Traffic in hotels About traffic jams I teach you to see three essences of traffic

Original: Li Sheng

Li Sheng

Ctrip. Internet company. Database. Data Processing Specialist

Now hotels compete for traffic

You can tell it's getting more and more intense

Online platform traffic pool

Using different strategies and methods

Let traffic start with you


Make profit from traffic

The OTA logic is like this. The same is true for a specific sound

The essence of business is “transaction”

From traffic generation to traffic transactions


Consumer Changes

The transaction record will be very different


High level or hotel marketing


Learn logic of hotel attendance

This will win strategically

In traffic competition

Use same technique to stand out

Because your parameter is higher than others

From consumer's point of view

I see changes in transaction record

Influence on hotel attendance


Consumer demand is low

Create a first generation transaction record. Traffic

Best example is Ctrip

Great capture of this market window


Understand needs of business travelers

Constantly identify customer demand or potential customers

Drain online

Due to constant drainage and accumulation

Make this traffic valuable

At same time, it finds a hotel that consumes

After passing

After transaction, a value will be generated

The hotel's private domain traffic is same

When market supply exceeds demand

After a serious market deviation

The main feature is scarcity


The value of this traffic will be greater


In this traffic transaction

Always passive


Today many hotels know about it

Create and implement your own hotel membership

But impatient. This will ruin his good stock potential


Consumption deficit

A second generation transaction record has been created. The transaction itself

Today's traffic

There have been big changes

Internet traffic is getting more expensive

Smaller and smaller

Several online platforms have emerged as a result

Big coffee from BTA to TMD

Launch layout offline

Because there is a decrease in traffic in offline stores

Although only remaining traffic is low

But it's much cheaper than online

Hema Xiansheng of Ali

Jingdong offline stores

Licheng by Ctrip, etc.

The appearance matches physical offline store

The logic behind this has to do with scarcity of purchasing power

The transaction itself is traffic

Such traffic

They can be converted into your own "shares". This is key point

If today's hotel

Seize opportunity to attract direct sellers

Market opportunities for private domain traffic

Future market

Space will get smaller and smaller

Resources available to hotel will be very limited

OTA Monopoly

This will compress only space you have to maneuver

Third type

Consumer distrust

Third generation of transaction entry. Credit. Personality

You booked via OTA

Sometimes I don't believe it

Photos of hotel and good reviews about it

Because it contains a lot of lies

As a booking guest

When I don't know who to trust

I'd rather believe "bad reviews"

Because there is not much "moisture" here, it is more reliable

Today is era of insufficient consumer confidence

The main reason is oversupply

The hotel is under too much pressure

There is no better way to increase fill rates


Inflate yourself across all channels

As everyone knows, it's "kill chicken and collect egg"


One of keys to improving a hotel in future is trust

How to "approve" yourself

Let customers place orders without hesitation

This is soft power

This is also an ability that is difficult for others to imitate

I said

The information is asymmetric. Copyright is not transferred. This is reason

Why Today's Internet Celebrities

May lead to actual consumption

Because everyone believes

Too much attention. Invisible trust is born


Consumer distrust

There will be an input for a third generation transaction. Credit personality

through us

Difference in traffic generated by different transaction inputs

Make this conclusion

The main point for good performance of hotel in field of own marketing or intellectual property

is a credit person

Based on this, convert traffic well

Don't trim guest

Start with process of transaction itself

Continuous effort

This will definitely bring glory to hotel in the future.Glory