Economics and philosophy of luxury hotels

Original: Li Sheng


Marriott Hotel Group Headquarters

Moved to Bethesda, Maryland

Two founders

JW Marriott and Alice S. Marriott

For new headquarters building

Install a memorial stone

At that time

Marriott Hotel Group

Already 65,000 employees worldwide

One year before moving

US per capita GDP reaches $10,000

After that

Marriott accelerates global expansion

Acquired by Starwood Hotel Group in September 2016

Become world's largest hotel group

November 4, 2019 Beijing Time

Residing in China

China Lodging Holding Singapore, a subsidiary in Singapore

Ready pair

German hospitality

100% Deutsche Hotels

Signing an Acquisition Agreement

DH Hotel Group

Has almost 90 years of history


5 major hotel brands and over 10,500 employees

There are currently 118 hotels open

36 are in preparation


19 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa



China's GDP per capita was just over $10,000

But is it really just a coincidence?

In following way:


GDP per capita reaches $10,000

It doesn't matter much

For example

GDP per capita in Vatican is $81,000

GDP per capita in Luxembourg

Amazing $103,000

But population of these two countries

There aren't many Tiantongyuan communities in Beijing together


Does not affect world

In general

A country with over 100 million people

If GDP per capita is over $10,000

This is an influence

Don't underestimate


The new corona epidemic is gradually coming to an end


Regulation of real estate sector has also been settled

Everyone is here

Return to essence of value

The era of arbitrageurs is over

The age of doers has just begun

The first ten years

Crazy international real estate brand

Bidding speed has slowed down a lot


The era of intensive cultivation to create quality has begun

I get asked a lot

Why us

Can't make a luxury hotel recognizable in West?

I said

Mainland China survived decade-long disaster of Cultural Revolution

For Chinese nation

The legacy of traditional luxury lifestyle has been broken


There are still remains of veins in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Western guests

For Shangri-La and Rosewood

This brand is still very recognizable

The other side asked again:


Chinese traditional elite lifestyle was inherited

Then our luxury hotel

What will it look like?

I said:

Imagine it


Grand View Garden in "Red Mansions Dream"

Open as a hotel

Jia Baoyu as general manager and Wang Xifeng as administrative housekeeper

Tang Chung - Front Desk Manager

Shi Xiangyun - Leisure Department Manager

Ling Daiyu as Garden Keeper

Youu's second sister, Xi Ren, Qing Wen, and She Yue are personal housekeepers


Luxury Chinese hotel

The other party nods frequently

Q: How much does house cost per night?

After joke


Answer this soul question

I found Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group

is a founder

Horst Schulz and founder of Four Seasons

Autobiography of Isadore Sharp

Try it

From their practice

Extract business philosophy of a luxury hotel

In following way:

What is essence of a luxury brand?

Luxury brand

It is used to show class and gain respect

And luxury hotels


Luxury living space containing all kinds of luxury items


The place where people live at top of pyramid of era

This is an era

Use highest level of aesthetics

Application of latest technologies

The highest

Quality service in one

A beautiful scene from life

Luxury attributes

Decided it should be relatively rare


Not for general public


The lifestyle and dreams that general public aspires to

It was meant to be

Does not depend on traffic

This is a premium business model


Marketing techniques such as price reduction

not suitable

Luxury goods and luxury services


Premier luxury brand

I'd rather destroy untradeable inventory

There will be no price reduction

But in China

Luxury brands of some international hotel groups are designed

Occupy market

Down to


I traveled to second-tier cities and immature business circles

not tall enough

Paying Customer Source

Just lower your prices and attract customers from regular five-star hotels


If you can make a profit, reduce costs

Leads to a drop in quality of service

Convenience for customers is significantly reduced

As a result

Luxury hotels in mainland China are no longer luxurious


International brand signings are published every year


You can see over a dozen

New offer of luxury hotels

It seems

Luxury hotels have become mass-produced industrial goods


In Canada

Isadore Sharp, a successful hotel business

I know

Gerald, real estate developer in London

The other side said

I want to partner with him to invest in a hotel in London

From now on

Sharp flies from Toronto to London every month


Every time I go to London, other person doesn't talk about project


Arrange him and directors and executives of company

Lunch with a partner, afternoon tea, dinner

Drinking red wine, smoking cigars, talking business

Talk about politics, talk about culture


Projects they collaborate with

Be first

Four Seasons Hotel opens in London

The hotel is very good

Ten consecutive years

Maintain number one position in market

In actionsociety

There is no fast food for a major investment collaboration


The greater investment, greater risk


Two sides should get to know each other better


Cooperation can only start after we get to know each other fully

The essence of luxury brands is scarcity

This is trust, this is friendship, this is long-term

In following way:

The backbone of luxury hotels. What hinders competition?

