What is use of new "Insight" feature displayed in hotel's OTA system? let me tell you

Original: Li Sheng

New features

Hotel Overview

What I said

refers to. Provides a snapshot of hotel's overall performance

Distribution status of each channel

Events and holidays at competitive prices

Market demand for hotels and OTB market

Added hotel profitability indicator for average booking price.

In following way:


Search OTA

New feature officially launched

Hotel overview.Overview


The only one in hotel market

One in one view

Solutions for integrating and tracking hotel key business indicators


This is a hotel

Snapshot of overall performance

and gone

Individual shots for more information


Distribution status of each channel

Price Competitiveness, Events and Holidays

Market demand, hotel and OTB market

Add booking

Average room rates and hotel revenues

In addition

Hotel overview.Overview

There is also a hotel

Provides relevant metrics

Personalized alert subscription service

Increase team efficiency and productivity


We are all feeling impact of epidemic

Rising costs

Shrinking workforce and increasing competition


Both of these have prompted hospitality industry to adopt

New technologies for business development


In a changing market environment

Accurate data is essential for future challenges


Analyzing hotel performance can take a long time

This is what hotel does

Little time for strategic planning and decision-making


Revenue management, marketing

Sales and Distribution

Can no longer work independently

This epidemic

Break apart isolated structure of different business units

Hotel staff


Do more with less

All commercial teams

Must work in one direction

Data sharing and collaboration across departments


Information for strategy development


Hotel Overview

This new feature


Maybe in today's rapidly changing market structure

Answer quickly and easily

Adjust and gain momentum


Hotel Overview

On same platform

Give hoteliers all information they need about hotels

Helps you save time

List of business metrics

Dynamic hotel revenue tracking

Key information about distribution and market performance

Subscription reminder

Let's keep you updated on important changes

Make them

Identify and exploit opportunities more effectively


Flexible settings

Allows you to customize alerts

Get your own experience

Simple jointlocal work

There is a platform system for sharing information between teams

Increase work efficiency

Hotel Overview

Provides a snapshot of performance


All commands are same regarding key data

Plan your work

Dynamic list

Let you keep track of important dates

And you can add notes to remind yourself

In following way:

Be clear

Check out opinion of hotel partners


Not enough time and resources to help yourself

Business Strategy Control

That's why

New feature Hotel overview

has been created.

It is intended for

Simplify hospitality management

A unique set of features


Hotel Overview introduces a new feature to market


As demand recovers and competition intensifies

Data driven business strategy

Providing a healthy growth and profitability for a hotel