I am a Ctrip system technician. I am also the owner of several hotels, hotels, people and markets. I summarize 100 points

I am a Ctrip system technician. I am also the owner of several hotels, hotels, people and markets. I summarize 100 points

Original: Li Sheng

I am a Ctrip system technician. I am also the owner of several hotels, hotels, people and markets. I summarize 100 points


A hotel manager who knows how to work

Also follow national policy rules

As great as a planning book is, it's a pile of scrap paper at moment


Large hotels are assimilating norms. Small hotels assimilate comprehensively


First, it is recommended to go to a large hotel to practice

Lie sees small hotels as starting point of her dreams


The hotel earns not only crazy money

The human mind is also improving

Simply put

This is mental age, one year in a hotel and two years in a hotel

Because in a hotel

Too many people work with you


I want to be successful at hotel

Follow three principles:

You must do it yourself first. This is base


Someone needs to tell you that you can do it


Those who say you can do it should do it too. You must try carefully


In a high-end hotel

Step by step instructions from boss

It is better to find a loss-making hotel

Earn money for him to show your self-esteem


See first article for face and comfort


Do not use customer contacts accumulated at hotel

In circle of close friends

You really have problems

You will find that he has nothing to give


I want to get rich working in a hotel

You may have chosen wrong profession

Of course, gray income is excluded

But hotel can guarantee you won't starve to death with three meals a day

In addition

If marginal effect of a hotel job is well used, this will be an addition


Innovation is a hotel

The only way to keep improving

But hotel's blind innovation

Sometimes it is tantamount to slow suicide

Any behavior that violates industry norms requires caution


Loyalty can be yours in hospitality industry

The best choice, which is not easy to be unemployed. If you stick to it, you can be very happy


Frequent job changes that can't resist temptation

You will find yourself losing more than you gain


Regular hotel

Markering job changes must be based on following three conditions

Same level hotel?

The distance between two hotels should not exceed 3 km

The level of treatment has improved significantly

Marketing leaders who plan in their head can ignore it


Invest in hotels

Sometimes it looks like Mr. Qian Zhongshu's work

"City under siege"

Classic offer in:

People outside city want to come in. People in city want to go out

A significant amount of lpeople come fresh and leave tattered


Don't say inn is useless

When you're upset, look at US CEO

Be a hotel

Being most powerful person in world is not what I convinced you to be


Bad hotel service

It's more of a mindless mouth


Hotel manager

Do at least one of following two actions

Either good at business or good at management

If you're not doing well, you should give up


If you want to be a hotel manager, master four elements: speak and write


The general manager who runs hotel well

Never treat a hotel as just a hotel

The hotel has attributes of a hypermarket and is starting point of a new retail trade


N years ago

I first wrote to propose a new idea for hotel management

Jump out of hotel to see hotel, jump out of hotel to think of hotel

Leave hotel and dry hotel


Inspired by a development workshop

Now it seems

These words have a universal meaning


Three hotel controls

People, property, especially people, management

You don't care

No one pays attention to you, so people should take lead


Don't be afraid of trouble among your hotel colleagues

Only mutual troubles

To improve relationships with each other, we can improve each other


To be a hotel, to make money or not to make money

Be a little round

This is a high probability event, especially second sentence


Hotel employee

When you are not married, you live together as if you were married

Separate as if you were not married after marriage

Don't say it, say it or you'll be in tears


Steamed buns are popular

Consumption of hotels and restaurants per capita will immediately fall

The so-called hotel industry is people-oriented

In fact, people are standard, this is power of role models


Three key points for hotel rooms

Enjoy game (with Wi-Fi)

Comfortable sleep (linen on mattress), good washing (hot water)

Do these three things well, even if you want to be dissatisfied with room


Meals at a star hotel

What you eat often depends not on food itself, but on environment

Person (service)

But reasons not to return, and lack of signature dishes are most excuses


On hotel forum

Most of big guys talk is nonsense

But there are also many classics

What is a classic?

May resonate with you or inspire your pabot

You didn't participate in vain

That's why you need to learn how to listen quietly and find resonance


Participate in hotel forums

Mainly expand your circle of friends

Learning new things as a means of discovery

As for award, it's a cover

But all this will help you in your current job

The premise is that you must learn to transform


Hotel employee

There are many teachers here

We tend to ignore some people

These are supply chain manufacturer resources

If you don't understand a certain product

You invite three similar producers to a tea party

They will tell you a lot of things you didn't know about


Online hotel courses are very trendy

Very popular. But what effect can it achieve?

