Let me break it down for you: The top three homestay booking platforms in China are Tujia, Wooden Bird and Airbnb.

Let me break it down for you: The top three homestay booking platforms in China are Tujia, Wooden Bird and Airbnb.

Original: Li Sheng

Nowadays, homestay in market has become one of accommodation options for users while traveling

Users usually book in advance on homestay booking platform before traveling

Among main homestay booking platforms in China, which platform is most suitable for users?

Now in my creation, I have selected three main homestay booking platforms for analysis and evaluation... Pay attention to what I said

Let me break it down for you: The top three homestay booking platforms in China are Tujia, Wooden Bird and Airbnb.

With growing popularity and development of homestay accommodation, more and more people are choosing to stay with a homestay while traveling

So, which of existing homestay booking platforms in China is more suitable?


You have chosen top three homestay booking platforms

According to number of ads and download data

Comparative analysis of data and metrics across four dimensions, including platform actions and user experience

Find benefits of each platform to make it easier for users to choose

1. Number of ads per platform

The volume of housing stock is not just a data indicator, but also a lateral reflection of development and operation of platform

Competition in homestay market is becoming more and more fierce, how best to connect two end users

This is also a test and a challenge for platform


The number of ads on platform is one of platform performance indicators

Who can cover more homes in more cities will be better able to meet different accommodation needs of users

Let me break it down for you: The top three homestay booking platforms in China are Tujia, Wooden Bird and Airbnb.

This can be seen from table above

Airbnb has a clear advantage in overseas listings, followed by Tujia after joining Ctrip

Hotels and apartments have seen a significant increase in listings overall, while Muniao is mainly focused on homestay

Compared to other two, total number of houses is average and there is still room for improvement

2. Download volume and rating of each platform

iOS is currently one of relatively clear and honest data source ports

My third-party UD data collection technology

From relevant data on iOS side as a basis for comparison

Rating, ratings and downloads of each APP in app marketplace may, to some extent, reflect number of new users of platform

Comprehensive information to evaluate feedback and development trends of homestay platform in market and among users

Let me break it down for you: The top three homestay booking platforms in China are Tujia, Wooden Bird and Airbnb.

This can be seen from table above

In list of travel apps, Wooden Bird B&B ranks higher than Airbnb

Tujia is in last place. Ratings from high to low: Wooden Bird Homestay, Tujia and Airbnb

In terms of downloads, Wooden Bird B&B is highest followed by Airbnb and Tujia is relatively smaller

From a comparison of app market data

Bed and breakfast wooden bird seems more popular, pay attention to user reputation, and user reviews are better

Airbnb has high ratings and downloads, but low ratings

The side reflects flaws of platform in that it is focused on user interaction

Tujia rankings and downloads still need improvement and may be in a state of burnout

3. Actions on each platform

Each platform has different actions on same node, based on thematic distribution of node actions

It's easy to get an idea of ​​the platform's recent core strategy and demand trends

Let me break it down for you: The top three homestay booking platforms in China are Tujia, Wooden Bird and Airbnb.

Judging by actions of each APP

Tujia's main brand homestay. Plus interception of private domain traffic of official account of leak

Airbnb is also a major homestay brand, and these two options are more like needs of landlords (owners of branded homestays)

Help your landlord promote branded homestay options. Wooden Bird B&B mainly advertises recommended homestay options for area tours right after 11th holiday.

In second half of year, when there are no long holidays, users will mainly travel around region

It can be seen from this that Wooden Bird Homestay proceeds from needs of users and carries out special planning and launch

Fourth. Experience

In addition to aforementioned objective data and activities on Internet

For mass users, experience of using platform will more directly influence impression and attitude of user towards platform

Optimizing and improving user interface of products is also a top priority for each platform

I'm using Ctrip ESA data to start chain

Browse and place bookings across three homestay platforms, analyze and compare experiences from a personal subjective perspective

The result is following:

1. Tujia

B&B price:★★★

Tujia's listings are mainly apartments and hotels, and room types and prices are high-end

Page appearance:★★★

The banner on Tujia's home page has been omitted, resulting in first screen being a bit blank and not having a full visual experience

Speech fluency:★★★★

The loading speed of Tujia app is relatively perfect, and main page is mainly focused on home list recommendations with platform attributes highlighted

Search accuracy: ★★★★

By finding cities and popular attractions on Tujia app, you can quickly match lists nearby

And display distance in a straight line, which is convenient for users to select and place an order

Suitable audience:high business audience

Comprehensive assessment:★★★☆

As one of old-fashioned homestay booking platforms, Tujia started with her own business, focusing on Sweetome

While there are many ads limited to Ctrip as an interface, there are too many hotel and apartment ads

During initial development of platform, high-end consumers were main target group, resulting in high overall prices

However, it has its own characteristics in terms of user experience and fluency, as well as understanding user needs and developing features

2. post hotelspruce and breakfast" Wooden Bird

B&B price:★★★★

Wooden Bird Homestay offers high value for money at low to mid-range prices to cater to different needs of different groups of people

Page appearance:★★★★

The first screen of app has both an event banner and an operation banner to introduce special features

The content is full. In addition, must-have sleep list, grass planter and other module settings are consistent with main online celebrity homestay products

Bright accent and neat content

Speech fluency:★★★★

The loading speed of app is relatively perfect, and main page mostly recommends listings for accommodation

The property search page provides TOP 3 recommendations for best places to stay, and users are provided with a booking link

Search precision:★★★★

Different cities, recommend city's popular attractions and popular business districts, and best place to stay

There are also recommendations for guessing favorite houses, giving users more options to quickly select a house

It is convenient to directly click and select, simplifying complexity and making booking for user faster and more convenient

Suitable audience: post-90s and college parties

Comprehensive assessment:★★★★

Wooden Birds Homestay Platform Focusing on Economical and Web-Famous Homestay Options, Popular with Many Student Groups and Young Users

The design style of app is younger, plus inventory and user accumulation of experienced players

All this allows Wooden Bird B&B to take a place in market with fierce competition

More young users will be attracted to platform through self-media channels

Constantly increase number of users and lay a solid foundation for long-term development of platform

3. Airbnb

B&B price:★★★

Based on distribution of Airbnb homestay listings, these are mostly overseas accommodations with relatively reasonable prices

Page appearance:★★★★★

Airbnb is owned by foreign monks, so their app style is unique

Unlike other companies in China, Airbnb prefers a fresh and artistic style, which is due to fact that its first users are mostly tourists.

The page is simple and fresh, with white as main color, matching brand's rose red color, overall aesthetic is perfect

Speech fluency:★★★★

App loads relatively smoothly

The main page is mainly based on house catalog recommendations, local river experiencerecommended products, as well as learning about local culture and cuisine in different cities

This feature is also closely related to its audience

Search accuracy: ★★★★

Search for Popular Points of Interest

It will tell you number of houses available for selection, as well as distance (in a straight line) from landmark, which is clear

In addition, ad rank can also be seen in ad list, which helps users make quick decisions

Comprehensive assessment:★★★★

Looking at distribution of Airbnb listings, overseas listings are main listings, while domestic listings still need to be increased

In addition

Airbnb's platform attributes determine that its user groups are primarily made up of overseas users and users in need of overseas accommodation

Airbnb still needs to speed up its localization process if it wants to capture more market and users in China


Each homestay booking platform has its own focus, advantages and disadvantages

Users can choose from different homestay booking platforms to suit their needs