"Good to Great"

Author: Jim Collins. Jim Collins

Connecting companies to bus drivers

I made an analogy

He wrote:


Great CEOs

Don't ask where to start


Start with "who"? They put right people on bus first

Firing wrong people

Put right person in right place

The financial crisis of last century

In this century 9.11 and several crises like SARS

Founder of Four Seasons Hotel Group

Sharp tried to accommodate all opinions

Not allowed

Reduced service standards, no price reductions allowed

No layoffs and pay cuts

So he analyzed with leaders

Buffett said:


The only competitive advantage that matters is entry barrier

And our entry

Double barrier


Number and size of our hotels

These are quality properties

Unable to copy


The best business circles in world

The other is our employee

It's been said before

Three elements of hotel success

Place, place, place. Location matters

Especially for business travelers

But today's position

No longer a major factor in attracting and retaining customers

The most important factor is staff

People, people, people. bye


The lowest employee turnover in industry


On average, twice as good as ours

Some analogues even reach 100%

Our staff

Feeling of pride and job satisfaction

Every year

Awarded awards can be seen

There is one

Old clients of Four Seasons Hotel

If you come to Toronto, Canada

I'll be staying at Four Seasons Hotel

Receptionist found

This old client hasn't been here in months

He took initiative

Call client's office to find out

Why not come again?

Old clients talking

I like The Four Seasons


I don't like pillows there

Choose pillows from another hotel

After listening to reason

Reception staff

Call your cleaning supervisor immediately and explain situation

The boss bought it

4 pillows old customers love

Put in room

Invite old clients to live again


This guest

I'm staying at Four Seasons Hotel


It's not over yet

Hotel Four Sezone

Checked all pillows

I found that comfort level is not very good



Four Seasons hotel pillows replaced with best

This is due to unwanted calls from employees


Impressions of all Four Seasons guests

Sharp said

Four Seasons hotel staff not trained



Responsible and proactive person

We know

The main location of hotel

Requirements for people are low

Recruiting people is easy

But when four seasons are recruiting

Strictly follow

Complex and expensive program

They don't value professional skills

More attention

Character and character of candidate

Because. According to them

Professional skills can be improved through training


And initiative cannot be taught


Human responsibility and initiative

Better than

Scanning resumes is harder

For example

Before opening of Four Seasons hotel in Chicago


Actually interviewed 15,000 people for 500 positions.

All selected candidates


After 4-5 rounds of interview

Every round

The interviewer will start ready to work


Check candidates from different perspectives, such as eligibility


The interview is an interview with general manager of hotel


Does employee have potential to participate in Four Seasons program?

Work in other hotels

This level of pickiness

It's almost like a big company chooses elite

When hiring managers

The standard of four seasons is same


I once interviewed manager of a large hotel


During interview

Sharp never asked

The other side has a question about professional knowledge

For this

This manager is a bit confused

Sharp explained

A person who can apply for a job has proven it

Success in your own business


The first thing he thinks is not professional level


What kind of person is other side?

How employees will be treated and managed

Would you like

Decentralization and training of subordinates



Start implementing golden rule in your company


Treat others like yourself


How managers want employees to treat guests

Treat employees same

Sharp said

According to golden rule

Four Seasons Hotel


Communication mechanism instead of command mechanism

This is a learning mechanism

Instead of a police mechanism

Simply put

Employees in any position

While youfind out what problem is

No need to ask for instructions

You can stand up and solve it directly

If an employee made a mistake

First reaction from Four Seasons management

not guilty


Encourage employees to turn customer complaints into

New service options


What customer remembers is not a complaint

This is result of service


Don't just pay attention to customer complaints

Also pay attention to employee complaints


Turn employee complaints into new service opportunities

Upgrading hotel


First thing to do is upgrade staff equipment

One time

Report shows


From London hotel staff to hotel staff

Unsatisfactory conditions

In less than 3 months, company updated floor

Set up a new locker

Installing a new shower

When new problems occur

Four Seasons Hotel

Employees do not have reference service policies


How to decide if you want to stand up

and how

Get up?

