Alien hotel! Why did it appear in your circle of friends. Today's headlines. Tencent news. Etc.

Original: Li Sheng


In this situation

Recently viewed hotels

Suddenly appeared in your circle of friends


Just saw an online ad for nearby hotels

After a while

When reading Tencent news

I saw this hotel


Recently I'm making a guide

When I read today's headlines

Go to nearest hotel


What hell is going on!

Perhaps you will

When I lament age of big data


Do you have any questions?

What do other people's hotels look like?

Appears in Moments, Toutiao, Tencent News, QQ


The system has a map browser

Love Castle


There is also a business port for your hotel

What I did


Advertising in external media


Join today's headlines

Together with Tencent and other leading media

This is to help hotel achieve accurate brand exposure

Significantly increase hotel traffic


Me and everyone

Tell me

of them

Product Introduction

Advertising in external media

This is a platform for Ctrip and external media traffic

Announcement of Joint Resource Integration


Multichannel multiscenario user traffic resources

And Ctrip Big Data Precise Crowd Analysis

Advertising in external media

This can help advertisers deliver high-quality media traffic

Get ample opportunities for brand promotion

Significantly improve brand marketing performance


Product Benefits

1. Brand effect

Building on Ctrip + three major media

Brand effect

Product/service/brand awareness

Implement product and effect integration

Advertising in external media

Building on today's headlines

Ecosystems such as a circle of friends

Combine hundreds of millions of high-quality user traffic

Display original environmental content

Allow users to read information

How to read ads

Create ads as content

Let hotel ad come to life

2. Possibility of precise recommendations

Using Ctrip Users

Big data is precisely targeted at your target customers

In following way:

Third, various forms of advertising

Based on different presentation channels

Small picture, big picture

Different forms of advertising display, such as combined images

In following way:

Fourthly, user-friendly interface

Native ads in feed

Advertising is content

Content is advertising

Delivery method

1. Display Location

1. Headlines

Modern Toutiao app>Show recommended popular channels

2. Tencent Advertising System

QQ, Tencent news, QQ browser, etc.

3. WeChat Moments

2. Display Form

Large Image, Small Image, Group Image

According to advertising script

Ad impression effect

Platform adjusted

3. Promotion landing page

The hotel is located in

Hotel details page in Ctrip APP/H5

Click from ad space

It will take you to Ctrip hotel details page

4. Payment method

Today's headlines

CPC. Pay Per Click

Tencent Advertising Department

CPC. Pay Per Click

WeChat Circle of Friends

CPM. Price per impression


Do you want to do this?


Purchase process


History of EBK Hotel

Business Link

Advertising in external media


You will top up a special account for a successful launch



After successful transfer

Select media to launch and create a new promotion



On creation

Enter promotion date

Daily Budget

Single rate and other information

Create Now

After information is approved, it can be launched

It's all right