In 2023, if you want to perform well in your hotel, 6 dimensions I'm talking about now are my advice to you.

Original: Li Sheng

Black swan epidemic

Make hotel not strong, but fragile

3 years

Insufficient liquidity in hotel market

Let hotel occupancy drop to a loss-making trough

Increasing competition among hotels


Competition for traffic has never stopped between online and offline


This is a critical year for hotels to understand essence of market opportunities

Do your marketing well

It is not only important, but also necessary to compensate for shortcomings of hotel traffic


Competition comes one after another, becoming more and more fierce


Competition for traffic has never stopped between online and offline

In terms of hotel marketing in general

Includes three main parts

Flow, stock and increment

How to use traffic tools effectively

Solve dilemma of fluctuating traffic and fully leverage hotel organization efficiency


Implemented salary structure and performance evaluation indicators

This defines

The good and bad sides of operating and managing hotels in 2023

This also determines whether a hotel can achieve Nirvana renaissance in 2023

About 2023

Read carefully and remember what I have said below


Learn how to seize new opportunities in hospitality market in 2023


Properly recognize and understand current hospitality marketing strategies and practices in 2023


Full understanding of hotel traffic tools


Learn local and external impact and drainage practices


Master keys to a steady flow of hotel guests


Learn key points to improve efficiency of hotel organization


Learn practical methods of payroll in hotels


Learn how hotels develop performance measures

First Dimension

Market opportunities in 2023


Changes in hotel market in 2023


Three Types of Market Opportunities for Hospitality Industry in 2023

1. Themed hotel

2. Business hotel

3. B&B/Tourist Resort


About Model.Funnel and 4P


Application for hotels with a market funnel model


The market will allow hotels to implement 4P applications


How hotels benefit from uncertainty

Second Dimension

Marketing Strategy 2023

1. Pricing policy

One, attention, anchor strategy

Second, attention, average price strategy

3. Attention, mental account strategy

Fourth, attention, price comfort strategy

Five, attention, scarcity strategy

Avoid price inversion strategy

1. Focus on development andprice war strategies

Second, focus on development, price reduction strategies

3. Focus on attention, new strategy to compete with hotels

Fourthly, location of center of gravity, long-term development strategy of guests

Fifth: Focus on a fixed frame, improve your weekend fill strategy

Sixth, increased focus, differentiated competition strategies for hotels

Third Dimension

Traffic Management Tools 2023

Interpreting .traffic tools

Traffic Tool - Super Conversion App

1. Attention, online application - Ctrip channel

One, more focus, exposure

Second, pay more attention to browsing speed

Third, pay more attention to CTR

Fourth, pay more attention to your conversion rate

Standalone application

——Agreement company client channel

1. Increasing efficiency of attendance

2. Strengthening and speed of signing

Three, gain, number of invites

Fourth, reinforcement, conversion rate

The Fourth Dimension

Stable flow in 2023

1. To understand interpretation of classic e-commerce model

Secondly, we need to understand basic logic of stable hotel traffic

Third, study and localize diversion techniques

Fourth, learn how to stabilize hotel traffic

The Fifth Dimension

Organization Performance 2023

Status of hotel organization

Methods to improve organizational effectiveness in 2023

Improving Organizational Efficiency

First, do a good job of adjusting and sensible division of labor

Second, coordinate and collaborate well

3. Perform high-quality setup and full authorization

Fourth, make adjustments and improve organizational capabilities

Five, work hard on adjustment and external drive

6. Good work on adjustment and internal drive

The Sixth Dimension

Wages in 2023

Payroll method

1. Optimization and salary status

2. Optimization and future salary trends

3. Best practices for optimizing and broadband payroll

Performance Appraisal Design Method

1. Do your job well from scratch - status quo of performance evaluation

Second,do a good job from scratch and analyze reasons for poor performance evaluation

Three: learn, KPI and BSC principles

Fourthly, learn how to plan KPI and practical methods

Five BSC Design Practices