The most relevant thing in hotel business is not investment, but operation, I will give you a deep analysis

Original: Li Sheng

Chinese Hotel 2020

The total volume of transactions in investment market is about USD 1.2 billion

Equivalent to 8 billion yuan

Became second largest market in Asia-Pacific region

Accounting for 21% of total market in Asia Pacific

This ratio has not decreased, but almost doubled compared to last year

It can be seen that Chinese hospitality market is huge

But in hotel business

Those that are really planned and have their own characteristics, few stars

This statement is not false

Look at hotels around you

I think everyone has a steelyard

But investors can't always see star in their eyes

There are several phenomena

Extremely abnormal. This is not in line with national supply reform

This is not in line with law of market development

Firstly, there are too many hotels. Too few quality hotels

Second, there are too many standard hotels

Too few specialized hotels. Third, there are too many popular products

Too few personalized products

Fourth, too many identical copies

Too few unique and innovative products

Now most important thing is not investment


Resources are not products, products must be based on the market

Turn on creativity


Big investments don't necessarily bring big returns

Content and features come first

Product must be flipped in terms of market operations

Accurate market and product positioning is most important

The operation is important

For investments only

But more important than operations

This is a special product designed for a specific market area and a specific consumer group

What suggestions and advice do I have

Integrated operation

Simultaneous planning and operation, 3D integration

Investment and operation

We should consider this as an integration

Not just investing and not wanting to work

Income and returns matter, it's problematic

We need to plan and plan early

Simultaneously consider mid-term construction and future operation management

Form a closed loop, each loop improves one step

Three Rule

We say planning is more important than planning

Building a house

This will be passed down from generation to generation

But I plan to

You need to learn a new hotel business model

Secondly, market is more important than resources, and operation is more important than construction

Should have such a good leadership team

Build and organize your team well

What to do if not

Import yourself

Think about how to improve yourself

Learn first, then practice, then practice

Give them a chance to fail. Slowly develop team

Cost control

Everyone knows

It often happens that money should not be spent

Money to be spent is not spent

That's because we Chinese are afraid of being poor

If you're poor and scared, you shouldn't spend anything traditional

They must be spent. He doesn't spend it

This is a problem, we need to fix it


How to do business in future

Which rows are received

How to get a refund

After you invest, you should think about how to get your money back

This is something we should all pay special attention to

You must take good care of your hotel

Good job

Reputation will improve after that

A steady flow of money

If you do not pay attention to work of hotel

A big investment is likely to turn into a mess

Not even cowards, there are such companies

In hotel design

Lay a solid foundation for work


In terms of overall quality of hotel

The design phase is critical

Hotel design is a systematic process

It's for experts

Development and full consideration of psychological needs of consumers

So to speak

Designers must have professional design knowledge

At same time, you also need to master hotel

A lot of theoretical knowledge on frontend and backend design

The ability to manage hotel

Effective planning and targeted analytics

Only in this way can he effectively play his role in design of hotel


When accepting a design assignment for a brand hotel

Deep understanding of hotel brand content is required

For example, read related manual


Specify consumer group

Positioning and hotel-specific features

Rating, scale, style, and other related factors

To ensure scientific design and planning of hotel

Consumer groups

It played a decisive role in design direction of hotel

For example, a resort hotel in a tourist attraction

Design should take into account different levels of consumers

Food is provided here

Recreation, fitness, entertainment and other places

For business hotels

Good communication conditions must be guaranteed

There are also large spaces such as banquet halls and conference rooms

Meet people for social media, meetups, and autographs

Business needs such as banquets

For budget hotels, this is mainly number of rooms

There is no need to define too many public business zones

To emphasize principle of practicality and generosity

Different hotel brands have their own positioning of consumer groups