How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

Original: Li Sheng

Private domain traffic

This concept has a long history

Since 2018

Everyone is starting to study private domain traffic

Then why do I need private domain traffic?

Are all industries suitable for private domain traffic?


Using private domain traffic to generate high quality

High viscosity

High converting traffic pool

To become main concern of every enterprise and individual

Private domain research

Private domain operation for 2 years. How to create private domain traffic


Divided into following 4 modules

  1. The need to create a private domain traffic pool.
  2. Three types of private domain traffic models
  3. Use new private domain growth engine.
  4. 10 types of community column methods
  5. Allow passive transactions within a group
  6. Create valuable content for moments
  7. 10 Tips for Moment Activation


To understand definition of private domain traffic

And why do you need private domain traffic

This has practical implications for actual private domain traffic pattern

1. The need to create private domain traffic

Private domain traffic can be controlled

Free access

and stored indoors

This function

Personal WeChat account, WeChat group, corporate WeChat, etc.

In other words

If flow is unmanaged

Unable to get free access

And in open

Strictly speaking, this is not private domain traffic

Common misunderstandings

Think of an official WeChat account

The scrm client is private domain traffic


Send to WeChat group

One article and official WeChat account to send one article

These two are not directly proportional

WeChat group traffic coverage efficiency will be higher

Conversion will also be better


Why you need private domain traffic

The main task is to increase conversion rate of customers

The real reason

Retail in mobile age

Return to people orientation, companies operate independently

This question

This can be seen from historical track

10 years ago, 30 years ago. Want to sell a product

Shop usually open

Or set up a kiosk on a shopping street

Or as a trip to market

If user wants

Create a link to a product for sale

Then you need to go to store to buy it

Currently, seller has right to act independently

Shop connection between users and brands


The era of online shopping

Jingdong, Pingduoduo

Pop growthpopularity of various Taobao e-commerce platforms

I Meituan

Localized e-commerce in Dianping

After they grow like mushrooms after rain

You will find that users want to find you

You must then go to platform to search for your brand

Currently business

Requires persistent delivery to get traffic

Users and brands become links to products


Mobile internet time

Businessmen get right to work independently again

You can use your personal WeChat number

WeChat Groups, Moments and Users

Multichannel brand direct link

Ensure high product conversion

Very sticky features

It can improve performance and improve brand performance

2. Three Types of Private Domain Traffic Models

Use new private domain growth mechanism

How to value your business

Is it suitable for private domain traffic

Some vendors seem to have bird nests

But I have no traffic

Then he just has this product

I don't know how to sell it


You have very little traffic

The number of users of initial code is very small

And unit cost of your real users is extremely high


Low consumption frequency and high unit price for customer

Not suitable for private domain traffic

1. Consumption frequency

Low Unit Price Private Domain Mode

So what type of product?

Suitable for operations with private domain traffic

Coffee Ruixing

Private domain business

Nearly 50% increase in user retention

Using from one

The brand quickly turned into a trademark

Its main meaning

Private domain traffic operation through small programs

Mini-program products other than coffee

There are also some preferred Ruixing

Mostly for white-collar shelves

For example, massager

Coffee machine, Ruixing peripherals, etc.

Coffee Ruixing

Logic of successful private domain traffic

This is responsibility of TO C

Explore a group of users to limit

If your product

The higher frequency of use by users

Then you must set private domain

Place it in a strategic deployment

Private domain traffic

More bias against

Services for end users

Part B is relatively insensitive to private domain traffic

During actual deployment of private domain traffic

You can also take into account attributes of your product's customer base

2. High consumption

Private domain operation model with high frequency and unit price

As inmotherhood and childhood

Financial management, luxury cosmetics

They refer to accurate customer acquisition.

