Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

Original: Li Sheng


OTA rating

This will directly affect exposure of hotel


Hotel page view speed and hotel traffic import

Then why

The hotel is in different OTA ratings

Why are there differences?

Let's talk about it

Ctrip, eLong, Qunar

How to improve your hotel's ranking in top three internal OTAs

Ctrip listing rules:

Special, Gold, Silver, Blue

Key Point 1:

Excluding special cards

Ctrip Gold Medal

Silver and blue medals can spoil rating

That is, a silver medal may be earlier than a gold one


These four different listing methods

The rating also has different displays

Because hotel is listed on Ctrip

Special card is a separate file

That is, in hotel you only need to hang a special sign

Then his rating will definitely be

In front of all gold, silver and blue medals


Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

Special cards ranked highest

Gold medals, silver medals and blue medals in turn


You can find

One of problems is that there are few silver medal hotels

You can put it in front of a hotel with a gold medal, why?


When hotel's silver medal

For a certain period of time

When resulting effective number of nights in a room is higher than in Gold Hotel


Ctrip will automatically capture

High return silver hotels rank low return

Gold Medal Hotel Front


Extranet rankings of gold and silver hotels

This also greatly affects rating of hotel

In following way:

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

And this time

You may have a new question

Because a silver medal hotel can be in front of a gold medal hotel

Then why pay a high price to hang a gold medal?


Key 2:

Ctrip sells hotel rooms not only through hotel channels.

When you

Open main page of Ctrip application and you will see

Many other channels outside hotel

Like travel channel

Attractions Play Channel

These channels will sell some packaged products

For example, wine + stage supplies

If this is a gold medal hotel

Then in these packaged products

Higher chance of spawning than silver medal hotels

At same time, Ctrip also has its own phone call and SMS return business

Gold medal

Advertising will be bigger than Silver Hotel

This is difference between a gold medal hotel and a silver medal hotel

In following way:

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

Now Ctrip e-booking background

Added "Business Link" section

Your hotel is clearly visible in this section

Ratings on server Ctrip Hotel

Different from online hotel ratings

In the following way:

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

Therefore: this

In this section

You can see the service level of your hotel, higher service level

Then Ctrip will recommend hotels more actively

In following way:

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

When hotel is open

The higher level of Ctrip e-booking

The more benefits you can get

So how do you level up a hotel in your online booking?


A few things are very important:

"There is no room in store" "There is no room in store"

"Full number after confirmation", "price increase after confirmation"


All of them have a very strong effect on leveling up

This should be avoided as far as possible, it is better to avoid above four situations

For example:

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

Let me say something later

Elong Listing Rules: Dragon Crown, Crown, Diamond

Key Point 1:

Elong's rating must be Dragon Crown

Crowns and diamonds are sorted in this order. Don't confuse rankings

These three different listing methods

Hotels have different requirements

Dragon Crown Requirements

This is an exclusive collaboration between hotel and eLong, no other channels are allowed

Unable to cooperate with another OTA network


Ctrip acquires eLong and Qunar

This will create an exclusive Dragon Crown collaboration

As for future Dragon Crown?

Unclear about Dameituan and Ali Travel exclusivity


Ask hotel for an exclusive eLong rate

The Diamond Hotel needs an exclusive gift set

In following way:

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

Key 2:

Ctrip, eLong, Qunar

Three major OTA platforms

"Integrated control" already implemented

Ctrip is responsible for upscale hotels

Elong and Kunar run low-star hotels


The sorting rules of each platform have an inherent "link effect"

For example:

Hotel is a special brand on Ctrip

And won first place

The corresponding ranking on eLong.com will also improve significantly

For example:

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

Elong also has special promotions

On home page and on phone

Enter special area through a special advertising interface

Due to limited number of participants


If you take part in event, you will get more traffic support

And get rating in event area

For example:

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

Qunar listing rules:

Gold Crown, Silver Crown, Bronze Crown


Golden Crown Requirements

For other OTAs, there should be an absolute advantage in base price

Silver Crown

Must be gift bag or inventory difference

Bronze crown

Good collaboration, no difference needed

But amount of commission for booked room must comply with standard

Qunar Rating

Will not take first place because of whether he is crowned or not


Click rate, favorable rating

Sleep tester maintenance index and comments

These will be factors that directly affect ranking

For example:

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

In technology

Qunar.com as a driving force

Big data is one of benefits

And this is in

The effective use of big data is also constantly being tested

Started in 2014


Information matching and revenue management model using big data

Major improvement of Qingdao Airlines

Fuzhou Airlines and other airlines' passenger load factor

This means

Qunar.com started working with primary information


Contacting a travel information provider with key competitive technologies

And such big data

The application has been expanded into a hotel field. Rubik's cube with data

What is a .Data Rubik's Cube?

I'm making a data cube for salespeople

Help him understand local market analysis

Understand comparative data between you and your closest competitors


Help business work

Rubik's cube data I tried to run at same time throughout year

Later I found out

Seller still recognizes this

Creating data

You can see quotes of surrounding competitors

Benefits of ordering this month

Current service indicators, etc.

Get a number of sample data. Use them to help companies make some improvements


View hotel home screen

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules

With this big data

Significant improvement for quasi-data Rubik's Cube

Hotel occupancy

Some hotels

Order from Qunar

More than half of total order

Let's talk about OTA

Ctrip.eLong.Qunar.Rating and rules


Degree of cooperation with OTA. Is it listed

Mostly private rooms

Enter number of reserved rooms

Perform exclusive sales or exclusive prices

Regularly participate in promotional events, etc.


OTA commission percentage

The easiest way is to pay 15% in cash and 10% up front.

And reserve price paid in advance is better than reserve price paid in cash

If commission is higher than in other hotels

Rating will be higher



Service Rating

Of course, more comments, more priority system will have

Whether hotel is an OTA client is also one of factors


Complete hotel information

Number of photos, hotel profile and reviews


Defined area

Meet specific OTA criteria

On mobile or in a special area, you will have a certain ranking priority