The conversation of heart and soul. This is inadequacy of essence. The ability to listen gives you superpower

Original: Li Sheng


Co-founder of Athelas

Deepika Bodapati and Tanay Tandon

Listening carefully is a superpower

One night four years ago

Deepika stays up all night looking through messages received on company's official website

Like Atelas


Founder of a start-up company that is about to become a unicorn in industry

Look at company

Messaging on official website is already part of her daily routine

She smiled and said

Sometimes we also receive messages from employees' parents

I will read all comments

Your feedback is very interesting

And in request and offer messages

She noticed

The lady whose name is constantly mentioned is Dr. Deanna Kelly

She showed great perseverance

Always leave us a message

Deepika remembers


Dr. Kelly from Maryland

Director of Therapeutic Research Program at Center for Psychiatric Research

She keeps posting

I want to know more

Some information about Athelas Athelas One

And tell yourself

May help with further development and testing

At that time

Deepika and Tanai

Difficult to apply for FDA Round 2 for Athelas One

Approval (US Food and Drug Administration)

If anyone can help me, I'd love it


Deepika did what she does best

Call Dr. Kelly

Listen to her opinion

This action was repeated countless times

I decided that I should be able to create better products

Grow your business


Promote transformation of healthcare industry

It's very simple - find people who really need help

And listen to them

——Deepika Bodapati, co-founder of Athelas

I explain listening. Data and Intuition


This has always been a core competency of Deepika's creative process

It is she who pays attention and listens to data and intuition

There is Atelas One


Birth of FDA-approved home blood analyzer

Traditional blood test methods

It is necessary to take a drop of patient's blood and stain it on a glass slide

Then put it under microscope

To determine corresponding cell number


Athelas One uses computers

Vision and machine learning automate this process

Home User

You can measure your white blood cells and neutrophils

and over Internet

Send test data to appropriate medical facility

Enabling doctors to diagnose remotely

As a researcher

DIpika and Tanay know Athelas One needs more data

Go out to people

Prove that it continues to work accurately and without errors

As entrepreneurs, they also know

Speeding up clinical trials is critical to company's development

But do it once

Clinical trials are not easy

In 2016

Deepika and Tanay in Juarez, Mexico. Juarez

Find a hospital willing to take part in pilot project

and there

First clinical trial of Athelas One completed

Deepika said


I immediately saw value of Athelas One for patients

Then hospital set table

Set aside our equipment

Other side

A nurse has been assigned to draw blood and samples


Compare with Athelas One

To ensure accurate results


Sit at a table in hallway

Holding Athelas One and a lancet on her fingertip

Glass sample strip

Tanai is sitting in another room

View results on a computer monitor

When hospital tells everyone. Next three days


You can come here for a free blood test

Patients come from all directions


When a patient has a scheduled appointment with a doctor

I accidentally took a blood test

No one thought that this would be a turning point in his life

sit down

Tanay in front of computer immediately saw abnormality of result

Normal white blood cell count is usually between 6000 and 8000

And white blood cell count of this patient

much more than 40000


Show result to Deepika immediately

They also found that these cells were immature


This patient has massive proliferation of leukocytes

This means

This patient probably has leukemia

But since Athelas One

Not yet certified as a medical diagnostic device by FDA

They do not have opportunity to directly inform patient about diagnosis

I can only remind hospital staff

This patient needs to be tested for cancer


Remember, I'm going back to California in a few days

She quietly sat next to Tanai

They were both deeply shocked by events of recent days

For first time, she experienced full power of real-time detection

The patients only need to prick their fingers

Wait a few minutes to get result in place

Instead of weekly testing as with traditional testing


They didn't talk much along way

No Deepika

Obviously, I heard my inner voice

The company has more than just a bright future

They can also make world a better place

Creating Bigger Health Change

Tonly on this plane

It suddenly dawned on me

Deepika remembers

We need to make tools cheap enough and easy to use

People can do it anytime, anywhereHelpful

That's it

People can indeed have preventive health protection

Currently Sequoia

We work closely with Athelas

Same as Deepika and Tanai

Sequoia Partner

I also think there should be a faster blood test

A more precise method

When fate knocks at door


The signal that will send Deepika forward

From a message or something similar, but sometimes

There is also influence of fate

Athelas may have today

I can't live without someone

Stanford student and basketball player Michael Morris

First test user of Athelas One

Michael has already been treated for cancer


You need to constantly monitor level of leukocytes to prevent a relapse

When he found out

When two of my college classmates were designing hardware

I'm delighted