How many practical problems can be solved

I can see pause

Previously, online classes were held with tutors

Add your own channel

Mastered Internet technologies


Achieving uniqueness of hotel products is difficult

The rule is not to let opponent outperform - to do better! Even better


Hotel people may enter and exit liquor store as a last resort


You can eat, you can drink wine and you can not talk nonsense

Not a joke

I can't even write it down

Otherwise you know


Visitors say that food at hotel is not special

There are probably two reasons

Firstly, dishes are really unpleasant

Secondly, he wants to eat off table

Ingredients required that cannot be served, but we cannot supply them



May take position of hotel CEO

There is not such a big difference in abilities between each other

Emotional intelligence is difference between high and low


Opportunity and isn't it too selfish


They get fired often

Don't always say owner is bad

More reasons are still in them

I will not generalize, revise or correct myself

The tragedy will continue


Emotional intelligence is what hotel staff should have

I can't look at colors and words

I really don't know how you got into hotel circle


Hotel Engineering

If it is still positioned as a second-level department

That's because you didn't really understand basic content of this department's work



Except kitchen administration

Out of cost control

Food research and development should continue to be focus

Don't always learn Sun Tzu's art of war and self-economy

Masters in industry can be those who never forget their original aspirations


per hotel

Can survive big waves washing sand

He has his own way of surviving

As they say, dragon has way of dragon, and shrimp has way of shrimp


Not just because your current platform is big

Just take it easy

Don't really consider platform factors when hiring

You may not have been responsible for these small hotels

Boat meets wind and waves

You will find that it is easy to survive in a small boat

The one who was sitting on big yacht sank instead


Chinese hotel

Investors are especially interested in what major platform applicant was working on

Is this an international number?

At least it's a local affiliate group

He's actually

It doesn't matter if you don't understand what you've done

What is key point


Good hotels are about collaboration, honesty and team building

Look at hero in small hotel

Although I also like team

More needs a powerful dictator


The work experience is same as his journal

Indicate hotels where you worked

It's not as good as staying in a hotel

Do something you're proud of

At least I'm old and have something to brag about


Hotel employee

Never underestimate little brother who used to follow you

Maybe someday you will call him

Good morning boss! The so-called

Ten years have passed in Hedong and ten years in Hexi

Now pay attention: perfect U-turn, seize moment


Hotel development

This is no longer age of water storage and fish farming

The focus is now on killing chickens and collecting eggs, and speed matters

Be first in market

After finding first pot of gold, let's talk about original purpose and service

This also explains why horse is fast and death is miserable


Be a guest house owner

It looks like people who invested in bars years ago

Most of them talk about feelings and petty bourgeoisie

You can play tickets, earn money, joke around

Am I poor? I don't have a home

If you don't have a cornucopia, don't jump into troubled waters and don't interfere blindly


The essence of homestay is first and foremost owner

Ownership culture, many people go astray

A seven-foot man rents a house to live with a family

This is a hoax in disguise

When you reach end, you will become Sun Ernian on cross slope

Sun Ernian, pioneer of family holidays in Song Dynasty


Chef's House

I don't like to cook instead

Hotel staff in other positions

But you like to cook dark dishes at home, have you been shot?



The essence of personalized service isto show yourself

The goal is to tell you

I have ability to provide personalized services


Not everyone might like it

Equal service, equal treatment is a lie

The key point is to watch people order food, otherwise hotel will create a VIP status


The success of hotel

Three elements: location, location, location

This is what Statler, creator of modern hotels, said

Li Ka-shing also said something similar

Internet Age

This offer is a little wobbly, and good positioning doesn't necessarily mean success


Sometimes what wins you over

Not necessarily your opponent in hotel

This could be a line

The network you can't see (Internet)


People are challenging new positions

Up to three possibilities

If you failed three times in a new position

Prove that you are not suitable for this position, let's transform


This is era of speed

Including promotion

It turns out that working for 10 years doesn't necessarily mean becoming CEO of a hotel


It has become norm to be promoted to store manager after 3 years of work

The consequences of dumping seedlings are obvious

There are young heroes in despair, because they are a minority


It is not easy for hotel employees to leave their hometown to earn a living

When you are on street, you will be demoted up to three levels, and you will reckon with your superiors in advance

Protect your food and clothing



Ordinary employees consider salary, treatment and benefits when hiring

Design space, etc.

