The Essence of Hospitality Marketing What else exists at a deeper level besides channel competition? like...let me tell you

Original: Li Sheng

Marketing is all about understanding consumers

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    On contrary

    Modern hotel marketing

    In terms of performance

    This is channel competition

    Essentially, this is peer-to-peer competition


    Many times

    Hotel Marketing Staff

    Don't know market has changed

    Don't know

    The needs of hotel guests have changed


    Be sure to find out which hotels are on market

    Perform these marketing activities

    What adjustments have been made to OTA price?

    On various forums

    Everyone talks about trends

    This is a market. This is an industry


    Not a real consumer


    Changes in industry are not changes in market

    The hotel business cannot represent hotel market


    Hotel Marketing Competition

    The Canal is main battlefield

    I told everyone that I was hurt

    A hotel companion was injured

    Guest injured


    Put a lot of energy into hotel

    Everything is on channel to fight competitors

    wireless network

    Biggest Online Channel Winner

    You often ignore experience and feelings of guests

    Despite hotel

    Call every day to improve service

    When there is no deep understanding of customer needs


    The service provided may comply with SOP

    Or cashing in experience

    It's hard to impress hotel guests



    Back to basics of hotel management

    The essence of hotel marketing today

    Products, channels, customers, communication

    First, product


    This is main feature of modern hotel products


    Business format was constantly subdivided


    Imitation and homogenization of products

    Never stopped

    Design without soul

    Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of equipment

    The owner's own imagination. "Gambling" design

    They destroy recognition of hotel by guest to "resonance"

    Which hotel

    This can completely solve problem of soundproofing guest room

    Which hotel

    Really understand customer needs

    Guest convenience

    Do it like it's important

    Which hotel

    This can completely solve problem of guest safety and hygiene

    At product level

    The hotel should be more useful than

    Use "price" lever to generate income

    We can ask ourselves

    These hotels

    It's sustainable. Often this is a "flash on a saucepan"

    Second, channel

    Look at today's hotel

    Remove large chains and international serial numbers

    Our hotels

    I've been working hard on my channel

    No scale and channels

    There are channels

    Not many active members

    This is "woe" of entire hotel industry

    Above channel

    I'm more for diversity

    No matter which channel has highest share

    It's all risky


    The share of channels with direct sales continues to grow

    Because hotel can control it


    Tough competition in channels

    Fully Reflective

    The hotel's own channels are too weak

    Result after generating a large traffic pattern

    Hotel marketing opportunities

    Reflected in channel power

    This is also reflected in building hotel's own channel

    Third, clients

    Hotel customers

    Can be divided into two categories

    One is an individual, other is a customer (team) by agreement

    Regardless of client type

    After checking into hotel

    We must respect our customers


    Actually, SOP of hotel is higher than that of guests

    Hotel testing

    This is a deep understanding of customers

    I speak for guests

    Four portrait techniques and practical application of guest portrait


    Very nice try

    There is only one purpose for this

    After a deep understanding of customer needs

    You can

    Offer more valuable services to impress customers

    Fourth, communication

    The previous broadcast was for information

    Today's communication is designed to build consensus with guests

    And today

    We see too many hotels

    Lack of efficient transmission path and efficient method

    Still under notification


    I want to work well in hotel marketing

    The power of channel justifies itself

    It should be related to communication

    Learn and innovate

    Don't be lazy to share content

    Don't get hung up on hotel itself

    We must focus on customer needs


    Distributed content simply meets basic needs of customers

    And get guests' approval

    Building consensus is direction of our efforts

    The Essence of Hospitality Marketing

    Channel competition or deeper product level

    How to do it well. Understanding customers and effective communication effect