea at night. This is the hotel manager's retirement speech. Listen...

Original: Li Sheng

I'm leaving hotel

I used to think

I will never be a good hotel employee

Because I'm too independent, too picky and a good boy who doesn't like to be obedient


I hate everyone who wants to change me

But three years have passed. I have changed a lot. I must confess

A retired hotel manager asked me for tea at night. This is the hotel manager's retirement speech. Listen...

The so-called "progress"

This is a process of recognition and a process of "domestication"

The so-called "taming"

It is process of understanding rules, following rules, and using rules

I don't

To be "tamed" by some people, but tamed by laws of hotels and workplaces

I used to despise this process

But today it seems

Like a mediocre person

If you want to do something in this society

Being domesticated is inevitable

I'm a mediocre person

Following Thoughts

Only for me, boring and mediocre

Genius is right word for you talented Mr. Lee

And I may not be able to make it in my life


What is "empathy"?

I said it's harder

Empathy is based on point of view and position of stakeholder

Objectively understand inner feelings of parties

And put this understanding

Method of communication with parties

It's simple

Compassion is "don't do to others what you don't want to do to yourself"

Compare your heart with your heart

It means putting yourself in place of others in order to feel others and be considerate of them

Simply put, empathy is EQ

Let me be more specific

Empathy is a job assigned by a leader

You have to understand his purpose and see his intentions

I often come across such situations

When assigning work to team members

Repeatedly asking "Am I clear?", "There are some problems"

After reconfirmation

The submitted item still doesn't answer question

So when I accept a task

Always confirm to leader

What do you want? what is your goal?

After understanding this

You can stand from his point of view and help him solve problems effectively


When interacting with others, understand their needs and psychology

Unobtrusively convince each other

Both parties are working hard to achieve same goal

If you want to use force to crush others, it's usually not that easy to do


Be obedient and live well

2 years ago

I'm talking to a friend

He said, "What is a good employee?

A good employee is very simple, just four words

"Be obedient and live well." I will always remember this. This is a wise saying

What is "obedient"?

There is an old saying: "You can't work hard

It's useless to exhaust yourself" who is "Dong"

Your line manager is "Dong"

In most cases, it is correct to listen to him

Based on my experience

Generally speaking, leader is taller than you

At least up to a point

He has more complete information and more accurate judgments than you

Because of leadership

Easier access to higher levels and lbetter understanding of goals of higher levels

He knows what you don't

You think "it's right" from your point of view

But leaders don't necessarily think so at a higher level

What is "living away from home"?

This is job your supervisor gave you

You must finish on time and report back


This job will take a long time

Then you need to periodically give feedback to manager

We often make mistakes

The manager is satisfied with job, he won't tell you if he doesn't ask

It's over if you don't mention it in black

Has it passed?

It's so easy! Leaders remember this

When you wait for him to ask you - hello Xiaochen

What about what you were asked to do last time?


I have already written a label for you in my heart



It is necessary to use ten "reliable" ones for reverse

Two "unreliable"

It's hard to change impression, three "unreliable" you have no chance


If you want to be famous before others, you must suffer in secret

If you want to be famous

It is not difficult to understand truth about need to suffer secretly


When you really suffer, you will be vague

Some people will say

Why I don't enjoy life when I'm young

This kind of thinking is very common

It's a matter of values

Nothing to say

Everything a person wants to live is right

But there are friends

He is entangled in pursuit of ideals and enjoyment of life

You can chat with these friends

What we need

There should be a great balance in life

It's not a small balance for a while, in sense that


New Oriental has a saying too

Afraid of hardships and hardships all his life, not afraid of hardships and hardships for half his life

These two sentences have same meaning and deserve attention


How much trouble can be tolerated and how much trouble can be achieved

One day of overtime

I came home at 2 am. Received an email from my boss

It is inappropriate to criticize my work

I was devastated when I received letter

I was hurt a lot anyway, so I wrote a book right away

Reply to email! explain how I work

What I do makes sense

How effective what I did... I wrote over 2000 words


I seem to be calmer

I think of one thing

If I were a boss, I would be dissatisfied with work of an employee

So I emailed him to criticize him

What I want to see is his eloquent explanation and justification

Obviously not

Then I suddenly understood

So I deleted those 2000 words

Simple answer

In sense that

I'll think about itproblems in my work and will fix them as soon as possible

I got promoted after two months

At my promotion ceremony

I told my boss about it

He told me: I know you're offended

I just want to see how you deal with resentment and pressure

What will be reaction? It speaks of maturity of a person


Always avoid leader, you are in danger

Many are hiding from leader

Try to talk less to leader and walk around leader

Because closer you are to leader, more things you will do

If you have little contact with leader, you will have less to do and more free time

