Why do hotels like to use Xiaohongshu to promote hotspots? How does Red Book attract traffic?

Why do hotels like to use Xiaohongshu to promote hotspots? How does Red Book attract traffic?

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Why do hotels like to use Xiaohongshu to promote hotspots? How does Red Book attract traffic?

How does Xiaohongshu get promoted?

Let me tell you

In terms of marketing circle, most painful thing to do is to promote and drive traffic on Xiaohongshu

I've been working so hard to write a note about planting grass. After 1 day, 2 days, 1 week and 2 weeks in January and February, no one was attracted

Also, posting notes is always blocked, and notes cannot be enabled, or account is directly closed to blackroom

Actually, all these problems are due to fact that you have not mastered basic gameplay and skills

Even if you send notes every day, no one will add you to WeChat

Even if number of fans has increased

I have a private message for a consultation, but I still can't upload it to WeChat. Next

This article explains how to promote Xiaohongshu?

Tip 1. Position optimization

If you want to get accurate customers on Xiaohongshu, ranking optimization is most direct way, whether you're an offline store or not.

Or a certain brand or functional product on web, you can use ranking optimization to achieve effect of driving traffic and adding people

For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you need to set up some areas for wedding photography

Keywords and related keywords, then needy customers will directly search for that type of keywords

According to user's search habits, you don't need to turn too much towards bottom of page, you will see top content

Therefore, currently ranking optimization will have a very good drainage effect

Because click-through rate is high, number of views will be high, and likelihood of being added to WeChat will be higher if number of views is high

The difficulty of ranking optimization is determined by total number of keywords

The more notes, higher difficulty of excellence, and shorter keyword, more notes it contains

The more complex optimization, more skill you will need when searching for keywords

Tip 2. Account Rating

Different users have different search habits and some people may get into habit of shopping, so if you rank at top

Clients will follow you first. Another point is that when you have more than 5000 real fans, there will also be a business card recommended separately on Xiaohongshu comprehensive search page

This place also has a lot of traffic. It depends on keywords you are doing and number of your fans. There is a certain chance

Tip 3. Intercept comments

It should be said that comment hijacking is currently a relatively high degree of

Drainage method, but effect is most direct method if you can place your WeChat ID directly below grass planting note

And almost all comments in it ask: "How to buy"?

Then you can directly intercept traffic to your WeChat, you don't need to send notes, you only need to have a large number of accounts

Tip 4: Send notes with a secondary pen

For example, weight loss products, this type of note is most popular, just find a map of cases that have successfully lost weight

Go to posting notes such as headline: Boyfriend doesn't like me for being fat, is there a way to lose weight fast? etc., topics that may cause controversy

A note like this is very easy to launch, but it takes a long time to maintain because you have to be fat from start

Eventually, I slowly got in touch with xx products, what changes will happen in one week, and what changes will happen in two weeks, like this

Tip 5. Send Gift Notes

Sending a gift note means you can give some gifts for free. For example, if you make diapers, you can send a trial diaper kit

If you want to lose weight, you will be given a diet recipe, and if you are a study material, you will be given some study materials. So people who come here will also be very accurate fans< /p>

As long as you add it to WeChat, you have a good chance of buying product.

There are also some products with special offers that can also be used as bait

For example, if a certain brand breaks a code or this event, if you sell this product, you can say so after buyer joins.

Let them know special is sold out, you can contact them

Activity in a circle of friends, then they will not delete your WeChat

As long as you stay on WeChat, you can pay

Technique 6. Forced drainage video

Forced drain video - easiest and crudest drain method, highest record in marketing circle - 116 people per day

Adding one WeChat account per month is a method of using video violence to drive traffic away. The general principle is to have a hook that can engage your audience.

Find lead they need most and you won't have to spend any money. The next step is to insist on sending altruistic content. The method is to send enough vertical margins

Technique 7. Grass Planting Notes for Hobbyists

Like many accounts in medical beauty industry, Xiaohongshu is actually very difficult to drain because Xiaohongshu avoids this type of content

Therefore, problem you will face is concludingThe best part is that notes can be sent and are currently enabled, but after a few days you will find that notes are blocked again

This is because even if your content is included, it will still be filtered out by system and blocked

So in this situation, best way is to share from customer's point of view. These kinds of posts are very easy to go viral

So, you need to create several of these accounts. In fact, if you want to make money, you need several mobile phones, one car, one card and staffing, all these conditions must be met

Reception 8. Live broadcast

Your account must have a certain number of fans in order to livestream

And you have more professional experience and knowledge in a certain aspect, so you can really share useful haberdashery during a live broadcast

Live streaming is also a way to activate accounts and increase account weight. If you have enough fans or just received permission to broadcast

Then you can try live broadcast, and you can also pay attention to some of official announcements and bloggers recommended by Xiaohongshu live stream interface

Go and see how everyone is streaming live

No matter what platform you're live streaming on, you need to pay attention to what to say and what not to say. Here are some skills you can pay more attention to live streaming

Let me share with you in marketing circle

1. Record microsignal on paper or on a board. If consulting person asks him to open green chat to add it, it should be a little cryptic and do not repeat it, it will be considered a violation


2. Put WeChat ID in collection, and then take another mobile phone to show everyone, click on your collection to see it

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