How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

Original: Li Sheng


What is development trend of Douyin marketing?

How to create an explosive style

What is logic behind Douyin's live broadcast?

Combining my experience in online trading

The following is divided into three parts:


TikTok: new brand/new trend of domestic products in e-commerce


Douyin Core Logic


Dismantling case - creating explosive style


TikTok: new brand/new trend of domestic products in e-commerce

Now you can see clearly

Douyin's monthly growth rate is very high

Regardless of volume of Douyin transactions

The number of people who create is still equal to number of Douyin fans

The number of live broadcasts is constantly increasing


The growth of new consumer brands in Douyin has also changed a lot

Number of Douyin searches

It's growing fast. The share of Douyin Mall is also increasing rapidly

I think

This is very convenient for leading brands

I think so

Everyone should do their best to keep up with such a fast growing moment in time


How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

Then why

How will Douyin grow so fast

Actually, explosion logic is still supported

The purchase rate of popular items in Douyin is very high

And it grows

This is not a gradual growth or a growth curve

It's explosive, incremental, exponential growth


Creating hot styles is best way to break circle in Douyin

View again

The development trend of whole Douyin

You must combine user's point of view and enterprise's point of view

Then think:

What are its key and critical points? What needs to be done?

In following way:

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

Short summary

It is to plant grass in Xiaohongshu and open a store on Tmall for advertising

Come on then

Leaders and celebrities bring goods for authorization

This is easiest way

Only if vertical screen material is allowed

The next stage of Qianchuan launch will be a further increase

Growth of entire Douyin Mall

It's also very fast

After you open a small shop or douyin livestream

You will find Dowyn

Recommended traffic in shopping center will be higher

The share of silent transactions of product cards and search queries is gradually increasing

Traffic from third-party channel sources will also be higher


Now is a particularly good time

Everyone should pay attention to Douyin Mall traffic distribution

Then think about how to optimize

Actually, optimization point is very simple

This is an optimization of our products according to pool of products that can be entered


The recommended position in mall can be optimized

For example, title, main image, list, event registration, etc.

Because current vibrato algorithm is not that perfect

The workspace is relatively large

So everyone has a chance

Find many ways to optimize this hole

In following way:

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you


All explosives

It is based on delivery of short videos and live streams

Prompt delivery is mainly for Qianchuan delivery terminal and search


We need all of our brands listed below

Must be allocated between 10% and 20% of search budget

For example

I want to invest 10,000 yuan today

Then at least 8,000 RMB for investment

2000 yuan per search


Let me talk about huge cloud image

In fact, as long as quarterly consumption exceeds 300,000

Then you can apply for a branded version of huge cloud image

If amount is relatively small

You can then apply for a generic version of huge cloud image, i.e. speed version

History of Yuntu

There are many features that will help your product

Store or brand for positioning

As well as help in analyzing number of our potential customers

What a potential crowd portrait looks like

Then you can

According to portraits of these people, make a new expansion and break circle


Douyin Core Logic

When creating models of explosives

Be sure to learn and master basic logic of Douyin

This can be broken down into two main points:


The core logic of e-commerce with vibrato


Running Qianchuan, which is main marketing side logic

Douyin E-commerce

The operation is equivalent to opening a store in a mall


How to make your store business better

Let more people know and understand our shop

So, in this process

Products are still in spotlight

In other words, you want to succeed

Explosive products will bring more flows

This will attract more people to buy, and brand benefits will increase accordingly

In progress

The anchor is after sales staff and operator is store manager

A pitcher is a person who attracts clients with help of technology.

Content is content of short video

Scenes in living room, etc.

Looks simple

But really

It's still a little hard to do a good job in every link


How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

About e-commerce

Basic delivery logic

It depends

What is a data company pushing us to do?

I want to earn money

However, many factors are required to support creation of explosives models

Popularity in live room

Interactions, product indicators, order volume, live recommendations should be sufficient


Only a positive cycle is formed

When base score defense is done very well

We can only expand this explosive product

If you say

Our backend logic doesn't work

I don't know if what I wrote above is useful


I don't know how low service rating in store has affected

Maybe everything

Understanding Douyin's basic logic is too superficial

This will cause store to fail to launch, resulting in serious negative consequences

No matter how official Douyin logic changes

It is also based on this set of theories

How to change again

No more changes

That's why everyone should understand logic

In the following way:

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

One more thing

What matters most when selling explosives?

this is ROI (return on investment)

Let me say something here

When we go to measure

All product costs in Douyin

And when ROI of profit point

I can scale up and optimize

How to increase your ROI?

