Related problems lurking in hotel and how to deal with them correctly.

Original: Li Sheng

Hotels often exist

Sample solution

1. For long term rent

What should a guest do in a hotel room?


Serving permanent residents well


Pay attention

Study life habits of permanent residents

Give them fast service everywhere

Learn about National Day of country where long-awaited guest is located

Chief guest's birthday

To National Day

Happy birthday

Helping permanent residents solve urgent problems

In addition

Must notify them of important events at hotel


Hold a symposium for permanent residents

Listen to your customers with an open mind

Improve service performance

Let regular customers feel at home when they come to store

Feel cozy, comfortable, comfortable and safe everywhere


What to do if a guest complains that wake-up call didn't wake you up


1: apologize to guests

2. Find out reason

Find out if it's a machine failure or human error

and take action immediately

In order not to complain once again about expansion of situation

3: If this is due to an alarm

It is true that loss caused by not waking up

Compensation must be paid by hotel or party as case may be


How to deal with customer complaints


Two methods overlap or are used simultaneously

Method 1:

1. Serve customers quickly

Complaints are service purpose of hotel

2. Never take customer complaints lightly

Take care of your customers

Handle with care

3. Listen carefully

Understand cause and effect of complaint

Be friendly

Polite and calm

Promptly resolve incidents within authority

If permissions are exceeded, this will be reported step by step

Method 2:

1. Avoid loud noise from customers in business center.

Causes side effects

Choose a suitable location

For example:

Office, guest escort

Properly solve problem

2: Pay attention to make a note to show your attention

3: If assistance from other or other departments is needed

To keep abreast of developments

Try to make guest leave calmly

4. Write down complaint and ask your boss to look into it.

Written responses to written complaints

4. What to do when destroying pests in guest room


Pest extermination refers to extermination of mosquitoes in restaurants

Flies, cockroaches, ants

Rats and other pests

Spray insecticide regularly

According to proportion of pesticide preparation instructions

Guaranteedinsecticidal effect

Evil place of pests

For example:

Under carpet, under bed, in corner

The bathroom must be drugged

Dead pests should be removed in a timely manner

Fix holes where mice often appear

Don't let him get into room

5. What to do if you encounter rude customers


These clients are not easy to associate with others

A strong personal concept

When conflict occurs, it is often offensive and hurtful

Or disrespectful behavior

Spit on waiter

As far as possible

Fill in reception service according to their requirements

Don't conflict with it, keep calm

6. The guest left room key in room

What if I ask waiter to open door?


The guest accidentally forgot key to door in room

The waiter should check

Valid housing and resident registration certificates


The occupant of this room can open door himself

Without any documents

According to client, we can contact main station

The door can only be opened after proper registration

And write down initial situation

7. What should I do when washing and shipping guest clothes?


1: According to collection time set by laundry

Go to floor in time to receive linen from guests

And record transfer with word

2: End of washing and ironing

Check with laundry worker for number

Take clothes back to floor, waiter will sign it and return it to guest

3: Timely payment reminder according to payment receipt

The waiter pays laundry fee on bill

Signature will be checked at front desk

4: On way

Pay attention to fact that clothes of guests are smooth.

Tight, no wrinkles

5: There was a problem washing guests' clothes

Timely report,

Send to laundry for reprocessing

Try to avoid customer complaints

8. The client slipped and accidentally fell

What to do


1: After a guest slips and falls in a hotel

The waiter should take initiative to help

See a doctor at infirmary for home treatment

If injury is too severe

The doctor decides to send him to hospital for treatment

2: According to guest at check-in

Personal accident insurance purchased

Report situation to insurance company

Reimbursement of expenses for treatment and hospitalization by seller of insurance company for a good reason

3: The department sent people to hospital to visit patients

And notify family members of affected guests in time

4. Do a good job of prevention

Remind customers to be careful

Check handrails

Reinforce anti-slip equipment

Prevention before it happens

9. When a toilet water tank is leaking

What to do


Water saving awareness should be firmly established

Find out cause immediately when you hear a leak from water tank

Fix it or have plumbers come upstairs for repairs

Otherwise, it will affect rest of guests and cause big losses

10. In case of property damage

What do you do


The compensation system has two aspects


If you are a hotel guest

Accidentally damage hotel property

Must report value of property to appropriate department of hotel

Determining amount of compensation for degree of damage, etc.