Focus on serviceability

Professional exchange and word of mouth recommendations

Managing Recurring Interactions and Revoking Membership


For example, Kidwant uses group to receive gifts

Join a group to receive gifts, various privileges and lures

Introduce users to matrix of official accounts

Offline traffic and APP

Small mall, build your own integrated private domain traffic pool

On this system

Each brand shopping guide has a service level

The higher serviceability

The higher level

These Brand Buying Guides Raise Children

The system assigns title of teacher of education


Establish a trusted relationship with user

Teachers and students of parenting

Produced content about planting grass will also be more popular

Finally brand feedback

Build trust between users and brands

3. Private domain operation mode with low consumption frequency and high unit price for customer

Like medium and high-end spirits

Wedding photography, luxury cars, home improvement

They refer to interface burst

Accurate selection of clients and identification of potential users

thenIndividual service and transaction

Batch expansion in China

Create professional personal content that shares your interest in planting grass

Collaborative orientation, increasing demand transformation on stage

For example, improving a woodpecker's home

They are constantly checked

Add front-end fine traffic to every corporate WeChat

Create a private domain traffic pool

On this system

Special command needs to be set up

To create different promotional words

For example, moment copywriting, sales pitch

The answers of quality control specialists will help to form a professional

Thanks to professional content

Go to grass planting for users

By image of interest

Some transformations to improve needs of scene

Let your users

I think your services are too professional

So he produces one of consumer goods

10 types of communities

The column method allows passive transactions within a group

First month of many communities

All kinds of hot exchanges in group

Various news 999+

But gradually group became inactive

Nobody is talking

In end, even links fly across sky

Became a zombie group

These 10types of work methods can prevent your group from becoming a dead group

Let me give you one first

Tell me a story

Selected by company

This company has 900 WeChat groups


These communities can give them

Bring about 8,000 RMB in sales

That's a lot of money every month

Such a huge private operating system

They only need 2 employees


They stratified users and improved construction of SOP.

If community is not hierarchical

This community operation is 0

All users

Could not create a shared topic in community

It's also difficult to have common hobbies

Community work

Usually we

Separate user groups into 4 categories

Activity groups, charitable groups, VIP groups and interest groups

Action group of first type

As a rule, such groups are negotiated

Lucky Draw or Scanned Code

The way to receive gifts directs users to a group

This community has low brand awareness

In future, it will be more difficult to implement high-quality monetization through exploitation


Become a dead group or ad group

So, work of action group

The idea is to send group posters to charities on a regular basis

How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

Second type of welfare group

Social Security Group

Regular and column operations required

For example

from morning to evening

Monday to Friday

What benefits users can enjoy every day

Continuous mailing of wellbeing speeches and posters

Third type of VIP groups

VIP group

It is usually necessary to set a group entry threshold

For example, pay 9.9 yuan

At same time, this group enjoys welfare group

All benefits of an action group

You will also get a membership day discount

Single subscription price for FMCG

Membership points, etc.

This is an exclusive offer

This is advantage of our VIP group

This effectively stratifies users

Perform high-quality operations


How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

The fourth type of interest group

Affinity Group

Because we have some products

Less relevant

I also want to improve user binding

You can create multiple interest groups

King of Glory, for example

Eat a chicken group, etc.

So users can act independently

Increase User Binding

If private domain traffic pool is tiered

Next Step Focus

This is a community column

Users must be allowed

At certain times in community

Cooperate with you to carry out routine community service

Give user a habit

Let users create a memory for community

Morning and evening news

constantly every day

Submit knowledge sharing or news

Essentially allow users

Get in habit of opening community to view content

This content can be obtained through Tiantian Moments app

Group well-being

We need

Provide exclusive brand benefits at all times

Summarize benefits

Then send it to group

Let user perceive

Different groups may have different benefits and services

Make users feel important

How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

Group Red Envelope

Especially working with a VIP group

We need to make it rain with red envelopes often

There are many names for sending red envelopes

This could be a red entry envelope

Red welfare envelope, red welcome envelope

Show red order envelopes, red invitation envelopes, red task envelopes, etc.

Allow users

Everyone sends a red envelope

Divided into 10 red envelopes and handed out for welfare game

Draw yourself

Luck when sending red envelopes is biggest, and sellers send benefits

Such a rain of red envelopes

The activity is interesting and fun

This is most popular interactive behavior among users

Group lessons

For example, K song day

We can use video number

Create Lianmai singing

Send a link to video number to all communities

These gameplays are real

To activate our users

Let him play

Let users create it for us

More about this interaction

More interaction and more ways to play

Related consultation

For community

Concentrated questions from everyone

You can use themes

Assemble your solitaire questions

At a fixed time

Answer one by one

This is a content form

Allow everyone to connect

Group Collaboration

For example, in VIP community

We can figure it out

Resources owned by each group member

To achieve some cooperation among group members

Achieving a win-win situation

For example

There is a band member who sells tea

One of them is a car wash

When they share their user pools

Tea user

Join a group of car washers and get a half price discount

Car wash users can buy tea at half price when entering tea group

Group work

Resources available for this work


Facilitate this communication between users

Promotion of our brand

Communication between operator and our users

Additional links

Your users will trust you more.