If you are applying for a CEO position, among other things

You have to consider if boss's three looks match

Otherwise it won't last long


In addition to regular mail of hotel establishment

Some positions require multiple store flowers and store grass

This is a message with an image

Salary could be higher

It can be surpassed at critical moments


Hotels also have sweeper monks

Everyone must be respected

Including older cleaning brothers

Miss and sister

You may not know

TA vehicles are more optimistic than yours

Perhaps their family does have a mine and some houses


Do not intentionally treat so-called boss in a hostile or alienating manner

It exists

This will only help you work more professionally

When you develop good professionalism, please thank him


Employees fall in love for marriage

We still need to support and understand

When time comes, bless

Don't let staff name magezin your home neither in written nor in oral form

Actually beat mandarin ducks and fly together


Hotel employee

Don't talk about keeping up with times

I don't really know much about internet tools

I can't keep up with rhythm of time


The Internet is a hotel management tool

Although tools are limited

Operational thinking can be expanded indefinitely



All OTAs are capitalists

But many hotels

But ready to be assembled by such a capitalist

Sometimes I need a compliment


Build relationships with subordinates correctly

Sometimes I need a treat

One meal is not enough, let's eat more

If it's a woman

Spicy skewers in a hot pot also have same effect


Too stingy CEO

There will be no one around you who would sincerely help you

It is popular to eat bossa in rivers and lakes

Dinner if you have a high status in world

Just take initiative to buy an order

Pre-meetings or themed dinners can be ignored


Hotels are discouraged from relying on non-traditional revenue streams

You can't touch red line of law


Hotel boss

Sometimes there is something to learn from Song Jiang

Be aware of those who follow you

Even though Song Jiang hired him on his own initiative


This is also a search for a name and a future for brothers

Who wouldn't want to follow a promising older brother?


Hotel employee

Insisting on learning and practice

Learn to extract essence

Combine your own ideas to form your own unique thoughts

You can't follow what others are saying


The hotel needs recognition

Design is very important, people in hotels need recognition too

Ideology is key to success, hotel workers need labels too


Preparation, preparation

Preparation is a prerequisite for hotel project approval


Provisioning is a hardware problem, provisioning is software.

The problem of how to live in camp


It is very important to pay attention to cost effectiveness when purchasing hotels

Relevance is more important

Guest use VS personal use

High configuration VS low configuration, etc. are all issues to consider


Buying hotels is not just a waste of money

How to spend and which channel to spend

Do you really understand structure of product?

Production, expiration date, etc.

Saving is making money, that's last word


Profit from purchase

It's easier than selling


Easy to spendIt's hard to earn money, so you need to be careful with your money


Those who talk about three-star equipment and five-star service

Either it's a big fool

Either I don't know much about hotels

Hotel equipment is a service standard in itself


The hotel has many incarnations in China

Hotel, restaurant, guest house, hotel

Clubs, homestay, resorts, villas

Service center

Training center, etc.

The shape and core of pop star are same


Stayed in an upscale hotel for a long time

Professional depth could be better

Latitude only

I have seen many independent people working in hotels with a high degree of freedom


Restaurant managers in star hotels

I recommend using locals

Especially Chinese restaurant

Regional habits, food culture

Interpersonal relationships, etc., difficult for outsiders to integrate


Each industry has its own circle

Hotels are no exception

And division is very detailed: a circle of star hotels; circle of boutique hotels

Government hotel authority, guest house, etc.

Spontaneous grouping, very mysterious


Hotels are divided into circles, and people in hotels are also divided into circles

Is this also traditional Chinese culture?

Why don't you take integration lead?