After calculating total ROI


This is a population study

Due to any buff and explosion

Creation based on crowd research

When everyone is creating new products

A large amount of market data needs to be studied

The problem is how to zoom in

I will talk about this in next module with a case


Dismantling case - creating explosive style

Let's take a certain brand of baby cotton soft towel as an example

At end of July

They tried to explode

Everyone can see

I tested three materials

The volume of consumption of current amount is 30,000 respectively

20,000 and 7,000. At all stages of delivery and marketing

Not only do I make short videos, but I also shoot and search

In following way:

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

Explosive style building

You need to do a population survey

There are many channels for population research


You can study at Douyin Qianchuan


While you are selling goods, you have voted for Qianchuan and paid for it

Lots of data installed

—— Lots of data in live room

There is a lot of data on product side

There is a lot of data in entire Douyin account

There is also a lot of data in background of Doudian

In "STEP Growth Path" section

This is a growth pattern that is often used in Douyin

Its point source

A5 size crowd portrait on huge cloud image


You too often

Use crowd portraits on a huge cloud image to promote

Then make a delivery to Qianchuan

Then we

Let's take a closer look

We often use Qianchuan, Doudian, Yuntu, Compass

In following way:

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

Portrait of a compass in crowd

It has many types of users, including new buyers and media groups

Interested people, there are people who buy back

In general

The portrait per capita will be sent to Qianchuan, usually within 30 days

As long as you want to enlarge

I want to sell between 100,000 and 100,000 pieces

You just have to do it because it's very, very accurate


When you need to break circle, you really need a lot of accurate people

Because ROI can be very high this way

You can get more profit

When live room is working properly

Maybe when I ran for a week or two

We found that there are not many of them

Then you need to see backstage portraits of Doudian Compass

Send grain to Qianchuan

Go and scale it up to 20 million people

This group of people is a real transaction by Dawyn, who was watching crowd

At this time, coverage will be greater and crowd will be more accurate


According to scenario of operation

Separate product for further analysis


After clicking on a product, he can send product to me

How much does impact on main group of people cost

How many potential people aspire to Qianchuan


The portrait of crowd is very detailed

We can

Find out what product people prefer to buy from me

And transactions can be linked

In product preference location below

You can click to see more details

In following way:

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you


To whom can we distribute our advertising?

Here we are going to explore buying habits of crowd


Every time you get a new account or do product research

I will definitely shake store

Basic real estate database research especially thorough

Then do more research

Find out if our kindred population is like this

Wouldn't that be a little different?

Many times

You are connected to this platform

Prices and positioning may vary greatly from ours

What's problem?

So you don't have underlying logic to tell right from wrong

Inside vibrato

There is another very useful feature

This is a "search term"

Search queries can be used for analysis

What sells best in store

Excluding live broadcasts

Are there any other reasons why store might explode or make this item


Where does search query come from?


You can see

Beyond all e-commerce

There is a feature called search analysis

From this you can see a lot of keyword searches

In this I can catch many words from blue ocean

By search

You can enlarge mall and take it over


Increase blue ocean words with search terms and rank high

You look further at search term

There are two more places in search query

One is to delete calculation and other is in dropdown.

Here's how we test this product

Does it have a high volume of active requests?

Or when we choose words

Usually because of huge amount

Two dimensions of arithmetic and a Douyin drop-down list

Go ahead and expand further

Lots of arithmetic operations inside

Related words and words of interest with content

For now, just sort product category category words

In principle, you can list related words

After list of related words

This will help us improve conversion efficiency even more

Douyin Drop

Choose simplest words, such as "sleeping bag".

Then there will be many words with "sleeping bag"

These words

It must also be entered when searching

In general

When I was doing accommodation in Qianchuan

May be 150-500 words

Then this amount will gradually increase


Posting related words can help us optimize products

This can also help us pput it in a bigger place when we put it in Qianchuan

In following way:

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you


We need to put these words in title

Accumulate to

Including mall search analysis

We also need to place words with higher user search rankings

In short

This is what user is interested in

We are going to produce something

In progress

It is very important to use Douyin tools

Optimize product titles, video titles, and search results

Make product even bigger and then blow it up

1. Start number playback method with progressive activity

The Gradual Start Method

Based on live broadcast algorithm

Progressive live weight

Balanced Recommended Live Traffic

Currently progressive on a case-by-case basis

Live room generated 10 million GMV in one month

Second, the quick video explosion method

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

Short video test method

Compared to traditional short video explosive test models

This game may receive more accurate and natural recommendations

Commonly used in clothing

A food live streaming room generating 20 million GMV in one month

The third way to deliver one product to Qianchuan

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

Gameplay of one Qianchuan product

Single product single delivery strategy significantly lowers threshold for mixed product delivery

At present, monthly fee of live room exceeds 50 million GMV

This is most commonly used live indoor gameplay

Fourthly, the game Troika Mixed Traffic

How to play Dowin? What is key? What is main logic of Douyin? let me tell you

Three of a Kind

Traffic structure

This is most stable mode in future live streaming format

But the process is more complicated

Current monthly GMV is less than 10M, not recommended for beginner teams