It's "one leaf blinds eye, but Mount Tai is invisible"


You want to achieve something at work

I invite you to take lead and communicate more with leaders

What leaders say in regular meetings is mostly important.

True words, useful words

It is not necessary to say worthy words

It's not that he doesn't want to say it, it's that he doesn't have opportunity to say it

Caring staff

I'll find time and get in touch

Expand your in-person interactions by eating together

We smoke together, we go to work together

Even playing karaoke together... Thanks to this feature

You can understand

A manager's view of you and work

This is useful for how you proofread your work

Friend worried

This will displease management, but it won't

Leaders are mostly lonely

If he finds an employee humbly asking him for advice

He is very happy to actively share his thoughts about work

The boss is human too

Everyone communicate like human beings, everything will be much easier


Don't skimp on helping others

When you

When you are busy with work

When colleagues come to you to “ask for help,” we often speak directly.


Rough rejection

As you know, this will sow seeds of trouble in your future work

Feng shui flips

At hotel

There is a high chance that everyone's work will overlap

Perhaps who you will use

These relationships need to be maintained at normal times

You helped someone today

Maybe tomorrow

The interlocutor will become a saving straw for you, which is very likely


Goal and purpose, quantification and quantification

No target,

It's not called work; if it is not quantified, it is not called a target

When applying for a job

First ask what goal is

When assigning a task, first explain what goal is

It's not clear, it's all nonsense

I don't want to

Blindfolded donkey

So, in addition to a clear understanding of your goals

You also need to know goals of your department and hotel


The most important thing you need to know

How does your work meet overall goal?

What role to play

If you find it

The purpose of your work has nothing to do with overall purpose

It doesn't even matter, you will be easily removed later

Dismiss employees

Or giving an employee an "Unqualified" rating is a headache

But it's actually not that hard


Formulate quantitative work goals with each employee in advance

And remind employees at any time

Does it meet requirements

Quantitative goals not achieved

Sacking or "disqualifying" is a matter of course

In front of data, no matter how hypocritical people have nothing to say


If we talk about feelings and hopes, this case will be impossible


I must find a solution to problem

The work is organized by supervisor

Can't say "I can't", "I can't"

The hotel invited us to work

This is solution to problem if she can't solve problem

We are useless

Difficulty progressing and unable to continue

It's okay

We need to actively seek answers and solutions

Even if your method is wrong

Just ask then

But whatever you can't say to your leader, I won't

Problem-solving skills

This is most important ability of employees, none of them

It's okay to face difficulties at work


There is an obligation to find a solution to problem


Try not to say "it's not me, I don't know"

Try not to speak

Words like "not me", "without me"

Because these words are useless

Leaders are used to such excuses

It won't touch me


If you can take initiative to take responsibility

On contrary, it is a kind of responsibility

Even if I've been offended

Acquisition on spot is often not wisest choice

You can remain silent at first

Look for opportunities to talk to leaders in private


"Too many words will lead to failure" dies with a bang

At hotel

Don't gossip. Don't talk about right and wrong. Don't be right and wrong.

You just have a little faith

Every word you say your boss will know

Good words are optional

Bad words are inevitable

Let's be honest

This is easiest and most profitable

The Honest Principle: Criticize face-to-face, praise behind-the-scenes


Know when to leave

Many colleagues

I talked to my friends about resigning

I advise my friends

If you feel unhappy at work

Then don't quit

Because it doesn't matter where it goes

Everyone is unhappy: bosses don't like it, colleagues are not nice

Too tired to work

Relationships are too complicated...

I vouch for my experience in several large hotels

Almost all hotels I have worked in

Unpleasant things are the same


When are you leaving?

There are two cases


In this hotel

You have no room for improvement

Can't find out more


In this hotel

You have learned enough

You can show off your skills in a new field or on a new platform