Audi four laps connected

Create a classic! The Five Rings of Olympic Games Connected to Achieve Greatness

Hotel staff, please take a closer look


Hotel employee

We need to support each other to complement each other

Bright starry sky

Take a close look at Christmas tree, two strokes are easy

If you don't support each other, you will fall down


The essence of brand diversification

Capture market share

Movement of people who earn money and communicate

The subtext of brand service remains in slogan

The quality of service has improved only slightly


Hotel group

Mergers and acquisitions are buildings on surface

Essentially big data of participants

Now you know

The most valuable thing in a hotel is information of participating clients

The strangest

Members have been bought and sold without permission

I'm quite satisfied, no one ever protested


Hotel doctors

From era of black hair to era of gray hair

From era of warm smiles to era of cold cars

The development of intellect is progress of time

This is bad luck for hotel


Although Feizhu Hotel is highly respected

Why didn't it spread quickly?

Although there are financial and technical reasons

I think more

The consumer needs a room with a temperature


Experiencing curiosity

If one day Feizhu Bu wants to drink, it will be unbearable

Then hospitality industry can announce its official end


Reconstruction of hotel space, layout of new trading floor

Will this spoil impression of hotel guests?

To be discussed

Hotels don't look like hotels, supermarkets don't look like supermarkets,

What is this?


Talented people in hotel should be more virtuous

A running woman from Australia and China with an annual salary of one million is enough to be talented

What is result?

Damage your reputation and lose your job

The "no virtue" of a running woman was eventually ruined by her "talent"


The platform is your capital to show off

Not a nursing home

The platform is a tool for your life

Not a reason to be proud

Because without platform you are nothing

Thanks to people who created platform to feed you


Hotel employee

Word of mouth is especially important in age of Internet

Don't do it because evil is small

Don't treat good things as small things

Be with others, be kind to others

Don't talk about awards if you can't afford it

Let's support and help youth more!

The heart is full of flesh, there is no shortage of grateful people in world


Be grateful to those who helped you

You get not only word of mouth, but also popularity

New Year

Say thanks and send a small gift

You get more than you pay for

A person who knows how to be grateful will not be so bad in workplace


Manufacturers in hospitality supply chain have a hard time

There are no eggs under full nest

Subject to non-damage to interests of third parties

If you can support, give a hug

Another friend will make road wider


When you open your mouth

When requesting benefits from partners

In fact, you turned off highway onto a country road

You will help me

I can offer it to you, don't ask, don't force me


I don't believe it

Although I don't usually get in touch, but your nonsense is in my heart

Never seen

I don't usually burn incense, but if I temporarily hug Buddha's feet, he will appear.


The basis of successful cooperation

It should be win-win or multi-win

No discussion otherwise

Talk about division of labor and responsibility for collaboration

The most important thing is how to distribute benefits and who will suffer losses


Popularity of themed hotels

Mostly in form of a hotel advertisement

And building a real kernel takes a long time


Essence of Heart Service

Thanks to t seriesthorough operations

To impress guests and then impress guests

Continuous customer retention

Turn customers into loyal repeat customers


Best marketing for hotels

This is warm marketing and reliable marketing

At a critical moment

We really need to meet face to face


Large order fully paid for by cold internet


Personal marketing with warmth is way to go


Key nodes of hotel services

It often appears at end and is easiest to ignore

Hotel staff should take action

Premium service with a focus on service

During maintenance, pay more attention to after-sales service


At workplace in hotel

The conclusion of a contract means recognition of both parties

Breaking a contract is actually breaking a person

A person or company who voluntarily violates spirit of a contract

Although this is a short-term advantage, end result won't lie to you


Sometimes you will find

Reliable friends can be your iron rice bowl

I want to have such a friend


You have to be yourself to be trusted by your friends

An unreliable person who is ungrateful

A man who has no principles in life

Only a thorny path

Of course, you can be rejected


Every successful person

At initial stage, there were unimaginable ravages of time

Heartache, loneliness, loneliness

Perhaps mixed with a little regret

When everything is already irreversible

Maybe when you save a lot of money


Shaping quality of hotel

Pragmatism is basis of innovation in service sector

International translation combined with local culture

Ethnic characteristics

Integrating culture of attractions into hotel services

Through careful design and scientific organization

Present show through a sense of ritual



Forever away! Stay put

Wander in place, there is no future! Landscapes along way

Full of hope

It's also full of adventure! A place where flowers bloom

Tempt your wild heart! People in a stalemate

Feel your fragile heart!


Dreams travel

One of them is your real journey

Second, journey of your thinking

Travel long distances to look at road and also look at sky

Think about past and forget about future