It's easy

They just have to ask themselves one question

This transaction, this permission

Is this action appropriate for seasons?

Treat others as you treat yourself?

If applicable

Employees can take immediate action

Four Seasons Hotel Management

Detailed rules are not invented by management


It is formed by collecting practical experience of employees

In general

Hotel Management Policy

that is

Standards, procedures and norms for servicing employees


Developed after discussions between managers and relevant experts


Four Seasons Hotel Rules

Not planned

He evolved

Everyone at Four Seasons Hotel

Everyone has right to discover and solve problems for themselves


An employee solves a new problem

The company will get another service experience

That's it

Find and solve problems anytime, anywhere

To Four Seasons Hotel

I developed a set of my own control rules


Service experience based on real experience of ordinary employees

Decades of accumulation

What happiness it is

This control set

All detailed rules are based on feelings and subjective judgments of staff


It's hard to copy and take away


More than 90 hotels in world

Still expanding

Four seasons inside

How are these services reproduced?

Their approach

This is a traditional teacher-fromfather with student


Person to person sharing and learning

In this case

The value of veteran employees is emphasized

In Sharp View

Old employees are main asset of Four Seasons hotel


Old employees solved a lot of problems


They serve as role models for new hires

Client status database


Suggestions for improving entire Four Seasons operating system

Four Seasons Hotel

Employees have many internal promotions

Vacancies and vacancies abroad

As company grows

The old employee union has taken over management of new hotel

Check quality of service

Pass your experience to new employees

Every time

New hotel ready to open


All hotel staff will be notified


You are free to apply for a job change

Surprisingly similar

The Ritz-Carlton


Horst Schulz


An employee who went from dishwasher to CEO

He did more than anyone

he's just

Proud young man

He's from

This post keeps popping up

Until today

This guy has become

Downtown Atlanta

Hotel Manager at The Ritz-Carlton

I admit it

Not everyone is as motivated as Abi

But to be honest

Very few people

Come to work to be passive or suffer

Bad job


Work hard to reach your goal

When we invite them to join us


Sit when it suits them

They will bloom

Not only

Grab them off shelf to close gap

We never hire employees

Even subconsciously

Like a tool


Treat them as unique individuals


and be careful

Associate their unique interests with a set of rewards

Their tasks are same

After a while

They will

Become a great employee

This benefits not only them personally

Also benefits organization

Horst Schulz

In early years, always from hotel owners and investors

I heard complaints there


Think ten minutes before each shift

That would be a waste of time and money

What does ten minutes a day mean?

The asset manager will say

You know

How many hours are there in a year?


spend my salary


The answer is simple


Do you want them to keep acting stupid about their jobs?

Do you want this?

Ten minutes

The most important thing in daily shift



What I learned about Europe in my early work

Standard Beam Procedureour hotels

I still remember

The manager or foreman lined up to give us instructions

Check us out

Are your nails clean? Are your shoes polished?

Is your hair neatly combed?

Uniform ironed

Is it flawless?


No one can serve guests

Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker. once said

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

In other words

You can

Write down all strategies you need

Commands and systems

But if your organizational culture is wrong

It will eat your best plans

You won't

Create a dynamic and stable team

Your business

Only formalism and bureaucracy will remain

When you

Create accents from day one

When culture is full of vitality

Your organization

You can prosper for years and decades


The idea behind it all

It's all about people

Take organization as

The most valuable infrastructure for a company

A few years ago

A real estate bigwig attended industry summit

Sent a heartfelt question


Hundreds of thousands of Lianjia employees

Can do more than just remember client's name


I even remember name of client's dog


Said Zuo Hui, Founder of Lianjia


Hire over 100,000 Lianjia brokers as employees

It's really hard to manage

But if you treat everyone like a customer

The more better

Heart of a luxury hotel

Competitiveness is employees

This is how you invest in people who are also your customers

In following way:

What do luxury hotel guests really want?