How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

Group dating

Elected every week

A group of great users is selected individually

Help group members find good friends

This group member

You will feel that you can get various benefits in community

Group games

How to play dice

Guess idiom and find mistakes together

Create a hot atmosphere in group before pre-sale of event

Member Day

Half price discounts available throughout day

Create activity memory points to increase user loyalty

Create valuable content for moments

10 tips to activate your circle of friends

Clarify 4 core values ​​of Moments

For users to trust

Build trust, influence users discreetly, and sell products

Circle of friends

This allows you to create a zero distance framework with users

Then what circle of friends should we publish?

Through history

Feel it intuitively

Previous was teaching K12

Friends every day

I am happy to publish in Moments

Very difficult

But no conversion at all

After searching, I found that all of her Moments are ads

Because of your circle of friends

All actions shown

Text for each image

Each video

In fact, they are all your users. A peculiar idea of ​​you

I recommend

Its content has been adjusted

From daily advertisements to newsletters about life

Content presented in a professional image

For example

Send late at night

Photos and materials of tutoring children

This is intuitive

Feel progress of children's learning in her circle of friends

How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

This is content

Also demonstrate teacher's professionalism and responsibility

This will make your parents feel that you are a reliable person

Such a high conversion

How to make friends

I'm telling you

Overview of 10 types of content skills that can be applied directly

1. Like sending bonuses

10 years of hatha yoga shop Like

Let users like Moments poster and submit thousands of hatha lessons

2. Dry Content

For example

Often in moments

Articles using private domain traffic

Potential users love it

Feeling value of content also drives transactions

How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

3. Personal daily interesting life content

Make users feel like you're a real person

4. Recording a Witness User's Transaction

This is your user

Witnesses and records of transactions

Must be among friends

Show continuously

as your user

Perhaps we will end you

Or complete purchase of your product

He understood

What improvements? How tall is he?

5. Get up early and exercise

Reading, positive energy

This content type

Actually, this is creation of a character set

Create a person with positive energy

Positive people will make people feel trustworthy

Reliability will facilitate transactions

You can't post this kind of content every day

You can have a difference of two days

Post two or three times a week

Once or twice

Then your user

He will feel

You are a very energetic person

6. Philosophical content

For example

What do you think about entrepreneurship

Thinking. Your thoughts about people, etc.

How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

7. Interesting jokes

These materials are in your circle of friends

After show

People will think you're a real person

8. Demonstration of professional knowledge

For example, you are a weight loss product

Then you can post scientific weight loss advice

Food recipes for weight loss

To make users trust your professional abilities

Easier to close

9. Product Show

Constantly in moments

Script copywriting is used inside

Go to user

Come and describe what your product is like

Some features of your product

What effect?

10. Sale at event

For example, a charity announcement

What time

Indicate that your products will be on sale, you may receive coupons, etc.

Main content

Build healthy relationships with users

Regardless of your WeChat group

Your circle of friends is good too

You do all the moves


Only one for your potential users

I believe you can

Serve him better

Believe that you are a real person


A sale that simply sells products

I believe in you

Can give him professional advice

Professional service

Let him get what he can't get elsewhere

How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

To understand science

Frequency and content of Moments sent

Max per day

Submit 3 to 6 Moments

You can create a content plan for a friend

Usually during lunch break

Before leaving work

I'll scan Moments before going to bed

So you can send it according to this node of time

Think about users at last

High engagement with you in Moments

You can use likes

Interacting with a comment to submit information

Or send interesting jokes

Content from life and gossip about celebrities

How to create private domain traffic, how to use it? let me tell you

For example

I sent a like and comment earlier

Baby playing in English

Community operation SOP information circle of friends

I have over 100 friends today

Interactive likes and private messages

Private message in progress

I'm asking

Industry and work of a stranger

Mark comments for clarification

It can also increase user conversions


What I said today

About content of private domain snapshots

The core basically consists of these two parts

First, there are 3 main modes

The Essential Guide to Private Domain Traffic

Secondly, there are two main carriers

Main conversation

Community work column

How to create high-quality content for Moments

Skills to activate circle of friends