Hotel SOP is difficult to implement Why? What steps do I need to go through? let me tell you

Hotel SOP is difficult to implement Why? What steps do I need to go through? let me tell you

Original: Li Sheng


Implement hotel standard procedures

What is most important thing to implement an SOP?

Hotel SOP is difficult to implement Why? What steps do I need to go through? let me tell you


Staff are different

Please note that working content standards also vary


SOP related to training is required

Especially for newly opened hotels

This includes open hotels

Training alone is not enough

Practical action required

What about creating an SOP? What it is?


Let me tell you

Let's first understand what is an SOP?


Full title: Standard Operating Procedure

Abbreviation: SOP


Standard Operating Procedure

Specify to understand

Related to standard operating procedures and requirements for an incident

And describe in a single format

Used to guide and standardize daily work

The essence of SOP

To quantify details

Simply put


This is key control in program

Refining and quantifying


During SOP implementation

It is very important how to implement SOP

Often things go wrong or cause customer complaints

Standard hotel rules are poorly implemented

How best to implementSOP

I have come to a conclusion

Five Effective Steps


Depending on hotel

Design a SOP file for a specific situation

Design process

Involve key executives and employees

It's easy to understand and implement


Need to quantify SOP process nodes

Otherwise, there will be no specific implementation standards



Developed SOP file

Training and testing

Study and exam

Not once or twice

While there are new employees

Due to SOP

Mistakes in work for unknown reasons

Learning cannot be stopped


Concrete implementation

In progress


Optimize and improve SOP file according to actual situation


Cumbersome and unreasonable steps or content

Needs to be reduced or optimized


Good training results


Integrate pinned results into job responsibilities and root

In position

The conditions of work in responsibility should be explained

What SOPs do you need to know for this position?


Key nodes of SOP process

Continuous quantification

Quantitative indicators and requirements

Using system to limit or evaluate

What to do after completion

If completion is poor quality, it must be done in accordance with system or evaluationenkoy

Many times

Employees make mistakes when doing SOPs

The main problem is that staff is not qualified


If employees are good at SOPs

Probability of error will be very low


Educating business skills of employees is a long-term endeavor

Perhaps you will

This often happens

When a problem occurs

When senior leaders question and criticize subordinates

An employee said he was offended

That's because I'm sloppy or inattentive


An answer can be forgiven

But behind

Prospectively reveal problem of "unskilled business" of employees

Question these questions


When I was in school, because of my slovenliness

or lack of concentration

And I answered exam question incorrectly

The logic is same. Not familiar enough


While developing or writing an SOP

Allow employees to hold this position


It's not just a matter of understanding


A deeper level is achieved through understanding

Give him a deep understanding of specific content


Special hands-on training

This will quickly improve skills of employees


Hotel managers should pay close attention to one point

All SOPs should be flexible

When a hotel issues an SOP


Always keep perfection and optimization in mind

Let SOP be flexible enough

It's smart here

To better meet needs and personal habits of customers