Horst Schulz



The answer to your market research looks vague

To you

I don't know what that means


Can't always express himself clearly

What do they really feel

I remember

During focus group surveys

People keep talking about their stay at hotel

I want to feel at home


It's a nice and warm feeling

But what does that mean?

What does this actually tell us?



It is impossible to furnish and decorate every room

Do it

Looks like every newbie's private residence

I hired

Another company is listening intently to recording of meeting

and trying

Understand what client really means


Return to me with this explanation

Guests want from

felt in your subconscious memory


How they felt in their mother's house

What is this?

Their childhood home

this is place where you can do everything for them


All needs taken into account

The bulb was changed without knowing it

Lawn trimmed


Don't think about how these things happen

They have nothing to worry about

If you find something wrong


Immediately go to my mother

Mom! Mother!

There are no socks in my drawer

What would their mother do?

She said

Come here, dear


Hold them in your loving hands

She knows well

What to do to solve this problem

She didn't say

I'll call manager...


It happens every day at hotel

Schultz wrote

Deep in my heart

Hotel guests want everything under control

I have questions

The problem will be solved immediately

They don't want to wait three hours


I want to convey my emotions

The closest people they've seen


I hope someone - anyone - answers

They solve problem

To make them feel respected

Feel satisfied

Even get happiness

Based on this

I have announced a new policy

Each employee

From General Manager to New Waiter

Right to spend

Up to $2,000 to keep guests happy


A guest came to restaurant

Listen as host speaks in a pleasant voice

Good morning sir

How did you sleep last night?

Not very good

Guests may frown

The toilet continues to work

I can't close it

Leader must respond immediately


I'll take care of it right away

Today's breakfast

The hotel pays bill as compensation


As soon asthe guests are seated, she grabs phone

Notify hotel

Maintenance fixes toilet before guest returns to room

When I announced this policy

My colleagues nearly fainted

Hotel owner

They even want to sue me

I explained


The average business traveler in my lifetime

Spend more than $100,000 on living expenses

I really want to

Risk two thousand dollars to let them do it

Stay true to our hotel brand

It's obvious

This is not a waste of money


Based on understanding what customers really want

I've made up my mind

We will never turn back

To fully meet most important customer expectations

Schultz continued his analysis

This is most urgent need

Can be disassembled into three parts


The customer wants to receive goods without defects


When I talk about flaws

I don't just think about physical handicaps

For example, door won't close or toilet is leaking

Also includes process or system flaws

This situation will cause client to say


I never received my receipt


Where did you put my luggage?

Three hours later

I need to get dressed to go to party


Guests want to be on time, they don't want to wait

If they eat at a restaurant


The food is just perfect

No defects

But service took forty-five minutes

It doesn't matter how delicious food is

They will all be unhappy

If anyone

Call Customer Service

and was paused for ten minutes


Are employees smart and problem solvers?

Their questions are not important

The client deleted you

And your employees will barely notice


They want

The hotel staff they deal with is friendly to them

They want to feel cared for


This third wish is bigger than first two combined


may compensate for other imperfections

I really do

Heard from restaurant customers

I had problems with food, but waiter did a great job


Even ran over to my desk to apologize

So everything worked out

In addition

I noticed

Another consumer demand has emerged in recent years

Whatever your standard product is

Now people

Increasing interest in personalization


I hope I can according to my preferences

Customize your product - that's for us

Any wish for a large crowd

This is a challenge to all who serve

But clients

I won't review it


Just know it We don't want to be locked up

In fixed menu items

What guests expect from a luxury hotel

The hotel can provide stable and defect-free products and services


Immediate response and assistance when problems occur

I feel warmth and kindness of staff during process


You can receive personalized and personalized products and services

In following way:

What do luxury hotels sell?

Entering era of stocks


A new round of business growth

We must begin by restoring our original intention

Professor Christensen said

When there are many people

In form of additive statistics, such as number of listeners

Number of winning articles

Bank deposits

Waiting to appreciate achievements of life

For me

The most important ruler in life

How many people I helped

To get better


A service to others

It's actually for my survival on this planet

Rent paid


Your criteria for success

It depends on how you feel about people around you


Let's take a look at Ritz-Carlton

How service is provided

Schultz wrote:

The first step in service is a warm welcome


For first time, guests immediately show it

You're glad he chose you


He hasn't bought anything yet


You are not sure what they will buy

I have

Notify hotel staff

If guests are within ten feet of them

This greeting should be given immediately

They should say it right away and sincerely

Good morning! , or Good afternoon!