Claim to buyer

The price list of property is in service folder in room


If hotel staff accidentally damage property

According to actual situation

Relevant offset fees

And provide necessary educational critique and warning

11. The number of cleanings per day is limited.

What to do


Our current hotel

Usually, a two-pass room system is main one

That is, to carry out a scheduled check of guest room during day

And evening turndown

WhenHowever, no matter how many rooms are agreed upon

After guest needs to clean room

We must do our best to meet their demands

For VIP and Suite guests

You should enter room three times a day, or even four times a day

12. After several days in a row, vacancies

What to do before selling this room


Open window for ventilation

2. Wipe furniture with a clean cloth.

Dust from equipment and furniture

3. Pour hot and cold water into tub and sink.

Flush toilet until it runs clear

13. What to do if guest key is lost


Guest key lost

Immediately check cause of loss

Take necessary steps to address this issue in a timely manner to ensure

Safety of life and property of guests

The farm manager should find out for himself

and inform duty manager

Change IC card password

Change computer programs

And ask waiter to remember carefully and make a note

14. How many logbooks in room service

What to do when filling out


A book of records for entire day of duty has been developed in license department

Visitor Registration Book

Book of accounting for balances, book of accounting for home inspection

Service book aboutequipment, room cleaning book

Delivery slip with fabric cover

Report on receipt of goods, etc.

These entries are repeated

Extensive, authentic, popular

Make sure original entry is trustworthy

Carefully fill in fields as needed

15. "Green Hotel"

This is a novelty that current hotel stands for

What to do



Be careful

Sustainable hotels are called "green hotels"

It's about reducing consumption and reusing resources

and avoid

Use of substances that pollute environment

Floor staff should pay attention to use of cleaning products

Collect your recyclable trash

Save electricity and water

Pay attention to way elements are placed

This not only guarantees customer satisfaction

Increase element reuse

16. When you run into clients at work who insist on talking to you

What to do


Must be tactful

I want to serve customers

Doesn't take up your time

Please go back to your room to rest

Then take care of maintenance of floors

Send boiling water, wash tea cups, drag vestibule


Please forgive me

Don't name guest directly

Go away or look miserable

17. When guests are talking

What if we have an urgent request


1: You must politely wait next to guest

Don't thoughtlessly interrupt guests' conversation

2: When guest understands or approaches

We apologize in advance to other guests

Then briefly explain why

Then politely leave

18. What to do after cleaning guest room


(1) Property should be inspected after cleaning

Check if cleaning and finishing work is up to standard

2: Roomware

Are they complete and placed as required

If something is wrong, you need to rearrange it

3: Check security of door lock

4: The guest must say goodbye to guest when they are in room

And close door carefully

5: Guests

Remove energy saving sign when you are not in room

Close door and record cleaning

19. Find clients

When taking reusable items out of room

What to do


1: inform master

Let master negotiate with customer individually

Don't hurt guests' self-esteem

2: Friendly attitude

The tone is euphemistic, indicating that this question does not include

If you need to buy souvenirs in price of room

Buy on their behalf if needed

3. Be a guest

Confirmand return goods

If guest denies it

And value of item is great

May be considered an "unwanted guest"

20. Guests clean their shoes with towels or sheets

What to do if you throw cigarette butts on carpet and damage carpet


1: very polite reminder

Guests must take care of public property

Objects damaged at same time must be reimbursed in accordance with rules

2. Be polite when filing a claim

Important evidence

For example, cigarette ash and burn marks to be preserved

Guests are generally acceptable, but tone should be discreet

Don't hurt guests' self-esteem

3: Receipt issued by General Compensation Service

And take notes

4: Timely notification

Technical department or do-it-yourself carpet repair

21. When meeting guests with disabilities

What to do


(1) Be proactive, be ready to help at any time

2: Ask porter to help or provide guest with a wheelchair

22. When you clean room

The guest is back, what are you doing?


