Will image of hotel and details of copywriter's page affect conversion? There are actually 10 factors involved.

Original: Li Sheng


Let me explain to you. Conversion Rate

Let me talk about ten important factors on online OTA details page using Ctrip as an example that affect conversion rate

In eyes of hotel owners, there are four types of hotels

1. Hotels with high traffic and high conversion

2. Hotels with high traffic and low conversion rates

3. Hotels with low traffic and high conversion

4. Hotels with low traffic and low conversion

Why do some hotels have low occupancy, but most bookings?

Some hotels have high traffic but no bookings


Let me tell you about 10 factors that affect final order:

1. Image, 2. Video


Photos of hotel. Video - Visual display of hotel conditions

You must forget that you work in a hotel

The user experience is what we commonly refer to as user thinking


Three elements of feedback

Review score, number of reviews, content of reviews


Where prices and estimates match

1000 hotel reviews A

100 hotel reviews

Who can user choose? The answer is obvious, we will choose 1000 reviews

3. Information about room type, facilities and equipment

4. Price

Price is an important factor in order conversion

Make it a dollar cheaper than competition

For example:

Direct price reduction. Or a disguised price cut. Discounted promotions, full event discounts, etc.

5. Confirm speed

Client rules, don't keep me waiting

It's okay to place more than one order, whoever confirms first gets it

Go to Verify Now tab

How to get: is there a booked room in background settings

6. Hotel Policy

1. Ctrip has two cancellation policies

1. Free cancellation within 2.30 minutes of rating cancellation

The cancellation policy is primarily for peace of mind of users

2. With departure time, compare indicated time in nearest competition lap

For example

Check-out times from hotels near train station can be relatively free

3. Children policy. A family of 3 will prioritize child-friendly hotel services.

7. Graphic details

Combine images and text to show your own highlights

Showing clear details can save a lot of manual response costs as well as client rules, don't make me think

8. Highlights

List of positions

Rated by Ctrip based on production, reviews and popularity

9. Label

The label shows highlights of hotel and is filled in according to services provided by hotel

Activity, gift bag (orange)

Snapshot of featured comment type (blue)

Ctrip service labels flashing in real time, invoice, indoor fresh air (blue)

10. Questions and answers about hotel (self-questioning and self-answering)

This is a very important point that affects conversion rate, but many hotels ignore it

Show latest hotel activities, hotel services, hotel highlights

You can display any feature, any function in "Hotel Q&A" section

The conversion rate is correct, higher flow, better

Actually, conversion rate is about 15% (the conversion rate is related to price, it should not be too high or too low)

Of course, don't forget about brand impact on conversion rates