Over years

Via JD Power Research


Hundreds of thousands of guest comment cards analyzed

I understand


The first four contacts between guests and our hotel

Everything is going well

For example

Telephone reservation clerk, doorman, waiter and receptionist

There have been few complaints since then

But if

What went wrong in beginning

Complaints coming soon

Registration is too slow

The room is not clean enough

The food is too cold. And it goes on


Some complaints may not even be true


The mood of guest is set at beginning

The second step is to meet wishes of customers

Gist here

It's not your goal, it's theirs


You want to make a sale

But most important thing is what they think

That's why you said

How can I help you?

I would like to do this

And listen

Listen to their ideas

They may not understand it


Perhaps when trying to explain what they want


You must

Quickly understand what real needs of customers are

The third step is to say goodbye


Thank you for coming today


Thank you for allowing us to serve you

Always Important

Famous NBC anchor

Jose Diaz-Balart

Chorusosho showed his broadcast over weekend

Thank you for your time

At this moment, he understands

Even though he

A well-known and well-paid reporter


You don't have to watch his show

The audience did it voluntarily


He really appreciates their time

Sincere farewell

Let guests have more confidence that they will return again


He has a guest in his mind, he will tell himself

This hotel welcomes me very much


Thank you for visiting

I'll be back when I get a chance


There is a very easy way

I can check your hotel

True customer service

Suppose you announce that you can no longer bill customers

Also keep guests away

Use any membership points, benefits, coupons

Look at guests

Do you want to go back to your hotel?


Commercial real estate industry

Luxury hotel

Also follow some basic business logic

I think so

Those who consider investing in luxury hotels

Investors buying Hermes bags

The chief and heads of local authorities said

Not all spaces are scenes


Every scene has a story

Not all stories move you

Not all emotions bring happiness


Your original intention is not to do this

Don't vote for a luxury hotel

Luxury hotels sell services

It's an experience

Good lifestyle


Managers and service providers create space together

Influence guests in body, mind and spirit

All housed and fed

Make them better

In following way:

How are luxury hotels coping with crisis?


Same as Airline and Travel

This is a vulnerable industry

Very easily dependent on economic environment

How luxury hotels are responding to crisis

Turn a crisis into a turning point?

Over past sixty years

Four Seasons Hotel

I ran into many critical moments

For example, Gulf War, financial tsunami of 2008.

9 11, terrorist attacks, etc.

When faced with a crisis

Sharp's approach is special

He doesn't wage price wars, doesn't lay off employees

Everyone else is cutting costs and lowering service standards

Instead, he increased investment and improved service standards

In crisis


I often say a few words to company


A problem is an opportunity in disguise


It's just a gesture in face of a problem

Not a specific strategy


A Real Help for Four Seasons

Turning a crisis into a turning point

Sharp's original definition of luxury hotels

Hotels give guests experiences and memories

For example

In second half of 1981, United States entered a period of economic depression

Price reduction

Hotel fees have also dropped

Air ticket prices have risen by 32% over year.

