Hotel chain brands. Which method to use for group management and control. 7 methods. Can be controlled down to water drops

Original: Li Sheng

Hotel conglomerate

After determining control mode

Next, how to do it

There are many ways to select at level of a particular operation

Hotel group

According to your control mode

United hotel group

Choosing a development strategy and specific goals

At a specific operational level

It is necessary to understand and improve functions of group headquarters


Start choosing following 7 control methods


Trust control

At beginning of hotel group

This is best way

First, boss feels at ease

Secondly, travel manager is more familiar with headquarters

I also have a better understanding of HQ norms and practices

This is more in line with HQ regulations

Let group headquarters intent succeed

If headquarters of hotel group

Not very systematic and normative


Submitted general manager must be capable

Regulate some aspects of store management

You can not only increase occupancy of market

You also need to manage border in store


After HQ releases system and specification

Conflicts in store will be highlighted


Reporting engine management

I'm using data

Management of hotel group head office

Write some practical report specifications

These characteristics

A necessary tool for establishing informational links with stores

For example:

Monthly report (personal and shop)

Monthly operational meeting

Weekly report (personal and shop)

Regular meeting minutes, etc.

required here

The form and requirements for report are regulated by headquarters of hotel group


Plan Check

According to annual budget

Headquarters allocates target budget to each store

Each store

According to your market conditions and stores

The situation is broken down by months

I refer to this control action as process control

Based on results of process management

Headquarters to assess normal state of store management


Requires a set of dynamic indicators that are constantly adjusted

Always adjust your "running posture"

Planning in progress

Changes in market

Completing store budget plan

Has some influence


Head Office Marketing Department Required

For store market in each region

Have clear understanding and judgment

At least information should be symmetrical


Control system control

This is mainly related to

According to specific requirements of hotel group

Perform multilateral authorization and decentralization

This is constant drawing of "red lines" in many aspects

I have personal experience

When hotel group standardized and streamlined process

The assistant asked me

Say that this process is too complicated

I told her

We've never experienced this before

I don't know whole process and result


We can be tricky at first. Don't look for loopholes

Then optimize and simplify


Let many hotel owners and their managers

We all understand why this is being done. Only then can we do it better

Management of hotel group headquarters

The system should start with a strategic goal (budget plan)

Organizational management (division of labor)

Process management (collaboration)

Standard system

Up to personnel and financial management

This will work better


Cost control

I did this to help one

Information construction of a hotel group

First I start with public access

Let all assertions go to OA


At that time, method of control was financial control

All expenses are control lines


Shops within allowed "red line" can drive on their own

The financial department of hotel group will conduct a single check and verification


Change in financial software at time


I'm using UFIDA version

Transparent procurement management can be achieved


Cost Control is a hotel conglomerate

Just a way to achieve financial control


Control results

This is mainly reflected

Store headquarters and department heads

About monthly income and income at end of year

Each month is result of a process. The end of year is overall result

In terms of managing and monitoring results at end of year

Group HQ needs an indicator

Group of stores

Not only total number of stores is related to this indicator

Entire store

Also associated with this indicator

Group Headquarters Departments

The person in charge is also linked to group's overall performance


This will be very important when setting budget targets

This is a big premise


Supervision and audit control

Dang Hotel Group

After decentralization and authorization

Hotel Group Headquarters Should Strengthen Oversight and Audit

For example:

Group Headquarters established a joint inspection team

Regularly check your paVarious centralized departments of store

And generate final summary report

To manage violations

Standard stores

Criticize and respond to relevant system

Warning and punishment of owner

This is a very important point

This must be store owner

Not a store party


Levels of organizational governance can be confusing

If it's not too serious, but also start with store manager

Hotel conglomerate

There are many ways to manage

Provided that this corresponds to real situation of hotel headquarters

As long as it can play a role in control


The ability to effectively achieve strategic goals of hotel group