In order to have loyalty of guests, hotel relies on low prices, this is deposition and development of worthlessness of hotel.

Original: Li Sheng

Hotels are waging price wars

It's a helpless choice

This is also lowest level of market competition

The hotel may be affected

Sometimes a hotel wants to attract traffic

This will attract customers with low prices

Increase your hotel occupancy


do it

Actually, it is not suitable for a long-term operation of a hotel

But under pressure of reality, there is no choice either

My opinion

Hotel prices cannot make guests loyal

You may ask why?

In fact, there are several types of loyalty that mislead hotel


Faction Loyalty

Such clients are more price sensitive

As soon as hotel prices return to normal

This type of guest

Stop spending or lose out to hotels at other prices

For example:

The hotel is in early stages of opening

Set price lower

After increased occupancy

Price needs to be increased

I found it

This will result in loss of some clients

Such guests are classified as "loyal to authorities"


Lazy Loyalty

Due to ease of placement

Or because location of hotel has an advantage

Some clients don't want to cause problems


Although I'm not very happy with hotel

They will stay

Such guests are referred to as "lazy loyal"


Monopoly Loyalty

This is only one

No choice

There are no ideal hotels for guests to choose in a certain area

I have no choice but to choose this hotel to stay

If there are other options

Probability of losing customers will be very high


Three types of loyalty are unreliable

Especially for price sensitive clients

As soon as hotels hit market

At first glance, most of regular customers will be lost


What factors can make customers loyal?

Let me tell you

First, equipment

This mainly refers to design of hotel

Quality and impressions of guest room

Space, environment and function of public area

Second service


The service I'm talking about

refers to personalized service


This is currently case for most hotels

It's hard


The ability to provide personalized services

Customer data support required

It is necessary to divide client's consumption into attributes

Turn customers into a consumption attribute

Ninety percent of hotel owners can't do it

Not sent

Appropriate measures such as policies and management systems are responsibility of person in charge

Internal attributes and external attributes are two different things


Only by feeling and experience

It's actually a long and pointless fight

If you cannot provide personalized services

Then hotel should be at least standardized

What is standardization? Content. Too many levels

Even services and some additional services. You won't


Guests never realize value of a hotel

Of course you lose value as a hotel owner

The only problem we face is waste

I want to do this

Highlights of personalized service

These are customer data and implementation standards

Combining data and control

Current market

There is a very, very lack of such high-quality and high-level talents

The exact labeling of hotels and members that I described

Management and fine classification

This is one of best ways to solve this problem

Third. Affiliation

This is a hotel

Key to repeat purchase

Provide guest experience with hardware


Customer service increases customer satisfaction

Respecting guests

Give customers a sense of belonging

This is a key step to make customers loyal

Hotel under construction

I have countless experiences

Easiest of all


I talk to you like a friend

Give guests best possible experience

Let your guests feel connected

In this regard

Communication between hotel and guests will be very important

This is also key to making guests feel connected

Fourth. High profitability

This is a complex indicator

Simple understanding makes customers feel

Staying at our hotel is very "valuable" or "super valuable"


If you want to realize, come to tea with me

What a hotel should do

is a guest

You see satisfaction in your mouth


What client doesn't see is satisfaction in heart

This is a hotel

Things to do

The hotel has guest loyalty. This is guest loyalty