Business people reduce number of business trips


Regular recreational activities are also less

Most hotels have to reduce room rates

Try cutting costs, they'll lay off workers

Reduce replacement of hotel equipment

Four Seasons Hotel

This is first time I've encountered such a serious crisis

Someone in management agrees with above approach


In Sharp View

A price war is definitely not a way to survive for four seasons

He can't

Reduce quality to cut costs

He thinks

The stronger market depression

If you're not sure, you need to improve quality

You can try

When you feel bad

If you have good service in restaurants and malls

This memory is stronger


The same applies to hotel guests

Period of depression


Company executives who travel often

It's not just operating pressure that increases

Fatigue caused by business travel is also worse than usual


Currently, you can save time and nerves at hotel

Reliable service

The memory of this hotel will be deeper

Send coal to snow

Always more memorable than icing on cake


Four Seasons hotel in a crizisa did not fire employees


The way to cut costs is to freeze executive salaries

Allow employees to choose a flexible working system

From a five-day work week to a four-day work week

There is no need to lay off employees

When employees understand

Other companies fired line workers

And my company froze executive salaries

You will get to know company more

I will be more active at work

Guests can expect more attentive service

Business people are main clientele of Four Seasons Hotel


Satisfying needs of business people in high-quality services

During 1981 crisis

The Four Seasons hotel did not reduce price of room

The service standard is also not reduced

Instead of increasing investment and improving service standards

Sharp also understood

Long term

Prospects for development of tourism industry are very high

If competitors lower service standards in short term

Four Seasons hotel has improved service standards

It will be more competitive


Sharp pledged his shares in company as a guarantee

Added credit

He borrowed more money

Invest in better service


Recovery after recession

The Four Seasons Hotel has also been developing steadily for nine years

Four Seasons Hotel

There is a bigger crisis

This was in 1991

The Gulf War broke out in same year

War disrupts order

Another Great Depression is approaching


First quarter 1991

The United States imposed a business travel ban

This is worse for hospitality

Occupancy in most hotels is declining rapidly

Four Seasons Hotel

US net income from $17 million in 1990

Dropped to $2.8 million in 1991

Although this crisis is more severe

But experience of successfully overcoming crisis earlier

Sharp does it

Confidence to stay optimistic

In his opinion

Regardless of length of depression period

How big is impact

This is just a short term problem in a long term career

For this crisis


A more mature approach

At same time, saving on operating costs

One side in three key moments

Sustain or even increase investment in competitive areas

Get ready for long-term gain

First key point

The area of ​​competition is, of course, product quality

Four Seasons Hotel

Many of our hotels are usually verybusy

No chance of repair


There are no customers during a crisis

Sharp and others have refurbished these hotels


Others cut costs

They create overhead

After period of depression passes, guests arrive at hotel

I found decor of hotel to be different


Better again

This will deepen memory of four seasons

Next comes marketing aspect

During recession

Reducing ad spend can save a lot of money for a company

But Four Seasons Hotel

Not only did not reduce advertising costs

We even increased budget


Sharp found in consumer survey


Did not cut advertising during recession.Company


Win majority of market when economy recovers



It also keeps brand in people's minds

Sharp said

Keep up pace is much easier than starting over


A key area of ​​competition that still values ​​employees

Four Seasons Hotel

Investment creates a new system


Simplified reporting reduces burden on employees


Each hotel can use a minimum participation of a person

Plan a hotel data report


Everyone can receive timely information using a computer

In a downturn in market

Other hotels

Employees are worried about layoffs and pay cuts


Four Seasons employees don't have to worry about these issues

Investment in company

It also reduces their workload


We will provide customers with more positive and considerate services

In addition

The downturn in market can be beneficial

The price of land has fallen

Currently you can buy a good place for a good price

Wait for recession to pass

Land will become very expensive

The Great Depression

It can also prevent over-construction of hotel business

Utilize industry overcapacity


After this period of recession

Occupancy at Four Seasons Hotel


Increase in revenue and overall profit of company


There is an implicit rule


The law of positive and negative feedback

How are you

Which customers does hotel or restaurant serve?

These clients, in turn, will shape you

If you

Blindly apply a low price competition strategy

Then you attract low-income clients


Budget customers pay attention to quality

Not overly concerned, but price sensitivenot

They will make you lower price even more


Businesses inevitably have to cut costs

Reduced service standards

It's getting less and less competitive... unless you drop price easily


Serving elite and sophisticated clients

These clients

Focus on quality, not price

They will raise your expectations

Additional value needed

Encourage innovation in products and services


Willing to pay more for additional services


Your business

Joined positive feedback channel

Become a respected leading company

In following way:

Low paid services. How to develop leadership?

Doesn't matter

Which country

Hospitality is a relatively low-paid industry

Employee turnover is also very fast

The talent density in this industry is extremely low


The industry stands for quality service

It's almost a stupid dream


Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton did it

Haidilao, China

Lianjia and SF Express also did this

Zuo Hui, CEO of Lianjia


Single-handedly changed real estate industry

So overworked and sick

In it

The last circle of friends I wrote about before I died


"Believe in power of faith"