1: You should greet your guests warmly

Ask clients for advice on whether to continue cleaning

Guests don't mind

You must act as soon as possible and finish cleaning work

2: If guest has something

You must leave quickly

And say "Sorry to bother you"

Wait until guests come out to clean up

23. Miscellaneous

Rooms of different types and statuses need cleaning

What do you do


Depending on condition of room and status of room

The receptionist and guest ordered room cleaning

There is a "please clean now" sign on door or a VIP room

Go to room

Stay in room

Long private room (get feedback from guests

For example, whether to clean before, in middle and later


Do not disturb room

24. When air conditioner is turned on correctly

What to do


1: Before turning on air conditioner

Close doors and windows first to prevent cold (hot) air from escaping

2: When using conditioner

Horizontal air outlet mesh is better

The vertical grille is heavy due to air conditioner

Exhaust should be as high as possible

It can ensure uniform distribution of cold air of air conditioner and smooth air supply

3. Clear filter

When turning air conditioner off and on again

Restart after at least three minutes of inactivity

Start car one hour before group arrives

To make guests feel very comfortable after entering room

25. When guest leaves

What to do?


When guest leaves room


It is necessary to quickly check if guests have left any things in room


Immediately notify lobby of remaining items

Return to guest

At same time, it depends on condition of water in room

Notify cashier

Also check if equipment in room is in good condition

All elements completed

(except disposable items)

Have a problem

Timely report to foreman or boss

After validation

Cleaning and housekeeping

on sale

26. Furniture care and waxing

What to do


When using wooden furniture, pay attention to moisture and water

Heat resistant and mothproof

Always keep it clean, bright and beautiful

Regular waxing is also required to prolong life

Use a damp cloth first

Thoroughly wipe stains and dirt from furniture surfaces

After drying

Wet a soft, dry cloth with wax

Wipe it repeatedly until it's as bright as new

27. When using different types of cleaning agents

What to do


Neutral detergent is best

Do not use water insoluble powder cleaners

In order not to clog sewer

Use a detergent to remove stubborn stains

You must use a strong base and a strong acid

Proportional dilution with water

In order not to damage wall tiles

The surface of dishes is glossy. Extend service life

28. There are stains and oil stains on carpet

What to do


A small stain on carpet

Oil stains should be removed in a timely manner with detergent

Avoid penetrating stains

Large spot area

Use a carpet washer for thorough cleaning

Don't try to clean a place that is too dirty

Wait for carpet to dry before washing it again

Before cleaning

Chewing gum from carpet should be removed in time

And for different

Different cleaning products remove stains differently

29. When wiping windows in a guest room in a high-rise building

What to do


Wash window according to changing weather

Suitable for sunny and cloudy days after rain

Do not wash windows in hot sun in summer

To avoid thermal shock; strong wind

It is not recommended to wash windows in snowy weather

Be sure to wear your seat belt when washing windows

Let's focus

Don't look around, look at ground

You have to be very careful when handling objects

Prevent it from falling, destroying things and hurting people

30. After floor receives VIP welcome notification

What to do


PFirst of all, you must understand situation of VIP guests

Check if equipment in room is in good condition

Are items fully equipped

Is sanitization thorough

Adjust room temperature according to climate and prepare hot and cold drinking water

According to fruit intake specification

Gifts, CEO business cards, etc.


Guests do not violate any special requirements

If room has not been used for a long time, bed linen should be changed

Towels and water in bathroom until clean

Open windows for ventilation

If guest came at night, make bed

31. In public places

What should I do if I meet a client?