Found Atelas office in Mountain View

Shabby little bar

Tell them they are ready to experiment. Mouse

Michael's enthusiasm has infected entire office

Tanay said

For a small team of only 4-5 people early on

There are real patients who continue to leave positive reviews

Really very important and useful


FDA sent another document


Give more information about Athelas One

This is them

Necessary procedures for further analysis of effectiveness of product


Clinical trials in Mexico

Prove that Athelas One works

But FDA felt this wasn't enough and asked for more tests

Although this is standard FDA procedure

But a questionnaire with more than 40 lines is still a little intimidating

In addition, it is necessary to collect experimental data for 8 months

And do more experiments

And this does not guarantee that they will receive FDA clearance

But Deepika said

Inspired by Michael's confidence in product



Second test completed

After sending various additional materials

They finally got FDA approval

She said

Michael's constant help gave everyone courage

This is his constant feedback

Helped Athelas One get better


In 2017, Michael left everyone forever

But he really believes in future of Athelas One

Deepika said

He was real first supporter of Athelas One

This is a bright light that leads everyone forward

He told us

'I guess I can't wait

But don't forget to pass it on to others in need

Deepika always remembers his words


I develop ability to listen from childhood

Be at home

Still in his uncle's research lab at Stanford

Deepika's parents

Small technology business owner with operations in US and India

Because of time difference


Often with foreign teams they send Deepika to school

On phone

Deepika in back seat

You can hear your parents talking on phone

Discuss collaboration

Strategy discussions, business negotiations, etc.

Pros and cons of running a business

It was shown in front of her in a very intuitive way

Deepika's uncle, Dr. Gambhir

He is Department of Radiology at Stanford University

Also a pioneer in development of molecular imaging techniques and early detection of cancer

He loves more than just medical innovation

I also want to really improve lives of cancer patients


She worked in her uncle's laboratory for many years

Influenced by my ears

She also had a desire to revolutionize healthcare

Ideas for comprehensively improving people's lives

With Dr. Gambhir

Continued research in early cancer detection technologies

he's slow

Become a leader in development of tools in this field

These tools can collect data in a minimally invasive way

For passive monitoring of patients' health

For example

Checking data related to faeces and urine

Smart toilet to detect early signs of disease

Dr. Gambheer's big dream


Create a comprehensive preventive medical system with active detection

Not like now

What goes wrong can only be solved individually


Deepika is working hard to make it happen

She said

I am who I am now

Some reasons

He is also influenced by his uncle and his lab

Influence of work experience

Removing "side effects" of clozapine

On other side of America

—Suburbs of Baltimore

Maryland Center for Psychiatric Research

Dr. Dina Kelly, Director and Head of Therapeutic Research Program

Thinking about developing or looking for a nursing device

to help her schizophrenia

Patients are better off using antipsychotic drug clozapine. clozapine

Over past 20 years

Dr. Kelly

Took clozapine

and we believe it will change many forms of treatment-resistant schizophrenia

Patient life

And among those diagnosed with schizophrenia

Up to 30% or more of populationare classified as "resistant" patients

She thinks

With and without this drug

For patients it will be

The difference between indoor home surveillance and independent living

But clozapine

There is biggest side effect

Agranulocytosis may develop after administration

Decrease in white blood cell count

To point of being unable to fight other infections in body


Patients should constantly monitor number of leukocytes

When FDA approved use of clozapine

Patients are also asked to have weekly laboratory tests for first 6 months

Shortened to two weeks over next 6 months

Once a month during entire course of treatment


Most patients will live their entire lives while on medication

Continue taking blood tests

This is a challenge for everyone

Not to mention people with mental illness


Dr. Kelly and her colleagues at University of Maryland at College Park

I experimented with electrochemical detection methods

For monitoring blood levels and neutrophil counts

But no progress

After getting to know Athelas One

I can't even believe such a device exists

Dr. Kelly remembers

Then I kept trying to contact them

I was thinking

If there is such a good device

This will be a very important breakthrough in medicine

This will greatly facilitate patient's condition

It will also revolutionize how we care for patients


There is a scene described in introduction to this article


Deepika "heard" her thoughts


When Athelas One received its second round of FDA approval

When a patient is considered to be able to use device at home

Dr. Kelly is very excited

This means

With Athelas One at home, patients can simply draw blood with their fingertips

You can do a blood test

Results will be sent to doctors and pharmacists immediately

According to results, pharmacist prescribes medicine and delivers it directly to patient