he wrote

If industry

If there is no change in whole body


No brand can exist alone

In this context

The mission of our group has changed


How to get better

Step by step

How to make industry better


I hope to change completely

Consumer perception of industry

As a server

If you are not respected

It's also hard to respect consumers

But respect server

First of all

The service provider can create for consumer

Sufficient value

In other words, you must be worthy of respect

And it must be a good store manager

Good brokers provide more technology

Products, services, tools, data

Come to rescue

They complete value creation process


We are with brand

Help retailers and resellers deliver quality products to consumers

Efficient and uniform service


Good Enough Income


Balance your work to some extent

Time and family


Enjoy your shopping experience

This is case

Our group has a special driving force

This is our mission

Founder of The Ritz-Carlton

Schultz said

I believe

The life of each of us

There are two most important needs

1. Life goals and 2. Social relationships


Not for life

He who struggled aimlessly was born


Born to do something worthwhile

From painting to building a tool shed

Fly to moon

That's it

Our life

Has been configured to perform specific tasks in specific areas

So we can look back and say with pride

I did it

In progress


The desire to build relationships with other people

We want to communicate, speak, be heard, interact

Get new ideas, help another person


Even to love

Motivate employees

Loving your job does not mean shoutingslogans

You are a team

I want to ask

Your employees

This is related

Feelings within a larger cause or purpose

If not

It doesn't matter what slogan is on their badge


In a truly effective organization

Everything, even new employees

Know mission and vision of company


Know where company is going


Be clear about how important you are to organization


Know your customers' expectations

And how to deal with various situations they face

When a company tells its employees

We are committed to empowerment

This is a promise

Meeting basic needs of every employee


Ready to feel helpless

They want to change world


I want to use my mind


Not just arms and legs


I hope organizations believe they will follow suit

Work to highest standards


If they cost company 10 cents


Had to write a long report explaining its use


You won't feel trusted


You can see that organization does not trust them

The ability to make informed decisions

What worries employees at heart

Of course, to earn money

—but more importantly

They want to be respected

The desire to feel worthy


The results of your work are visible


Business psychologist

Herzberg said

The most powerful driving force in our lives is not money

This is an opportunity to learn and grow

May take on more responsibilities

help others

And get achievements and recognition

President of Meredith Corporation

Written in one of my books

Business is like art and science


Opened and conceived by human intelligence and imagination

Its development

Or failure also depends on people's intelligence and imagination


No business, only people


Exists only between people

This argument seems simple

But this applies to all aspects of business

But few people understand it

People are busy

View economic forecasts and financial reports

This or that indicator


May actually believe in existence of earth

Invisible hand controls business activity


These numbers are easy to forget

What is measured

Each number

——From performance to reward

Just people

Developed tools for measuring business results

For managers

The most important work

Not to measure, but to motivate

Because numbers can't motivate

Mwe are leading

Companies and organizations are people, not numbers game


In dealing with people - with clients, employees, colleagues

Relationships with owners and everyone else

For best results

Schultz wrote

If you don't believe in human nature

Life goals and social relationships

To have most basic needs

Then you can become

A very dark person - a person who exploits people

You every day

Growing up with age

One power game followed another


All possibilities for your benefit

Taking someone else's time and money

People will soon stop trusting you


Opportunities to grow and blossom

Compress again and again

Their hearts shrink


They run away to a healthier environment

I would even make a distinction

The manager is driven by push

Leaders get inspired

If you're just pushing

Control and reprimand your employees

Don't call yourself a leader


Money plays a role in employee motivation

You can't pay

50 cents an hour less than competition

For your employees

but money

Not most important factor

It's more important to be part of a worthy dream

At end of day

In this world

Most people want to work in a certain field



Just need a platform and environment to blossom


Recognize us as leaders in creating this environment

Great leader

Have high hopes

They won't settle for less


That doesn't stop their followers



Sometimes she laments that it is difficult to please leader


Know in their hearts that it's worth it


I also want to be best in industry

I hope

Family and friends admire them for it

James Autry

I said it. And it was very good

Good management

A lot depends on love


If you don't like this word

Call it care


Good governance means taking care of people

Instead of dominating them


The challenge for a successful organization is to project a vision


Invite others to realize this vision with you

It can

this is most important strategy a leader can adopt

It's not easy

Choose from a variety of apps

A few good inserts in open slots

This is much more important


We only hire employees for day-to-day functions


Make sausages or treat hotel guests

This is all wrong

Business Essence

This is a relationship between people

The service industry inspires

Leadership is all about sharing vision

Exchanging value, creating a positive feedback mechanism