1: When meeting guests

Must smile and take initiative to greet guests

Regular customers should call him Mister**

Guests will feel welcome

2. Take initiative to give way or slow down

You can't just walk on your own

Close your eyes, do good deeds

32. When you are in a hurry

What if I need to overtake a client?


1. Talk to your guests politely first


Sir (Miss) sorry

Could you give me a moment?" Then continue

2: when two guests travel together

Don't walk through crowd

3: After exceeding

Turn around and nod to guest

33. When you are on phone at work

The client came to ask what to do


1: When you are on a work phone

Guest approaches and nods

Greet guest and ask them to wait

2: end conversation as soon as possible

Don't keep your customers waiting

3: After call

First, apologize to guest and seriously answer guest's question

34. When client is satisfied with service

What to do if you're giving a tip or a small gift


(1) Thank you for your kindness

Explain that this is exactly what we need to do

Please don't mind

Specify that we do not accept tips

2: Client insists on sending

In case of invalid withdrawal

Accept gift first, thanks again

3. Send a gift on time

Tips are given to cleaning department and processed by cleaning department

35. When suddenly a fire breaks out

What a waiter should do


1: Call 119 immediately

Emergency and effective extinguishing of emerging fires

2: help guests evacuate and call police quickly

Notify security department

3. Protect your site

Correctly report situation to appropriate department

36. Try to prevent theft

What should attendants do?


You must stick to your post

Know guest entry and exit

Adhere to visitor registration system

Specify visitor entry and exit times

Watch items brought in and taken away by guests

Check room status

Check and control room door

Window closed

Report all suspicious persons promptly

37. What to do if automatic sprinkler is damaged and water splashes


1. Listen to sprinkler system

Report to observation room immediately after calling police

Security and cleaning department

2: Quickly close main sprinkler valve

3: Then return to emergency room immediately

Open drain valve

4: Check rooms one by one

Identify area where nozzle is damaged and take action

38. Guests

What to do if room air conditioner does not work


1: first check if radio button is enabled

Is there an air supply from lance

If there is no movement, fan coil motor is faulty

Call an electrician for repairs

2: Poor air supply effect

Incorrect cooling and heating temperatures

The adjustment level of air switch may not be correct

Or a clogged pipe to adjust a switch or report a repair

3: Light wind

This could be an air outlet

The filter needs to be cleaned or air outlet is clogged

Incorrect blade position needs to be corrected

After cleaning

If you can't solve it in time, you should switch rooms with a guest

39. After client reported loss

What a waiter should do


1: Hearing guest feedback

Calmly convince guest to remember and repeat search

Protect site

Do not search room without permission

In order not to create unnecessary problems

Complicating future investigations

2. Take a positive attitude to help leaders in a timely manner

The Ministry of Security and Department of Public Security reported situation truthfully

40. When hotel guests get sick

What do you do


(1) When a hotel guest is sick

The waiter should take care of customer

Report to infirmary on time

From doctor to treatment room

2. Send more boiled water and contact restaurant to send food to sick.

3: Serious

should be sent to hospital on time

Or dial 120 to call emergency center

In order not to delay treatment

If you are not accompanied by family members, you must accompany them temporarily for care

41. What to do if a hotel guest is ill with an infectious disease


(1) It has been determined that guest is suffering from infefunctional disease

Report this immediately

The infirmary is in touch with infectious diseases hospital for hospitalization

2: In-room tea set for guests to use

Bedding must be under medical supervision

Strict disinfection

3. Respect your privacy

Try to notify patient's family as soon as possible

42. Be a guest

What if I ask how to use room amenities?


Floor Staff

First of all, you should familiarize yourself with and identify

Names of all equipment and fixtures in the room

Performance and usage

Suitable demo operation

Instructions. For example: electronic door lock opening, automatic electric kettle