Dr. Kelly said

Some patients are so poor they can't even afford transportation

Some patients have cognitive impairment

These circumstances determined that they almost

It is impossible to get good treatment through traditional healthcare system

Athelas approach is very clever

Integration of test results in (risk assessment management)

Based on system

Cooperation with remote drug ordering

This makes taking medications and monitoring patients much easier


Deepika and her team

We made an effort to get through Athelas One and enter California

Channels of various hospitals

Especially some forensic and county-level medical institutions


For a large number of homeless patients with treatment-resistant schizophrenia


HLS Therapeutics, one of manufacturers of clozapine

Hearing about Deepika and Tanay's work

An invitation to cooperate has also been sent

Help them

Athelas Extended Practice Including Mental Health

Areas other than oncology, such as health

From diagnosing diseases to preventing them

When world

When I started to feel impact of new corona epidemic

Deepika started "listening" again

But this time it's different

She wants Atelas

Transition from stage of participation in diagnosis of diseases to stage of disease prevention

When world is suddenly forced to hit pause button


From second application to FDA for clearance

Pass through device

I gained a lot of experience in process of entering a medical institution

Tanay said

We can certainly operate as a traditional biotech company


We have a great opportunity

This is a synthesis of experiences we've gained along way

Benefit to a wider audience

Help them during difficult period of epidemic


We have also moved further in disease prevention


A Southern California psychiatrist named Gustavo Alva

When making a commercial call

I found a new opportunity

When Deepika

Asked about needs of those not taking clozapine

Dr. Gustavo said

Most people experience, for example, weight gain

Side effects such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes

Keep asking

How these patients monitor their health for a long time

He said

These issues are usually addressed to attending physician

So, Deepika

Feel free to ask Dr. Gustavo

Introduce her to some patients who are willing to chat

To see Athelas One

Could you help me

She found out on phone

Patients usually go to specialists, not general practitioners

Facing these new demands

Deepika and Tanai

Get started building a set of predictive network tools

It is convenient for patients to contact doctors to monitor their health status


They also developed app

Help patients record information and schedule appointments

Our products are slowly evolving in this way

Deepika said

For night

We have increased number of patients from 10 to 600


A drug use tracker has also been developed


Works with Athelas One

Helps doctors and patients determine how well their medications are working

Or is it wrong way of perceiving


Reduce burden of self-tracking a patient

When Deepika tried to bill for monitoring services provided by Athelas

Health insurance queue

While going through maze, she realized that current system of billing for medical services is somewhat opaque


You may need to quickly find out company earnings information within 30 seconds

But obviously

Doctors don't know what billing is behind this

Deepika said

They don't know where money comes from

It is not clear what specific calculation and allocation factor is


I see need again

and developed a new solution


AthelasIn Remote Patient Monitoring and Revenue

Cycle control

revenue cycle management, called RCM



Countless private clinics and medical groups

Improved Continuous Billing

Deepika said

RCM will be backbone of Athelas business


Opportunity to enter a field valued at over $100 billion

Sequoia partners think

The future of Athelas is not just health monitoring

Instead, extend preventive health insurance to everyone

Collaboration with Deepika and Tanai

Most Helpful

You will find that they are getting closer to their vision step by step

Also know how to keep expanding it

Represented by Deepika

Promoting change in healthcare industry

It's very easy to do - find people who really need help

And listen to them

Difficulty she didn't mention

Listening is not easy, but design is behind it

Organize group production and experimental testing

It all takes hard work

According to Deepika

Stick with your unique value proposition

—— Identify benefits

“Indistinguishable” similarities between stakeholders

These vacancies

Finally making Atelas

Development Leaps

Sensor and software infrastructure provider for modern healthcare industry

And her understanding

This is key to success

We have no shortage of people who want to innovate, be it doctors

The patient is still

Big and small companies throughout medical system

Deepika said

Talk to them and I'll ask what we can do

To makemake working with site easier and more convenient


This will clearly tell you what their needs are

Once you find a point where you can show your strength

This will open up endless possibilities