2022. Independent hotels will be an extremely difficult year, but at same time there are three main challenges.

Original: Li Sheng

Hotel for one person

Facing three major challenges


Hospitality continues to be impacted


May help hotel understand problem


And resources on how to help hotels solve these problems

It's not easy

I am well versed in independent hotels

What I see

Independent hotel business team

Three Key Challenges in 2022

Difficult market environment

A chaotic shortage of trained personnel

And complexity of set

The need for fast and accurate analysis


When using different systems and tools

More importantly

These problems are interrelated

Small team in an independent hotel

Must be carefully crafted

More data than they can handle

Review often

This puts a lot of pressure on business team

Retain employees

As well as developing a consistent pricing and promotion strategy


For individual hotels

How to quickly get out of this situation

This is very important


This requires a hotel business team

Thinking outside box to solve various problems

Seize opportunity

Business team

Requires a set of target tools

Data to be made available

Automatic conversion to strategies that team can implement

Changing and complex market

In me


Understanding activities of individual hotel operators

First task

Impact of COVID-19

And how this is changing travel market

68.4% of respondents will

Changes in market conditions are mainly caused by new corona epidemic

Marked as challenge

That's for sure

The biggest challenge for brick-and-mortar hotels in 2022

My example

In the following way:

The depth and scope of this problem


Due to possible market fluctuations


These effects have a long tail

Give me an example

Recent temporary closures of several major cities in China

Not only for these cities

The hotel industry itself has had a huge impact


Also provincial tourism market

And also outbound tourism market had an impact

In end

A city size of Shanghai

The population is

Much more than many countries

That's why

His influence is not limited to city itself

The same

After start of war in Ukraine

Some countries have imposed sanctions

Because of this, they are suddenly lost

Russia, main market

And Europe

Airspace closed to Russian aircraft

Major changes to global flight procedures followed

Besides these

immediate geopolitical situation

Other things to consider

These recent riots

Long-term impact on consumer behavior

Enable economic effect

More hotels

Consumers choose shorter booking periods


Demonstrates a different registration scheme

and looking for more flexible policies

This is a headache for your income management

Because of them

More types of house prices need to be regulated


Those who need to build

For a hotel with a complex business strategy

Combine cause and effect

Econometric analysis

Cherry on cake


Spiral inflation, cost of living deflation

Inflation rate

Rise and trade conflict

Everything can affect

Consumer confidence and purchasing power this year

Understand it


Real-time forward-looking indicators

Good analytical skills

Business team, follow trends

In current market conditions

Analysis and decision making

Flexibility is critical

Because of hotel

Demand forecasts need to be repeated often


How to predict

It also needs to be adapted to market conditions


In current market conditions

Perform data analysis and adjust methods

For hotels

Very difficult

This is also

Before I created

One of top three issues in survey report

34.6% of respondents answered

They miss

Enough time to analyze and adjust

23.4% of respondents found that

Develop pricing

Strategy is always difficult 19%

There are words

Increasingly complex business processeschive their capabilities

As it should

Imagine it

What is this battle scene?

In current market conditions

Hotel with a business team

Efforts to collect all data

And timely data analysis is required

To have a hotel

Sufficient market understanding and demand forecast

This is for business team

Creates a significant daily load

Several independent hotels

The operator spends a lot of working hours

To adjust hotel prices

Marketing and distribution strategy

1/4 respondents answered

They should spend two hours a day

or more

Another 41.1% of respondents found that

They will spend every day

One to two hours

It's hard to find employees these days

Among these questions

Perhaps most difficult task

This is frame compression

38.5% of respondents answered


The epidemic has led to changes in market environment


Hiring and retaining employees

second biggest problem

32.5% of respondents said

The team is understaffed

13.9% of respondents said

Personnel training team

There are problems, said 9.5% of respondents

Insufficient command knowledge

In following way:

55.3% said

Their business team

At least 4 employees

Therefore, they urgently need qualified employees

Each team member

This is an important piece of equipment


Even one of them will seriously affect productivity

one third

Respondents indicated that they do not have enough staff

So, in this case

Each resignation

Both will have more impact


Each monomer

Each member of hotel's business team

They are key resources of hotel

During this difficult time

Especially needs maintenance and support

Intuitive system saves time

When time and labor are valuable


We need to find ways to improve productivity effectively


Just Hire More Revenue Managers

It's impossible


Help needed

Reducing burden on existing revenue managers

Otherwise hotel will lose them too soon


Take a Different Type of Hiring – Hospitality Technology

The solution is basically to be faster


Shorter data access and analysis

Accompanied by actionable recommendations

To inform strategy developers directly

18.6% of respondents answered

They have too many tools and systems


System tools for independent hoteliers

I found them

Common use of many different tools and systems


Only 23.4% of respondents used marketing platforms

As it should

Data size matters


A wide range of information

Helps inform commercial department


It's limited

Especially when most of data

When conversion and analysis must be done manually

Within this structure

The revenue management team "walks tightrope"

They need

Detail data

Balance between type and quantity

So they can be accurate

In order not to be overloaded with data

That's right

The industry's best hotel software

What can make a difference


From a large number of real-time data streams

Highlight information user really needs

And use

Easy to understand method

Present analysis to user


Your business team

May adjust its forecast according to market segment

And create a dynamic pricing strategy


In current rapidly changing environment

This can also have an impact


COVID-19 and labor market difficulties

Before it became norm

I thought about this problem

Individual hotels have individual settings

Decent and optimized control panel

Just a few clicks

You can get all key indicators

Let hotel managers work faster


Develop a comprehensive business strategy

This is solution



Real-time market analytics

Business Intelligence Solutions Opportunities


Also available with your hotel's PMS

Automatic integration


Hotel business team under pressure

That's why

To make integration easier

Make user interface intuitive



Your hospitality team

Time to stop fighting spreadsheets

It's time

Stop digging into huge datasets

It's time

Don't switch between tools

Business team

The most modern hotel technology should be used

To work more efficiently and faster