Listing mechanism for cooperation between hotels and Ctrip. Do you understand? What's use? I tell you

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Ctrip hotel list


Classification of card types as of May 2020

Original 3 card types changed to 2 types

Before correction

Special card, gold medal, silver medal


Special medals, gold medals and silver medals are cancelled!


Display map type ranking priority

This is default

No filter menu selected


According to sequence of special cards > gold medals > no cards

Display priority

In other words, when you

After opening Ctrip hotel menu

The first page shows default sort


Tags for cards

It can effectively inform customers

Hotels in list are of better quality

This is a message


Adjustments have been made to label style of listed hotels

Status before correction

To right of name of Special Brand and Gold Medal Hotel

All will be displayed

Baby Dolphin Icon

Adjusted status

Right side of special brand hotel name and gold medal

A thumbs up icon will appear

The color of thumb is also different

Special badges are red, gold medals are orange

For example:


Hotel accommodation standards in country

The true quality of a Ctrip hotel rating

A strict check of application for specified hotel is in progress

From guest satisfaction

Extensive information, sufficient housing resources, close cooperation

These five dimensions of income set strict standards

1. Guest satisfaction

Indicator of quality of hotel service

One of following conditions must be met


Service Quality Rating≥B+b

Quality of service divided by B

And deduction order is 0, or city service score is not in bottom 10%


Current scoring standard (coming soon)

Score ≥ 4.0 Plan Adjustment Standard

Monthly score not below city threshold

Special brand hotel

Points must reach top 40%, top 40% of gold medals

Special brand

The adjustment time is effective from end of June 2020

Adjustment time for gold medal plan will be implemented in early August 2020).

2. Detailed information

Hotel qualification

Hotel wants to apply for listing

Requires qualification certificates required by platform


Apply for inclusion in Ctrip's list of foreign sites

In addition, qualifications for hosting foreign guests are required

Information Points

Informational rating 4-5 stars

Requires ≥80 points, 0-3 stars require ≥70 points

You must meet these standards

One more note

Information here

Non-EBK Business Opportunity Center Information Advantage Assessment

You can check store information on maintenance information page

3. Sufficient housing resources

One of following conditions for booking a room

TOP3 types of hotel rooms

Need to reserve rooms with Ctrip, number must be ≥8

TOP3 types of hotel rooms

Must provide ≥15% of total amount of hotel on Ctrip

4. Close cooperation

Honesty and cooperation with hotel seller, conscientiousness is evaluated>3 points

Price advantage

Special brand

Create a global distribution collaboration with Ctrip

Gold medal product

Need to have a price advantage

Product range includes Ctrip calendar, various pre-sale products, etc.

5. Income level

Hotel marketing fee

Provide a certain hotel marketing fee, special brand standard is slightly higher than gold medal

Quality line

The GMV of hotel in current month is not lower than threshold of city in which it is located

Special brand hotels must be in top 10% of hotels in city and in top 30% of hotels with gold medals.



How to get to Ctrip listing level

If hotel has this plan

You can contact Ctrip Business Manager

Submit application information

If hotel meets these criteria

The system will automatically display list

The tracking system will track performance every day

If not up to standard

Will be withdrawn or downgraded


Does not conform to listing standards

Optimization can be done with following measures

There is one

Point, which many hotels call "points"

Indicates that key service quality indicators have been met


While more attention is paid to hotel, it can be easily completed

1. Ratio of booked room and number of bookings FS

This kind of need>90%, contact business manager


Add a temporary booking to a reserved room or EBK room status page

2.5 minutes to confirm order ratio:

This category requires >90%

You can be reminded of this by turning on APP or PC

Try to confirm order in time. Just train front desk staff

3. Live broadcast:

All prepaid room types currently on sale are available

EBK home page online by joining "Flash Live" can be activated by itself

4. Violation: at any time

Every event has rules

In order to enter Ctrip platform, we must end lack of places in store

Full number after confirmation, no shop reservation

Violations, such as failure to provide promised services, are prohibited

Listing score

Usually in period of 6-8 years

Make adjustments

Local hotels can talk to business managers

Find out your city's ad rating threshold

Get information

Set reasonable validation targets later

Then improve hotel services

Avoid illegal comments. The platform punishes very seriously

Honesty score

Hotels that want to keep a high score

We need to increase training of front desk or reservations staff

Avoid flipping foreground

Acts that do not protect rights and interests of platform, such as avoiding fulfillment of orders

More details in rules


In accordance with content of Rules of Integrity

develop detailed instructions


A sales threshold will be set for each city

If standard is not met

You can quickly increase production in following ways

1. Find more entry points

Participate in a privileged club

Deals of day

And various seasonal promotions

Increasing more advantageproperties in price of same hotel

Increasing volume of orders

2. Place ads to drive traffic

Spending money on activities like pyramid schemes

Improve rankings and traffic quickly

Traffic ready to spend money will definitely increase

But most hotels do not support this payment

3. Participation in joint membership

Invite individual customers to receive YOYO cards at Ctrip

Switching to Ctrip booking, increasing online booking volume

Price advantage

1. Special brand and gold medal hotel

Compliance with rules achieved with Ctrip platform

Support friendly cooperation

2. Give some benefits to customers placing orders on Ctrip platform

For example, calendar rooms, pre-sale prices for goods, small gifts, etc.

Number of reserved rooms

1. A hotel is needed every day

Go to Ctrip platform

Top 3 room types by sales volume ≥ 8 or ≥ 15% of total hotel occupancy if not sure

Which types of rooms are highly profitable TOP3

You can contact business hotel for confirmation and then provide

2. In Ctrip

Based on bookings

Add reserved rooms on time every day

Try to increase share of booked rooms, weight on platform is also high