The hotel is very bad, what is reason? Who cares? I said eight points for reference

The hotel is very bad, what is reason? Who cares? I said eight points for reference

Original: Li Sheng

These years

Many hotel employees feel emotional

Hotels are getting better


Many new stores still opening

Good objects are still few

The hotel is very bad, what is reason? Who cares? I said eight points for reference

Major brand developers

Online and offline

Still constantly looking for and developing new resources


Since 2019

Affected by epidemic


An increase against trend seems "impressive"

On market

There is no shortage of outstanding people, but you may not know it


Experience hotel all year round

Occupancy has exceeded 120%

In Sanya

I also met operators of serviced apartments after 90s

manages 4 stores

Annual occupancy reaches 110%

Seen here

Too tired, your hotel should be worse

I recommend

From following 8 items

Choose what needs to be improved in your hotel


Good working atmosphere


This is corporate culture of hotel

In other words, what hotel stands for

What is right?

What's wrong?

The whole team

Think about things in one channel

Work, collaborate with each other, etc.


Especially owner or general manager of hotel

Personal values ​​orientation

This directly affects your daily work

Hidden influence on others

Reach hotel slowly

The general working atmosphere has a very big impact

The hotel is very bad, what is reason? Who cares? I said eight points for reference


The right manager

I give one

I have seen real cases

Resort marketing manager asked me

Now I'm very confused

The reason is that newly appointed general manager asked him to give a performance appraisal


A system of rewards and punishments has been developed, at same time promotion planning is required

Product package promotion

Let him run front office department

Judging by this real phenomenon

This CEO is not suitable

There may be other reasons for labor shortage

I said

He has three main jobs

First, drainage work

Direct guests to hotel


Serve customers well, especially large ones.


Marketing Team Management

I suggest he contact CEO

Give him a position


Responsibilities and specific scope of work should be clarified

At least distinguish between major and minor in your work

This case description

How important it is for a hotel to find right manager

Like a senior

Must understand organization management

Unable to connect to minimal organization

Division of labor and organizational principles are not clear


Short-sightedness and wealth of owner (investor)

This is a matter of opinion

Judging by his vision and field of activity

Does this hotel have a future?

Short-term profit or long-term commitment

This is very important

Many times I took "horse" and lost at chess


Creating and positioning


Many times with operators and hotel managers

It doesn't matter

The big problem is that I didn't participate in early positioning and preparation

This is usually done by hotel investors

The hotel is very bad, what is reason? Who cares? I said eight points for reference


Large deviation in positioning

Especially location and class

This will directly affect hotel's profit margins in future

If this aspect is serious

Rely only on experience and managers

Very difficult to change result

Sometimes this is not possible


Actually partisan practice

Tight schedule

I'm always in a hurry to get to work

This will cause a rush to open

If team is not mature enough

Then it's all about putting out fire

The longer this goes on, worse problem

This will directly create problems for team

Customer satisfaction goes up and down, and work is uneven. Performance is unstable


Many owners are not very professional

Too much interference in work of CEO

Don't cut off ideas and methods of CEO

If general manager is less systematic

Such a hotel will definitely look like a partisan

Frequent changes, low internal efficiency, constant loss of efficiency


Missing system method


I see three things

One of them is that hotel SOPs do not form a closed loop



There is no marketing system, and even customer management is incomplete

For example:

Information about system and training to work with clients by agreement

Working well is hard, membership system will be even worse

Insufficient system

I can't even sell cards for long and store value

Third, management system is imperfect

From organizational management to interdepartmental process management

Formulate and standardize

Salary and performance appraisal do not form a closed cycle

Give me a metaphor

For example:

Order this case

The front is front, guest room is guest room

Catering is catering, marketing is marketing

Missing total fee file


The product does not match price

Simply put, it's cost-effective

One more step - value perceived by customers

Not as much as hotel thinks I'm worth

Let me tell you

There is a successful example worth studying abroad

Xiaomi offline store

After approval of Xiaomi products

Its profitability is beyond doubt

You will definitely feel that Xiaomi things are not only easy to use

And it's cheap

If available

A hotel can achieve same value for money as Xiaomi

His work will not be difficult or tedious

Especially pressure of market competition

The hotel is very bad, what is reason? Who cares? I said eight points for reference


Poor learning ability

This is quite obvious, as is whole industry

There are several reasons

First, it is willingness of practitioners to learn


High level of hotel awareness


The hotel does not want to invest in solving problem


Social problems, five - lack of personal development goals

I have serviced many hotels

These hotels

One of characteristics is that hotel is ready

Invest in training

So overall work is still very good

In today's hotel

People and investors face inevitable

Improve your team's ability to learn

Because market and customers change

Your competitors are improving too


I worked behind closed doors or didn't pay attention to training

The train of time will fly by unnoticed

Where you are not in car