Hotel.Management and operation of customer thinking.How to do it well? let me tell you

Original: Li Sheng


Internet Age

User thinking is more important

Information should be symmetrical so that users have more voice

User Thinking

What does user think?

User Thinking

Refers to each link in value chain


Consider user as center. Consider problem

This is core of Internet thinking

Other thoughts

They all revolve around core "user mindset"

Many different methods apply at different levels

This concept is not new

In 4C marketing

The first C is client. In new 4P marketing


First P is consumer


Different definitions of terms

But there are still many intersections at starting point

It's just that user's mindset puts more emphasis on experience

I'm using 4 below

Four Stages of User Thinking

Tell me:


What to offer


Can rise to level of hotel positioning

This is a hotel market research

Analysis of field of activity, analysis of possibilities of internal resources


The specific state of an object. After STP Analysis


In other words

What products and services are sold to customers?


How to provide

About us

From customer to entire hotel value chain

At this level

Need a hotel to select from channel

Hotel value exhibition

The process from guest check-in to hotel

We need to focus on customer experience


Delivery quality

Do it well

Reflected throughout guest experience after check-in

At this stage

Customer perceived value matters most

through hotel

Proposed services and equipment


Through experience, knowledge will form in heart

This is perception

From experience of guests and experience of hotel


Emotional elements will intersect with him

Directly reflects on value for money


Loss handling


Guest dissatisfaction or complaint

Like a hotel

More than just sensible handling


To improve products and services of hotel

User Thinking

You need to go through hotel management from start to finish


Specific Applications

The mindset of users requires hotel to perform following tasks


Hotel preparation stage

Good overall strategic planning is essential

Market positioning, user segmentation, product positioning

Price positioning, channel positioning, etc.


trong>Don't be tactically zealous

To compensate for laziness of strategy

Select First

Especially in functional areas and use of space

Require hotels according to user needs

Not from an investor's point of view

Judgments about so-called experience


I have seen many hotel formats

This is result of market segmentation

Also explain

As long as you can stand

The user's eye begins with planning and positioning

Market segment

Specify target users. Start with user experience

I don't think

This is user experience. Only if you work hard


Hotel management stage

Need a hotel

Constantly understand customer needs

Then Target Satisfaction

Despite hotel

Planned and placed


Some customer needs

The hotel is still unable to fully address issue at an early stage


At this stage, hotel needs to create a good label portrait of guests

By label portrait

Precise and personal service

Improve quality of customer service


You can experience products of your own hotel


Search for a sleep tester to provide more accurate hotel recommendations

One thing needs to be explained here

Whatever hotel does

Some customers are still unhappy or having a bad experience


Need hotel to understand

To better meet needs of hotel guests

Try to meet individual needs of more people

Many examples

For example, express hotel

Don't care

Improve quality of service and products

Cannot meet needs of upscale hotel guests


Redefining hotel positioning stage

Operation and management of hotel is limited in time

For example:

A star hotel 15 years ago has become today

Guest structure

A lot has changed

In this situation

The hotel needs to change itself

Change your position

Who is guest of my hotel?

Where is market for hotel?

The hotel also needs

What products and services do you offer?

Also required

Which resources and capabilities can meet customer needs


Stay same in a changing situation

Waiting can only be eliminated by market

Abandoned by Time Train

I'm going to Tengchong, Yunnan

I saw that tent city project he made was very successful

Because everyone startsfrom planning and positioning

Before guide

Always implement according to "user mindset"